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Did you guys know that Koyal Wholesale is the best place to buy your party supplies online?  And just because their name has the word “wholesale” in it that does not exclude the rest of us.  They will sell to the public too.  I recently found them through Instagram.  When I found out they were local (Corona, CA) I just about flipped my lid.  I had to go check it out myself.

Koyal Wholesale is currently expanding their offices and moving in to a brand new show room.  The day that I came to visit, employees were hard at work setting up all the products.  When finished, the areas will be made up of themed items to make browsing easier.  But they literally have everything!  You could put together a complete dessert buffet (including some candy!) with decor and scoops right from their enormous supply of party products.  See those cute striped things at the bottom left of the photo?  Those are adorable “sweets” bags for your guests to carry their candy around in.

Not only do they carry the most popular party supply items, but they carry everything in a ton of different colors.  From paper straws, favor buckets and glitter washi tape!!!! their selection of colors is unparalleled.  And Koyal Wholesale is a one stop shop so when you are looking for that perfect glass vessel for an integral part of your party decor, you just need to come here and you’ll find what you need.

While most of the stuff is ready to use, they also have tons of options and products that you could jazz up any way you might want it.  I’m simply dying over that gold glitter tree.  I don’t have any idea what I would do with it, but doesn’t every party need one?

I am super in to acrylic right now and they have a bunch of options to choose from in the cake/cupcake stand arena.  And how cute are those colorful cupcake wrappers?  Koyal Wholesale also runs for all your cupcake needs!

Koyal Wholesale is the largest supplier of wedding and event supplies in the nation and I believe it!  Not only do they carry an enormous amount of party supplies, but they also do their best to share ideas and inspiration on how to use them.  They have a little photo studio in the offices so they can produce product images and how-to videos.  So cool!

I tried my best not to get too crazy as Maya, manager of Dress My Cupcake, walked me in to their warehouse but it is literally like my candy store.  Everywhere you looked there were party supplies!  As they are still getting settled in their new arrangement, some of the unpacking had yet to be done but it is literally rows and rows of party supplies in one giant warehouse.  I’m pretty sure I was acting like a geek about it but they were gracious and didn’t laugh at me.  Seriously!  How awesome would it be to work here everyday!

The warehouse reminds me of a hobby store on crack.  Everything is grouped together and displayed so that pulling orders is easy.  It took everything in my power to not grab that shopping cart at the end of the row and scoop everything off the shelves.

If you haven’t checked out Koyal Wholesale online you definitely should.  The new showroom is set to open the first week of June! So not only can see things in person before you buy them but you can also pick up your order instead of having it shipped (for those of you local, they are one exit past the 15 fwy off the 91 – SUPER easy to get to!)

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Thank you, Koyal Wholesale, for letting me come down and invade your space!  So fun!  This is not a sponsored post.  I received no compensation.  I pretty much forced myself on them.




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