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Girl Crush Playlist


This Girl Crush Playlist will make you dance in your chair. The songs on this list have but one requirement. They must be sung by a lady. Because girls rule. Most of these songs are great to sing loud in your car.

Inspired by Hilary running for president, I created this playlist to celebrate the women singers I love.

This is my girl crush playlist of my favorite female artists. I created it before Trump threw out this term in the debate. Thanks, Donald.
This Girl Crush Playlist is full of fun indie music sung by my favorite women artists.

Celebrating Women Through Music

Oh hey. I know I don’t ever mention politics on this site, like ever. And I’m not really going to now either. Other than to encourage you to get out and vote! I wasn’t totally with her (you know, her hashtag was #Imwithher) but I KNEW I wasn’t with him.

I don’t usually buy merch and invest in a candidate but when I saw the coozy, I HAD to get it. Hillary was not exactly known for her easy-going vibe, amirite? So the message was hysterical to me.

I’m dying to know who they hired that came up with all her products. She had a big hipster vibe going on, on her site.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m fascinated by all things presidential so I had to grab this ridiculous piece of history while I could. Because I know when I see a smart pants suit, I always think that person is chill. Insert cry/laugh face emoji here. Kidding.

I have a girl crush on all these amazing female artists. This playlist celebrates women in music. These gals rock.

But enough about that. I love to create playlists on Spotify. Mostly I make them when I should be doing something else. It calms me.

I had this Girl Crush playlist created before that boob, Donald, called Hillary a “nasty woman” in a debate. And the minute I heard that I knew I had to do two things:

  • Add Janet Jackson’s ‘Nasty’ to the playlist
  • Change the name of the playlist to “Nasty Women”
I created a playlist of all my favorite female artists.

There is no real rhyme or reason to the songs I chose to be on this playlist. Their one requirement is that they are sung by a lady. Because girls rule. Most of these songs are great to sing loud in your car.

And some of these gals have big personalities to match their big voices. Some are guilty pleasures, some are classics. All of them make me sing.

Click through for the Girl Crush Playlist

This playlist is 3 hours of indie songs that is upbeat and fun. You’ll love it!

Listen to the Nasty Women/ Girl Crush Playlist on Spotify.

  • You know you want to get down to some Yacht Rock.
  • These upbeat songs will get you moving. You might even clean your house…
  • The Beach at Sunset is my favorite summer vibe. And this playlist is the audio representation.

Do you have a favorite lady singer?? Leave a comment and let me know!

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