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DIY Cake Topper with Macarons


If you’re looking for a unique cake topper idea for a wedding or birthday party, you should head to your nearest bakery! This easy, DIY Cake Topper with macarons, are delicious and adorable! 

A cake with macrons on candy sticks written on with edible ink.

This post was originally published on October 23, 2013 and has now been updated with even more details.

I love to look for ways to make parties feel special. While I don’t use cake toppers for most parties, they are a fun way to make things feel extra celebratory. This easy homemade cake topper is a great way to do that. And it’s edible. So that’s even better!

Why This Works

Macaron cake toppers are the cutest! Macarons are so much more useful than some of those other basic cookies.

I mean, do other cookies look cute enough to top a cake with? I think not. And you certainly couldn’t write on most of them.

Edible ink turns these beautiful little cookies into the perfect personalized billboards for your cake messages.

This DIY cake topper is super easy and takes just minutes to put together. It also works for just about any event.

You can match the colors to your party theme and customize your message to be specific to the guest of honor.

Pair with a cute birthday wall sign, DIY plastic streamers and some balloon decorations for a fun birthday celebration.

Or you can make a balloon cake topper.


How to Make a Macron Cake Topper

Variety of colorful macarons on a plate with lollipop sticks and girl holding an edible ink pen.

Slide a lollipop stick into one side of the macaron. Stop the stick when you think the end is about in the middle of the cookie.

Do not push the stick all the way through.

Be gentle, macarons are delicate little things. If you aren’t careful your big old mitts will crush them.

Woman writing on colorful macarons with edible ink pen.

Then all you need to do is use edible markers and find someone with way better writing than you.

Macarons written on with edible ink and placed in a cake on sticks.

You can write any message you want. These can be for any kind of celebration. Like, “Happy Wednesday!” or “Sorry you got fired!”

And the best part? You can totally eat the entire thing (minus the stick, don’t be dumb). You can’t do that with other cake toppers! 

Written on macaron cookies stuck on sticks that are placed in the top of a cake.

Macarons come in so many amazing colors that you can match virtually any cake or party decor. And your cake can be super simple and plain so these really stand out. 

This make your own cake topper is a quick and easy idea that all your guests will love.

Woman cutting a variety of macarons to do a taste test.

And if you have never had the chance to do a macaron tasting, grab some friends, buy a dozen and check them out.

They usually come in flavors like passion fruit, violet and earl grey and are crazy delicious. I was also blown away by the coffee one. So tasty!

You can match the flavors to your cake flavor or you can just go by color.

And if you still need more macaron inspiration you HAVE to check out Sugar and Cloth’s Glossary of Macs.

It will blow your mind! I can’t wait to see the macaron cake toppers you guys come up with! Send me pics!

Like a smash cake, a DIY edible cake topper is a unique idea that people will remember!

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  1. So cute! I need to purchase an edible marker asap – I feel like I’m missing out on all kinds of fun.

    1. Thanks Xenia! I saw your post on instagram and I’m going to the Orange Tweet Up too! Looking forward to meeting in person!

    1. Thanks girrrrrrl. I wish we had a week where we could just create party magic together. Think of all the brainstorming and creations we could come up with!

  2. laura londergan says:

    oh my yum – would have loved to have been there for a tasting! Great idea on using them for the cake! You are a genius! ;)

  3. What a creative idea…love it! (And the don’t be dumb comment had me cracking up way more than it should have.)

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