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Legoland is Rad


What to see and what to skip at Legoland California. Legoland is SO rad! Our kids are finally old enough to fully enjoy it and we had the BEST time on our recent visit. But, there were definitely some highs and lows so I want to share all those with you so you can plan your own very best day ever at Legoland. 

*I was given two tickets to Legoland, all opinions are my own, as always! The roller coasters at Legoland are so much fun!If you didn’t read yesterdays post, start there! We stayed at the Legoland Hotel and had an absolute BLAST! Because we were hotel guests, we got to head in to Legoland California early. This is such an awesome treat because if your kids are like mine, and not in love with waiting in lines at amusement parks, you get to start your day without the crowds. They only open a portion of the park for early entry but that means that when the rest of the park does open, you can still head right over to the Technics coaster and beat the crowds. We picked the best possible day to come to Legoland. The weather was perfect and there were hardly any people. We totally lucked out. The Technics coaster was our favorite ride and we ended up on it 4 times that day. My youngest son is turning 7 and just made the height requirement for all the rides. Most of the more exciting rides in the park require riders to be a certain height. I was so glad he made the cut because otherwise he would have been SO grouchy to miss out. Family fun at LegolandBut first…family selfie!The mini land is one of the coolest things to see at Legoland.The park has Legos EVERYWHERE. Duh. And even though I’m not a Lego super fan, it was still so fun to see all the amazing things they made with them. The mini land, shown above, is one of my favorite areas. SO cool! Legoland is full of creativity and details and humor. It’s a great size for wandering but not so huge that you get exhausted. There are a nice amount of roller coasters and other fun rides to keep your day full but they also offer shows and other slower paced attractions to round out your day. We LOVED the Clutch Powers 4D show! It was a great way to sit and relax for a minute and the kids loved all the special effects. Something to see everywhere you look at Legoland.We explored almost every area of the park, minus the water park which was closed (thank goodness – this mama doesn’t like to get her hair wet…)
Lots of Lego building at Legoland.There are several places throughout the park to build. The kids loved that they could be hands on and I loved watching them get creative with their boat making.  Lego boat racing at Legoland.Which they then got to race!Lego Mount Rushmore. So many fun things to see at Legoland.Lego Mount Rushmore! Fun rides at Legoland that are fun for the whole family.We passed this ride on the way to something else and I just knew I would love it. The boys didn’t want to go on it at all. But mama gets to win sometimes and we all got on. The boys ended up loving it!!! Because of the spinning, my husband got off after the first ride, I stayed on for 2 more turns and then the boys kicked me off so they could ride it alone. It was a wonderful teaching moment of how I’m always right. (kidding).
Lego play area while you wait in line for a roller coaster. It's awesome!Aside from decorations, there are some thoughtful details all around the park. This particular Lego building and play area is in the middle of the line for one of the coasters! It certainly helped the kids pass the time (even though there was hardly a line the day we were there).Skipper school at Legoland.There are a handful of rides that younger kids, who don’t make the height requirement of the coasters, can ride as well as a really big play structure that we ended up back at a few times. The play area was a great way for us to get a chance to sit down and chill out and let the kids run around. Apple fries at Legoland. You HAVE to have these on your next visit.It’s also is the best place to eat your apple fries. Because you need to get apple fries. I had heard a lot about these glorious fruit treats so it was top of my list for our Legoland visit. They didn’t disappoint. But I did go overboard with 3 orders of them…you can definitely share. The best spot to eat at Legoland! Especially if you love food and pasta and pizza. Because we started our day with the crazy good breakfast buffet over at the hotel, we didn’t need to eat much over at Legoland. For our late lunch we picked the Pizza and Pasta Buffet. I was not expecting much in the way of buffet food (especially pizza or pasta). But it was GOOD! The pizzas were fresh and featured the standard favorites but also had more creative options like a Buffalo Chicken pizza. The pastas were also amazing. They had a homemade mac and cheese that the kids loved and also a Bolognese sauce that was crazy delicious. Plus there was a full salad bar for anyone looking for something a little lighter. The prices were also pretty decent considering you are at an amusement park. I would totally go back to this restaurant again!
What to do and what to skip at Legoland.This park is super awesome. There were just a few things I want to warn you about that were not our favorite. These Aqua Zone Wave Racers are terrible. It’s basically a ride where you spin in a circle and then can make yourself swing out over the water with the steering wheel. Fun, right? The only problem is your feet get wet (you stand up in the ride)! There was a sign that mentioned you might get wet, but I was thinking splashes. But no. My whole left foot, shoe and sock were soaked. I managed to get my right foot higher, against the wall to keep it dry and willed the ride to be over. Same thing happened to my husband. It was such a bummer to get off the ride all sloshy. Luckily it was a warm day and we all dried pretty quickly but I absolutely would have skipped this ride if I knew just how wet I would get. Boo.What to skip at Legoland California.And second. I luckily opted out of this ride in favor of taking my older son to the play area and getting apple fries. And I’m not sure what this ride was called but I know it’s over near Fun Town. Essentially, you are peddling the car to make it go! My husband came back from the ride all tired, especially because my younger son couldn’t have possibly been much help. So if you hate exercise as much as I do, skip this ride!  Snow days at Legoland. Legoland does really fun themed events throughout the year to change things up!They were just setting up for Snow Days and it looked absolutely magical! We didn’t get to experience the attractions but I know that all kids would LOVE to play in the snow at Legoland! Holiday Snow Days and Winter Nights runs from November 21 – January 3rd! Our favorite things to do at Legoland. What you need to know before you go!I was unsure of how long we would be at Legoland that day. I figured we would do all the things we wanted to and then head home. But we ended up staying until the park closed for the day. It was one of the best family times we’ve ever had together. I also should mention that we live an hour away from Legoland and that always kept me from having this on our list of things to do for a family day. But the drive was super easy and should deter you from visiting Legoland. It was an easy trip from Orange County!

And then we promptly got rear ended immediately after leaving the parking lot…

No one was hurt, thank goodness! We still have such fond memories of staying at the hotel and playing  at Legoland. We will definitely be back! What’s your favorite Legoland attraction?

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