Easy Gift Giving with Store Bought Treats

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Easy gift giving with store bought treatsIf you know me well, you know that I over think everything.  Often, I get an idea and it spirals out of control until it is so big, and such a production that I don’t have the energy to do it anymore.  But if I can get out of my own head, I can simplify things and not lose the intention behind it.  Take for instance, sweet treats.  I love sugar.  And most other people do too.  But I don’t need to spend days baking special treats to show someone my appreciation or love.  Store bought treats are there for me, ready to use.  While they might be a little plain for my liking, all it takes is a moment to jazz them up and put a little “me” in it.

cinnamon-rolls-and-sugar-cookiesYour local grocery store’s bakery section is an untapped resource.  For real.  Mine has a crazy amount of baked goods, decorated cakes, cookies, and even accessories (the coolest candles and sprinkles!)  So why not embrace it and take some of the stress off of yourself.  And guess what else?  These things taste amazing!

use duct tape and cardstock to create cookie pouchesI decided to pick up some goodies and give them a little repacking makeover.  All I needed was some cardstock and Duck tape to get me started.  Super easy.

store bought cookies are perfect for gifting to othersThese little cookie pouches were really quick to make and I LOVE how they look!  Who wouldn’t want to get a bright pink cookie package?

Repackage store bought treats to share the love easilyI used plain cookies and then picked up other supplies at the store to create individual cookie decorating gifts.  For no other reason than to make someone’s day.  But of course these would work as Valentine’s too.  But guess what?  The store also has frosted cookies!  Instead of these kits, you could just pop the pre-decorated cookies in clear cello bags – letting their cuteness show through.  Even easier.

Use scrapbook papers to jazz up store bought treatsI am obsessed with the Cosmo Cricket scrapbook papers and party bags (can’t find a link to these but will update as soon as I do – these are awesome and I’m in LOVE!) and thought they would accent these kits perfectly.  I made a little decorative sleeve for the cookie pouches to keep them from sliding out the top and then used the same paper to create a little tag.  Some decorative tape completed the look.

Put a cookie decorating kit togetherAll of these decorations are cute on their own but even cuter when decorating a cookie!  And they were all found at the grocery store right up the street from my house.  No special trips needed.  Well the little glass vials were not found at the grocery store.  I had those for another project and were just too cute not to use.  But I couldn’t find my clear plastic bags in the mess of my garage so I simply used a plastic storage bag tied with string to repackage the red hots and cherry balls (you can see that in the picture three above this one).

store bought treats make great gifts to giveMake it easy on yourself.  Store bought goodies are super easy to pass out to people you want to share a little deliciousness with.

Fun ways to serve store bought cinnamon rollsIf you aren’t in to cookies (what are you, some kind of alien?) you can also pick up store-bought cinnamon rolls.  Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day so I think getting a delicious surprise breakfast treat would be super cool and totally unexpected.  Serve it in a cute container (these are old but from Target’s dollar section).  Don’t forget the napkin and fork so they can dig right in!

share a store bought cinnamon roll in a cute mugOr make it even more of a gift by putting the cinnamon roll in to a mug.  There is nothing better than a warm cinnamon roll.  With this all they have to do is pop it in the microwave and then eat (note:  this mug pictured is actually not microwave safe but was too cute not to use in the photo.  It is one of my favorite mugs from Starbucks and I didn’t want to mislead you if you have this mug and think it is ok to put in the microwave.  I would not want to be the reason you ruined your mug.  Or your microwave.  And seriously, Starbucks – why would you make a mug that is hand wash and not microwave safe?  And the bigger question is why can’t I stop using it?).  This would be perfect for a teacher, right?

I hope this post has helped you to change your thinking on using store-bought treats.  I think it was a great first step in teaching me to settle down and not do everything so grand.  Little touches and gestures sometimes mean the most.  Which is why I didn’t take any pictures of my family passing these treats out to people.  While some people in my life get excited about items I have received to blog about, the minute my camera comes out the sparkle fades.  I let the gifts speak for themselves and really let the people know that I appreciated having them in my life.  Staging photos would have sucked the meaning right out of it.

You can see more creative packaging ideas on the Bakery Because Pinterest Page.  So show us your cute ideas!  Pick up some store-bought goodies on your next shopping trip and snack a quick pic of what you did.  Then share the photo on Pinterest.  Don’t forget the #bakerybecause tag!  And remember this easy way of gift giving is perfect for any day, not just Valentine’s Day!



Thank you, Rich’s Products, for letting me get creative with your fine baked goods or should I say my new go-to way to distribute deliciousness.



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