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22 Playdate Snack Ideas for Adults


During play dates, we usually focus on the snacks for the kids but moms get hungry too! This collection has tasty playdate snacks for adults to enjoy also.  

A variety of playdate snack ideas for adults.

Back to school is an exciting time for families. The kids get to meet new friends and a new teacher, PTA starts up again and there are school activities to plan.

The play date calendar is in full swing. For the kids and us! And while you can just eat the same snacks as the kids, I like to add a little self-care in for moms too.

Why Mom Snacks for a Play Date?

Play dates can be hard to enjoy. I always have a running list of chores in my head so it can be hard to relax while the kids play.

But I like to give myself permission to take a break while the kids are busy having fun. And while other moms don’t always stay for the playdate, sometimes it is nice to reconnect with other adults and have an afternoon off from taking care of the house.

And while we could always nibble on the food I set out for the kids, it isn’t that hard to put a tiny bit of extra effort in to make the afternoon playdate feel that much more special.

These playdate snack ideas for adults are delicious, easy and perfect anytime!

What to Serve Adults at a Play Date

Cheese, bread, crackers and fresh vegetables for snacking.

I’ve learned over time that if I set out fresh fruits and veggies, my kids graze on it.

And guess what? So do I!

And you can’t go wrong with cheese and crackers.

Along with some fresh fruit and veggies and cheese and crackers, you can get a little more creative with one of the playdate snack recipes in the list below.

Adult playdate snacks don’t have to be elaborate or take a long time. But give a few of these a try. I know you’ll find them delicious as I do.

Like, how good do Truffle Cheerios sound? Or Old Bay Chex Mix?

I encourage you to take a little time for yourself this school year. I’m going to really make the effort to turn my brain off and enjoy each playdate.

And I KNOW I’m going to enjoy the snacks.

Adult Snack Ideas for Playdates

From no-bake to oven-baked and from air-fried to freezer-friendly, you'll find a range of ways to make irresistible snacks from savory as well as sweet ingredients. From chips to dips and muffins and rollups, you'll find easy and creative ways to satisfy your hunger with these portable ideas that are totally prep-worthy for your next playdate outing.

Do you have any special snacks you make when mom friends come over?

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  2. Yum!!! My ‘husband’s out of town’ go-to dinner is cheese and wine; so I’ll definitely be grabbing some of these at my next shopping trip.

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