Palm Springs Restaurants

Best restaurants in Palm Springs. // cupcakesandcutlery.comAll this week I have been sharing info about the creative retreat Lauren and I put together this summer. For the last two years, we have hosted this weekend in Palm Springs for several reasons. It is relatively close to the mostly OC based creatives that attend, it’s usually warm and sunny making pool time a necessity and the desert has great food, people and atmosphere. And I freaking love it. I’ve already shared with you my favorite places to stay in Palm Springs (a few updates coming soon!) but today I thought I would share the Palm Springs restaurants that make my stomach happy. Special note: Palm Springs has “seasons.” During low season (summer) some restaurants close. Check with each of these places before heading over to ensure that they are, in fact, open. It took me years to finally try Cheeky’s because I was never in town when it was open!

And here are my qualifications: I like to eat, I like good design and I like great customer service. These are my personal opinions and none of these are sponsored. These are the places that I eat at, time and time again.

Pancakes from King's Highway at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs. // cupcakesandcutlery.comBreakfast is my favorite meal to eat out no matter where I am. These pancakes, King’s Highway at the Ace Hotel, might be the best I’ve ever had. For serious. This is one of my favorite places for breakfast in the desert. They are open for lunch and dinner as well, but breakfast is my fave. The food is always great, the atmosphere, with its 70′s macrame art and hipsters, is always interesting and you can always count on a good meal. The rattan elephant head on the wall is also a favorite of my kids.  [Read more...]

The Best Private Chef in Palm Springs

Gorgeous table styled by @laurenv for our catered dinner! #campmixalot // cupcakesandcutlery.comOne of my favorite parts of our creative weekend in Palm Springs was the private catered dinner Lauren and I set up for the girls on our last night in town.  If you are a long time reader, you may remember that my family did a catered dinner in the desert a few years ago which I posted about. It was such an amazing experience with an amazing chef that I really wanted the girls attending our creative retreat to experience it too. 

Michelle Globis of Palm Springs Plan, private chef in Palm Springs. #campmixalot // cupcakesandcutlery.comOnce again, I hired Michelle Globis, of Palm Springs Plan, for our private dinner. Michelle is a private chef in Palm Springs, who you can hire to come cook for you, your family, your party, whatever.  She mostly follows a Paleo plan with the meals, but don’t worry, they will appeal to everyone! Her food is absolutely delicious and she takes great care in putting each menu together. But it truly goes so far beyond just the meal. This is an experience that I hope everyone can have at some point in their life. So next time you rent a house in the desert with your friends or family, you simply must hire her one evening! [Read more...]

Weekend in Palm Springs : 2 #campmixalot

Handmade notebooks with our creative retreat event hashtag. #campmixalot. // cupcakesandcutlery.comDay 2 of #campmixalot is here!! Now I know what you are thinking, Sharon – day 1 had a lot of cocktails…And you are correct.  I was pretty slow the morning of day 2. But there was too much planned for the day so I grabbed another RESQ WATER and got moving. And coffee.  Lots of coffee. 

If you missed yesterdays post, I am recapping the creative retreat weekend in Palm Springs that Lauren and I plan every year.  This year’s took place in the beginning of August and was cocktail themed. [Read more...]

Weekend in Palm Springs : 1 #campmixalot

Mini Mylar letter balloons were the perfect thing to use for our event hashtag. #campmixalot. // cupcakesandcutlery.comSo excited to be sharing a recap of day 1 of the creative retreat Lauren and I put together in Palm Springs at the beginning of August! This is absolutely a labor of love for us. We really love to collaborate and get groups of creative gals together to get to know each other better, find relaxation, inspiration and talk shop. This year’s focus was on all things cocktail so we came up with the hashtag #campmixalot and had a loose summer camp theme throughout the weekend. The purpose of the cocktail theme was not so that we had an excuse to get spring break drunk.  These getaways are designed to enjoy, relax, learn and grow. There are so many different aspects of cocktail culture that we thought it could make for some fun learning. We were right.

This is our second year hosting the event. For disclosure purposes, this event was not sponsored but we were truly lucky to have some great brands send product for this great weekend to help us keep the costs down. I will note those at the end. This year our event was held at a private home in Palm Springs. We welcomed 6 other gals to the house the first day with the hashtag floating in the pool. I’m still in love with these mini mylar balloons. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Welcome sign for cocktail camp. Hand painted by @laurenv for #campmixalot. // cupcakesandcutlery.comI feel grateful for the blogging world and the friends it has led me to and the experiences I am able to have because of it. To be able to put together a special weekend for some great gals makes my heart happy.  P.S. it doesn’t suck when you co-host has the world’s best writing ever for the signage. [Read more...]

