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Creating Vacation Memories with Vallarta Adventures


As my kids are getting older, creating vacation memories has gotten a lot more fun! It’s no longer about finding the perfect souvenir. It’s more about doing fun things as a family that helps us bond and creates lifelong memories.

If you’re heading to Mexico, Vallarta Adventures can help you create those magical moments to talk about for years to come.

2 women sitting on a lily pad float in the Pacific ocean.

*I was recently invited on a press trip to the Riviera Nayarit area of Mexico. The trip was sponsored by RivieraNayarit.com, Marival Distinct Luxury Residences and Vallarta Adventures. All opinions are my own. And I absolutely fell in love with everything about this area…

I’ve been visiting different parts of Mexico my whole life. But I truly left my heart in Riviera Nayarit! Partly because it’s beautiful and the people are super friendly. And partly because on this trip we did several adventures that showed us different views of this amazing state.

Why Book Excursions

Using a tour group, like Vallarta Adventures like on my recent vacation to Riviera Nayarit, is a great way to do one-of-a-kind excursions.

And while they might seem like an added expense to your overall vacation budget, I truly think they are something you need to consider.

The adventures we did on this trip are a vacation memory that I will cherish forever and ever. I felt closer to the land and people who we met along the way and I tell just about anyone who will listen about how fun everything was.

It’s not all sweaty and athletic though, Vallarta Adventures also has more relaxing excursions! That is much more my speed. I had never heard of a “lily pad” (that you see pictured in the above photo) or knew that I needed to be on one until our excursion.

Laying in the ocean on that lily pad is something I measure all other vacation activities against. It was THAT relaxing!

I just wish my kids had been with me on this trip!

While I didn’t pay for this latest trip to Mexico, my family did take a spring break trip to Cancun. I was fortunate to have ConnectHer Media hook me up with admission to Xplor and Xel Ha adventure parks.

That was the first time my kids were old enough to do things like zip-lining and swim through mangroves.

Is Vallarta Adventures only in Puerto Vallarta?

Helmets stacked on a bench that say Vallarta Adventures.

Vallarta Adventures has tours set up not only in Riviera Nayarit and neighboring Puerto Vallarta but also in Cabo, Punta Mita, Cancun and the Bahamas!

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I love a tropical vacation so the fact that this company creates experiences in these locations is perfect since I know and trust them.

Having the opportunity to participate in a few of the tours offered by Vallarta Adventures really opened my eyes and showed me that this is the perfect way to make lifetime family vacation memories.

Why Use Vallarta Adventures

Off road ATVs in a line in Nuevo Vallarta.

What I loved about Vallarta Adventures is that their whole business is based around showing you a fun time and helping you to enjoy every single second of your tour.

They set up everything from transportation to and from your excursion to making sure you have the food and drinks you want.

Every single second I was with them I felt safe and looked after. They give you valuable information about the area and they create a memorable day for you and your group. Plus they are just plain fun!

The staff is the nicest group of people, quick with a smile and always encouraging when you need them to be. Like that time we went off-roading in ATVs and I was a big old sissy…

What Kind of Tours Do They Offer?

Women in helmets and goggles in on off road ATV in Mexico.

If you know me at all, you know that I am not what you would call adventuresome. And what is great about Vallarta Adventures is that they offer a variety of activities to suit all types of people.

From exploring one-of-a-kind islands, nature walks followed by relaxing in hammocks or getting physical with parasailing, etc., they have something for everyone!

They also offer group or private tours. Sometimes it’s fun to meet other people who are also on vacation and make lifelong friendships (Facebook friendships, you know :). Or you can do a private tour just for your group.

I’ll share about the excursions we got to try below!

Sayulita Escape ATV Tour

Woman driving an off road ATV in the desert in Mexico.

My fellow bloggers and I got to try a fun off-road ATV experience. I’ll be honest. It made me super nervous. And I was instantly out of my comfort zone in the helmet, goggles and dust bandana.

I knew that I didn’t want to drive so I just got in the back seat and set off to explore with the rest of the group.

Vallarta Adventure managed our group of 16 easily. They gave out really detailed instructions and then guided us every step of the way.

The back portion of an ATV with a view of Mexico behind it.

We played follow the leader on skinny, crazy bumpy, dirt roads, up and down hills and around tight corners. We finally came to a stop on this bluff and had our first break.

The view was gorgeous and this was a great way to take in the area.

Woman sitting on top of an ATV with helmet and goggles.

I was nervous the whole time. But I never felt like anything bad was going to happen, it’s just a little more adventure than this indoorsy girl is used to.

It was a truly incredible experience and a great memory. I truly bonded with the other people on the trip over this.

But the ATV adventure wasn’t over yet.

Mexican bathroom with tile detail during an ATV activity.

Once we finished the off-road course (after another quick break that included water and delicious breakfast burritos!), we continued on to the little surfing town of Sayulita to explore for a bit.

We pulled into a gated yard, owned by Vallarta Adventures, to park the ATV’s. I know it’s odd to show you a photo of bathrooms, but I just want you to know that all your needs are taken care of.

