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Best Gift Ideas for Boys


With all the school birthday parties we get invited to it can almost be a full time job picking up gifts for each one. I decided that I needed to figure out what gifts are either easy to order off Amazon or keep on hand. And since I’m a boy mom, I decided I needed to start there. These are the best gift ideas for boys. Boys are pretty fun to buy gifts for. I asked my boys what they were in to so I could make sure these were kid approved.

Best Gift Ideas for Boys
Best gift ideas for boys from amazon to keep on hand for birthday parties.It seems like the older the kids get, the less big birthday parties they have. If my kids are close to the birthday boy, we’ll probably spend a little more on the gift than if it is just someone from their class. Otherwise, I like to try to keep things to about $15. I will always ask my boys for ideas in case the kid is super in to a particular thing, like Legos. But most of the time, they don’t have any real suggestions. These gifts I’m sharing are things that most boys in this age group will like and are easy to find. They can be bought on Amazon (with Prime it only takes a day or two to arrive so if you have given yourself enough time, you don’t even need to leave the house to buy them) or pick up a few at a time and keep them on hand.

This post may contain affiliate links which won’t change your price but will share some commission. Bean Boozled for best gift ideas for boys.OMG. Bean Boozled is disgusting. But so are little boys. This is the perfect thing to give them. It’s like a game of chance where you are “dealt” a Jelly Belly but it could be one of two flavors. You may end up with a delicious flavor, like peach, or it could be barf flavored. I have seen my kids play this with their dad and grandpa and also with friends and it’s hysterical. It makes everyone squirm. Even if you are just watching. It’s like the ultimate party game. I pretty much refuse to play. Although I did relent once, because I try to be a good boy mom, and only because I knew that the “bad” flavor wouldn’t be that bad (it was baby wipe flavored and yes, it tasted the way baby wipes probably do). The best gift ideas for boys are definitely not what you would find on my birthday list… There are different versions and sizes of this game so pick on that you think is a good gift idea. The smaller boxes are also a really great present topper!

Bean Boozled Box with Spinner, $8

Bean Boozled in Gift Tin, $12

Bean Boozled Dispenser (2 pack), like pictured above, $11

Tech Decks for best gift idea for boys from AmazonMy kids are BIG in to Tech Decks right now. I think it’s pretty silly but they love them. And they are a little less annoying than buying dumb packs of Pokemon cards. These can be hard to find in stores (Target carries them but they are often out) so picking them up on Amazon is super smart. The packs are not very expensive so you could grab just a few of the decks or also add-on a ramp. They don’t just come in skateboards, but have bicycles too. I like these because they sort of encourage imaginative play, in older kids, in a cool way. My 10-year-old doesn’t realize that he is basically creating a story in his head as he plays and creates tricks or pretends to be the pro the board model was made for. It gets them off the iPads for a bit and anything miniature is cute. So tiny skateboards are adorable.

Tech Deck Starter Kit with Board and Ramp, $15

Tech Deck Fingerboard 4 pack, $16

Tech Deck BMX Fingerbike, $18

Tripod and video apps are the best gift idea for boys.My oldest, at 10 years old, is just about out of the toy stage. For his age, I like to try to get things that will be fun for them to play around with but also teach them something creative. As you know, kids this age are super in to watching videos on YouTube. And while you may not want them to have their own channel, it’s a super great idea to let them play around with filming and learning to edit their own videos. It really doesn’t take much special equipment and I think this is a great gift idea. A lot of kids have a phone at that age (mine doesn’t but I keep my old phone for him to use to film with) so making them in to videographers is as easy as picking up a tripod and some video editing apps. An itunes gift card and tripod would make a great gift for a little boy who wants to film his activities (like soccer games, skateboard tricks, etc) and for the kids that want to get real creative with focusing more on the process (like making stop motion videos and learning how to make transitions and titles).

Bendable Tripod for iPhone, $14

iTunes Gift Card by Email, You decide

The best gift ideas for boys don’t have to be expensive, they should provide a fun activity, allow them to show a little bit of their personality and show them they are being celebrated.

Other gift ideas my boys wanted me to share with you:

Star Wars Themed Stance Socks, $20

Lego Minifig Grab Bags, $7

VR Headset, $20

Skate Trainer (for helping to learn skateboard tricks), $24

Fidget Cubes (totally huge right now apparently!), $8

“MLG” Kit: This means “Major League Gamer” and it includes Mountain Dew, Doritos and X-Box or itunes gift cards to buy new games or level up a game you already have.

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