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Best White Elephant Gift Ideas (10 Unusual Kitchen Gadgets)


Finding the Best White Elephant Gift ideas can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. With the help of these unusual kitchen gadget gift ideas, you can give a useful (and funny) present at your next Christmas or White Elephant party.

Collage of unusual kitchen gadgets that make the best white elephant gift ideas.
The best White Elephant gift ideas are quirky but still useful.

Why you’ll love these Christmas kitchen gifts

If you’re looking for the best white elephant gift for an upcoming gift exchange, look no further!

One of my favorite ways to spend time with friends during the holiday season is with a party. And there’s no better game to play at a Christmas get-together than a white elephant gift exchange.

When I’m searching for White Elephant gift ideas for adults, my go-to items typically belong in the kitchen.

Also, keep in mind gifting Panettone. It’s an Italian Christmas Cake that is delicious. It might not make a great white elephant gift, but it does make a great hostess gift.

It’s one of those things that people see every year and don’t buy for themselves. And they probably have no idea how tasty they actually are!

The best kitchen gift ideas are something that everyone can use. Whether your friends are home cooks or foodies, or don’t cook often, they’re sure to love getting an unusual kitchen gadget at a white elephant gift exchange.

On top of being funny, these white elephant ideas also make cooking and food prep just a little bit easier – and a lot more fun!

Whether they use them themselves or someone else in their household does, they are sure to put a smile on someone’s face.

But the best part about each of these gifts is that they’re easy to order and inexpensive when you buy them on Amazon.

Just make sure to order these fun white elephant gifts early to ensure they make it to your house before you need them.

Best White Elephant Kitchen Gift Ideas

I’m not a fan of junk and have a running donate pile in the garage. These gifts will still help the recipient with something in the kitchen making them useful and fun.

These 10 kitchen gadgets are my favorite white elephant gift exchange ideas:

1. Soccer Ball Measuring Spoon

Make dinner a little more fun with the help of this soccer ball measuring spoon! The ball has six measuring spoons built right in, making it perfect for measuring all your ingredients for each meal.

My husband is a big soccer fan so this also is a great way to encourage him to cook from time to time…

2. Singing Pasta Timer

This pasta timer will turn your friend’s kitchen into a concert. Just place the pasta timer in the pot and wait for the music to begin to tell you that your pasta’s finished cooking.

With my in-law’s Italian heritage we make pasta all the time. The timer is called Al Dente for goodness sake. That’s funny.

3. Food Saw

There’s no reason to use a regular knife when you have a food saw in your kitchen! Your friends will love cutting their pizza with this mini circular saw.

We eat a lot of pizza over here and using this little cutter would be a fun way to serve it.

4. Flashlight Gloves

Your friends will be able to prep their food with ease with the help of flashlight gloves. These light-up gloves will make chopping and dicing easier thanks to the LED lights on the fingertips.

This is perfect for the griller in your life. With the time change making it hard to see the bbq after 5 pm, these can help. Plus their feel like a spy maybe.

5. Egg Separator

Separating eggs can be pretty messy. But with the help of this silly Mr. Sneezy egg separator, you can have a little fun in the kitchen without the mess!

I mean, he’s a little gross, but oh so useful.

6. Light Saber Chopsticks

With these amazing lightsaber chopsticks, your friends can bring the Force to dinner! The light-up chopsticks will make your friends feel like they’re eating dinner in a galaxy far, far away.

Although I’ve never seen any Star Wars movies, the rest of my family are fans. And I’m the only one who doesn’t know how to use chopsticks. But I might have to learn for a light up pair.

7. Bottle Cap Shooter

Why would your friends want to use a plain bottle opener to open their beer when they could use a bottle cap shooter instead? This cap gun bottle opener not only opens bottles but also shoots the bottle cap!

I gifted this to my husband last year and we use it all the time.

8. Chambong

Class up your next party by replacing your old college beer bong with something a little more classy. With the help of the Chambong, your friends can have a little more fun sipping champagne.

I have this and it’s really hard to use, you KNOW how bubbly champagne is. But everyone gets a kick out of it when I bring it out at a party.

9. Tortilla Blanket

There’s no reason burritos should be reserved for meals. With the help of this tortilla blanket, your friends can turn themselves into a burrito any time they want.

If you’re like my husband and I, we still joke about “baby burritos” which is what we called it when we swaddled them.

While this isn’t truly a kitchen gadget it’s still super useful and fun.

10. Cake Saw

Two saw gifts? YES!

Whether they’re slicing cake or chopping vegetables, your friends are sure to have a little more fun with the help of this cake saw. The handheld saw knife is perfect for cutting just about anything in the kitchen!

I have this and it’s always the hit of the party. You can see it in action in my Pie Cake post.

Once you’ve decided on what to buy, check out my gift wrapping hacks to make it easier on yourself. Turn on a holiday movie and go to town!

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