The design and cleanliness of the bathrooms were so much better than you would expect after coming off a super dusty ATV course.

I was pleasantly surprised, but it’s these types of touches that Vallarta Adventures provides that you didn’t even know you needed. They’ve thought of everything.

Explore Sayulita

Women standing under colorful papel picado in Sayulita.

The Sayulita portion of our adventure went by too quickly as I instantly fell in love with the colorful city. But we got about an hour to shop, eat, and explore before heading back to the ATV’s.

Sayulita spoke to my soul and is a place I need to revisit in the future. This was a great way to check it out but I definitely need to go back!

We drove the ATVs back to home base, this time staying on the highway. It was such a cool way to see the area.

The people were so friendly and would wave as we drove by. And it felt totally safe being on the road in these.

This was such a fun adventure and I know my kids would have loved it! I’m also grateful that someone else set this up as it’s not something I might have scheduled for myself. But now I know that is was a great way to make Mexican memories!

The ATV tours have some age restrictions so be sure to check out all the details.

Learn more about the Sayulita Escape ATV Tour.

Catamaran and Snorkel

Boat docking in a marina in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.

For our second excursion with Vallarta Adventures, we did something more my speed. We were shuttled over to an absolutely gorgeous marina to meet our catamaran.

Women in black hat holding a cocktail with the ocean behind her.

I thrive on boats. I live my best life on boats. I love being on the water and truly think this is such a great thing to do while on vacation. I love being able to see the area you are visiting from a different perspective. Seeing the coastline is stunning.

And while they call this a Luxury Snorkeling adventure, no one is forcing you to get your hair wet. I’m not a snorkeling fan, so I would have been content to be the only person left on the boat while the others were off exploring.

It’s happened before. But Vallarta Adventures offered so many activities that you never were at a loss for things to do.

Like the lily pad shown above. You could do relaxing things, like lounging on the water or try stand-up paddleboarding. The staff provided encouragement and direction every step of the way.

Lunch served in a bento box.

Along with keeping our glasses filled, they also served us this delicious lunch. It was put together in the little galley and they made sure that we had everything we needed. Those brownies…yum!

They had plenty of filtered water to make sure that we were hydrated and don’t use bottles to be a little kinder to the environment.

Man holding a tray of cocktails on the front of a boat.

Their hospitality was impressive and included swimming fresh cocktails out to the lily pad or tray passed to wherever you were on the boat.

2 women and a man being silly on the front of a boat creating vacation memories.

As you can tell, the crew was no fun at all.

Two hands holding cocktails with the ocean behind them.

I had looked into a boat excursion with the family and ditched the idea thinking they wouldn’t love it on our spring break trip.

But being on this boat, I know my family would have really enjoyed this experience. Make sure you read all about this tour idea and book it for your family.

Luxury Yacht and Snorkel

Should I Buy the Photos?

I’m pretty sure that Vallarta Adventures has a photographer along on all the tours. And I highly recommend you at least take a look at the photos. One of the best ways to get a great family photo is to let someone else capture it for you.

And what is so great about having someone from Vallarta Adventures take the photo is that they know the best spots to do it.

When we were on the ATV’s we would see the photographer off in the bushes capturing us as we went by. And on the boat, he knew how to get the best backgrounds.

You don’t have to buy all the photos, but at least let them take them and look at the photos when you get home.

Plus mom might even end up in some of the photos…

Memory Making Tours Offered by Vallarta Adventures

These were some of the other tours that sound amazing!

  • Caletas Beach Hideaway – with hammocks, paddleboarding, nature walks, mezcal tasting and more!
  • San Sebastian del Oeste – a tour of a historical Mexican town. See an 18th-century church, learn about life in the 1700s and eat a delicious lunch.
  • Islas Marietas Eco Discovery – Take a boat ride out to an amazing natural wonder and snorkel and swim as you learn about the area.
  • Extreme Zip Line Adventures – While I’ve done zip lines once and it was enough for me, they offer a fun day if you’ve never had the pleasure of zipping over the treetops.

Plus so many more! Like swimming with the dolphins and nighttime dinner shows.

Adding on a few excursions to your vacation gives your family a chance to bond in a way that you will never forget. It takes everyone out of their comfort zones and encourages family time that you might not get at home.

I wish that I would have had this experience before our last family vacation because I think we really missed out on creating vacation memories and exploring the area of our trip.

Creating vacation memories that we’ll remember for a lifetime is easy when you book one of the excursions offered by Vallarta Adventures! They handle everything from start to finish and provide the best time for you and your family!

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  1. I can’t decide if the yacht or the ATV excursion was my favorite :) I suggest doing both because one is luxury and relaxation and the other is adventure and experiencing the local flare of Mexico. I feel like a trip to Riviera Nayarit should include both!

    1. Doing both was such a good idea! I got to freak myself out with the off-road thing and then relax on a yacht. :) And both showed the area from different view points which was really cool.

  2. Marie Shaurette says:

    Yes!!! Vallarta Adventures is amazing; I fell in LOVE with Las Caletas last time we were there!!

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