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17 Non-Alcoholic New Year’s Drinks


These fun non-alcoholic New Year’s drinks are perfect whether you are having a party or not. And NYE isn’t just for adults! Kids love to ring in the new year too. So make them one of these New Year’s Eve mocktails!

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Let’s make Non-Alcoholic New Year’s drinks!

I always like to make a non-alcoholic New Year’s Eve drink for my kids to sip while we wait for the ball to drop. While you’re enjoying your favorite cocktail, mix up something for them too!

New Year’s Drinks Without Alcohol Are Awesome

Hosting a kid-friendly New Year’s Eve party is an adventure, to say the least. Kids running amuck, over-tired whining, and sugar-crazy children are common occurrences.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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I love spending New Year’s Eve with my kids. Whether I’m hosting an easy New Year’s Eve party or just hanging out with my family, I like to make the night special for them.

These virgin drink ideas are also great if you are planning to do Dry January!

New Years Mocktails

Whether you're making some NYE mocktails for your kids or need a virgin drink idea for a party guest, this collection will have tons of delicious recipes for you.

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How to Serve New Year’s Drinks for Kids

Non alcoholic drinks for New Year's Eve on top of a marble surface with noisemakers and confetti.

Mocktails are so fun for the kids! So serve them non-alcoholic drinks for New Year’s Eve.

Kids New Year drinks are usually brightly colored and have tons of flavor. But a big part of what makes New Year’s drinks without alcohol exciting is the type of glass you serve it in.

While some kids may be younger and not ready for an actual glass, drinking out of proper stemware instantly ups the cool factor.


Non alcoholic new years drinks and mocktail ideas on a table nex tto

I can’t tell you how excited my kids are when I put their milk in a champagne flute! I don’t suggest using vintage or heirloom pieces but a fancy glass is half the fun!

They also make fun plastic drinkware that are great for parties with lots of kids which means fewer dishes to do and less chance for broken glass.

Broken glass is never good at family parties.


Close up image of a kid's New Year's drink with confetti and noisemakers.

Don’t even think about skipping the garnish! You can even skip the fancy New Years’ kids drinks and serve plain old punch if you throw in a slice of citrus fruit or something extra fancy like a hibiscus flower!

If you think about it, the most garnish a kid ever gets is a cherry in their Shirley Temple. So adding a slice of lime or a wedge of lemon to their glass will blow minds!

Do you see the drink in the photo with pomegranate seeds? That’s just sparkling cider with some seeds added! AND IT LOOKS SO FESTIVE!

Or add some edible glitter! It is so sparkly and your kids will freak out.

Noisemakers around a new years drink for kids.


While plastic straws are outlawed, you can still find some fun drink accessories to use in your non-alcoholic New Year’s drinks.

They make paper straws in all kinds of fun patterns and colors. These metallic gold straws add such glamour to their drink without costing much at all.

Adding plastic animals to their cups will make them smile from ear to ear. Or have them make their own decorative stir sticks (of course, theirs don’t have to be leather, but at least it gives you an idea) as an activity.

Three non alcoholic new years drinks and mocktail ideas for kids.

These New Year’s drinks without alcohol are easy to make and perfect for a night of celebrating. Make a few, or pick just one – either way the kids will love it!

Note: Just remember, if you are offering cocktails with alcohol in them, make sure you let the kids know what is off limits!

Now I just have to figure out what non-alcoholic New Year’s drinks I’m going to serve this year!

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