Fig and Olive Newport Beach

Fig and Olive is a fantastic restaurant in Newport Beach. //*This is not a sponsored post. Recently, while out and about in my fine county, I have been really wanting to share the amazing businesses with you.  So I’m going to be sharing local posts on Fridays. I mean, if someone wanted to give me a free meal, I wouldn’t say no, but you know I always disclose that to you.  Also these will mostly be iPhone photos as I don’t bring out my big camera when I am on a date, with my family, drinking or wearing high heels…

I had been hearing great things about Fig and Olive at Fashion Island, a luxurious mall in Newport Beach, CA and so for our anniversary, my husband and I decided to try it out. But let me stop really quickly right here for a minute.

On this night, so we both didn’t need to worry about driving, we used Uber.  Have you used it yet? I was SUPER skeptical of it. But I researched what it was all about and I stinking love it! Basically, it’s like getting a taxi but the drivers (fully vetted by Uber) drive their own cars. This keeps costs down for you. Also no money exchanges hands, and your payment info is hooked up to Uber, not the driver.  When any phone calls occur, it happens through a 3rd party number so no one is sharing personal info (or you can message the driver right through the app). And my fave part is that you can see the car and driver right on the app via GPS. You are on the grid at all times. I have used it 6 times now and it’s my new fave way to have a night out. We’ve never waited longer than 6 minutes for a car to arrive either and I have met some of the nicest people who happen to drive the cars!  If you have never used it, you can put in the code: SHARONG75 and your first trip is free up to $30. And just so you know, if you use that code, I get a free trip too.  Just wanted to share that with you.  It’s awesome!

But I digress…We headed out a smidge early for our reservation at Fig and Olive Newport Beach so we could get a drink at the bar.  The entire restaurant is designed perfectly.  The entire space is full of natural light and the decor is casual yet totally classy.  Their lounge and patio areas are simply stunning and the rest of the dining room doesn’t disappoint. The cocktail menu is craft cocktail heaven. The connoisseur would feel right at home with these beverages. It was really awesome to sit at the bar and watch the bartenders work their magic. I stuck with my glass of wine but my husband went with an Old Fashioned complete with a piece of lighter singed orange peel. For reals, I want to do this for every drink. The smell of fresh orange was unreal and added such a great flair to the drink.

The light is stunning in Fig and Olive, Newport Beach.  // cupcakesandcutlery.comThis photo doesn’t do the restaurant justice.  It’s glorious.  It’s modern, with a touch of a beachy vibe. It’s neutrals without feeling stark. 

Fig and Olive is a great date night spot in Orange County, CA // cupcakesandcutlery.comAnd any menu that has risotto is automatically a star in my book.  The menu was large without being overwhelming and featured a fair amount of seafood.  The entire front page of the menu is starters with tons of options to share and really create an enjoyable dining experience.  We did a crostini sampler and it was EVERYTHING! Simple, quality ingredients on toasted bread. Does it get better than that? Yes, yes it does. 

Olive Oil tasting at Fig and Olive at Fashion Island Newport Beach // cupcakesandcutlery.comI had no idea that the premise around the restaurant was that they don’t use butter in their cooking, they instead use only olive oil.  Over the last few months I have really been interested in olive oils and the flavors they take on from the different regions they are grown in, much like wine. I was also in the midst of working on my own olive oil challenge so our visit to the restaurant couldn’t have come at a better time. Before the main courses are served, they bring bread and a trio of olive oils to the table so you can conduct a little tasting.  So cool. 

Delicious mushroom risotto at Fig and Olive Newport Beach // cupcakesandcutlery.comAnd you KNOW I had to order the truffle risotto.  When I eat out, I like to order the things that I don’t want to make at home. And truffles…yes. Just yes.  And as expected, it was amazing.  My husband had the filet mignon and it looked sensational. I didn’t try it, you know, on account of stuffing my face with the risotto… Which also meant I was too full for dessert.  So I am pretty desperate to go back and fix that. You can tell a lot about a restaurant from their dessert menu and the one at Fig and Olive looks fantastic.

We loved the ambiance, the food and the service was top-notch! We will definitely be return customers and I can’t wait to take our friends back to try it.

Fig and Olive – Newport Beach