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Decorate your Party with Balloons


Decorating your party with balloons is inexpensive and can have a huge impact! It’s one of my favorite party decorations for any gathering. They instantly bring a smile to your guest’s faces and they are pretty darn easy to create something truly memorable with. These ideas will help inspire you to use them for your next get together.

A collage of balloons used to decorate parties.

Balloons are the Best Party Decoration

You guys. I love balloons. I mean, I actually don’t because I hate when they pop but they really are the perfect party decoration. They are usually inexpensive, they can bring a ton of color in a big way and they are way more versatile than most people even know.

Whether you’re looking for DIY party decorations or just something super simple that will make the space feel more festive, this list has some fun and easy ideas.

So grab a helium tank or some balloon sticks and decorate that party!

Fun Ways to Use Balloons at a Party

  • Balloon arch: Create an impressive entrance or focal point by constructing a balloon arch using an assortment of colors.
  • Balloon wall: Design a backdrop by covering a wall with balloons of various sizes and colors. It makes for a great photo booth background.
  • Balloon ceiling: Fill the ceiling with helium balloons and let them float down to create a whimsical atmosphere.
  • Balloon garland: String together balloons of different sizes and colors to make a decorative garland for tables, mantels, or staircases.
  • Balloon animals: Hire a balloon artist to entertain guests by creating balloon animals or other fun shapes.
  • Balloon drop: Surprise guests by releasing a cascade of balloons from the ceiling at a designated moment during the party.
  • Balloon games: Organize balloon-themed games like balloon pop relay races, balloon stomp, or balloon darts for entertainment.
  • Balloon centerpieces: Use balloons as centerpieces for tables by arranging them in creative displays with flowers or other decorations.
  • Balloon sculptures: Hire a balloon sculptor to craft intricate sculptures like characters, animals, or objects to amaze guests.
  • Balloon confetti: Fill clear balloons with colorful confetti and scatter them around the party space for an extra festive touch.

Big Balloons

The bigger the balloon the better! This was a huge trend a while back but with helium being harder to come by (is there still a shortage?) you may not be able to use more than one or two.

Big balloons work great as a photo prop or to place by the entrance so there is no mistaking where the party is. While some balloons are around 3 feet large, I found that 17″ balloons were just right.

17″ balloons are easier to work with but come in tons of colors and have a great impact on the look of a party.

Balloons as Party Signs

Using balloons as party signs is quick and easy! There are several ways to do this so you can pick the method that works best for your party and you craft skill level.

From writing on the balloons to adding printed letters, there is sure to be a method that you think will work for your party.

Here are a few examples of balloons as party signs. (And don’t forget to look at the collage at the beginning of the post).

Decorate with Balloons

You can use balloons in several ways to decorate your space.

Make Gifts Stand Out

Image credits for collage above: 1 : Black Balloon with Writing, 2 : Balloon Chandelier, 3 : Balloon Garland, 4 : Balloon Message, 5 : Balloon with Flair (This image was removed from the source years ago).

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