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80’s Inspired Playlist


As a child of the 80’s, I love ALL the music. From great movie soundtracks to top hits, there is a vibe that they all share. And there’s a nostalgic trend in music right now that I’m totally loving. This 80’s inspired playlist is modern music that sounds like it’s from the 80’s. And it’s totally rad.

80's inspired playlist of modern music inspired by the show GLOW on Netflix.

This playlist sounds like the 80’s, but it’s not. But you’ll hear plenty of synthesizers and warbly instruments to make you think it was made while you were playing with Cabbage Patch Kids.

I grew up in the 80’s. But I was too young to do anything super cool like go to a club in LA. I mean, my bangs were pretty high through junior high school but my 80’s were mainly spent making up dances on the front lawn of our house.

Movies like Valley Girl were my FAVORITE and the music from that movie was SO good. I wasn’t only into pop music from the ’80s. My best friend’s older brother was goth-ish and listened to the good stuff, the alternative stuff, like the Smiths, and The Cure he and was super cool to me and made me mixed tapes.

It’s that type of first-wave stuff that I adore, especially the kind where it sounds like the tape is a little warped that they recorded it on. You can totally hear that in this 80’s inspired playlist. 

80's inspired playlist

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Many of the songs on this list fit right in with that 80’s alterna vibe. And I totally dig it. This playlist is great for hanging out with friends, but most likely will confuse them. They’ll think you are stuck in a different era.

Which is totally cool. I’m not suggesting you pull out the fingerless gloves or tease your hair, but my ears are all 80’s.

This list has an hour and half worth of music but I add to it as I hear new stuff that fits the vibe.

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