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Kid’s Dance Club and Lego Birthday Party


What do you do when your kid is beyond obsessed with Legos AND dancing? Duh, you throw a Kid’s Dance Club and Lego Birthday Party. This is a fun Lego party theme that is totally unique and blends a few ideas into one festive gathering.

Patio decorated for a kid's birthday party with a Lego dance party theme.

We came up with the Kid’s Dance Club and Lego Birthday Party and it turned out to be the best party theme ever!

My oldest was in a BIG Lego phase when he was turning 6 years old. But he also really loved music. When it came time to plan his birthday party, we knew it had to be super fun and include both of his favorite things.

Here are all the tips and ideas we used for decorations, food, and activities to throw the best Lego party ever thrown.

A Fun Lego Party Theme with Dancing Too

This is one of my favorite kid’s parties I’ve ever thrown, and I’ve had some pretty fun ones (the glam rock inspired space party? Also pretty fantastic).

It was SO much fun. And turning part of your backyard into a kid’s dance club is super awesome. Everyone should do that at least one time in their lives!

Lego Party Decorations

Lego themed kid's birthday party decor.

This Lego themed party with dancing was fun for both kids and adults.

Sometimes it’s hard to bridge that gap but music is a great way to get people involved.

I knew that I wanted some of these dance diagram posters for the “club” as decorations. Had I had more time, I would have updated the dances to “the running man” etc., but I just used images I already found online.

I mean, aside from Dancing with the Stars who really does the rhumba? 

You can print blueprint-sized images at Kinko’s Fed Ex very inexpensively. Color is more expensive but this is where I always go when I want to print something large for a birthday party.

(See also my fun birthday card poster idea!)

Lego dance party themed birthday party decorations.

I also knew I wanted some of these posters to be Lego-themed. So I reached out to Steph and told her my idea.

She got it exactly! How fun are these! And lucky for you, she is offering them as a download on her site! They would make great art for a kid’s room! 

I love to create fun party garlands so for this one, I used big, colorful rubber bands and knotted them together. Then I printed and cut out Lego heads and taped them on.

And of course, what’s a kid’s dance club without disco balls?! I ordered a bunch of mini ones to put all around.

Kid dancing in a room decorated to look like a kids dance club for a lego themed birthday party.

Here is the birthday boy on the dance floor. Nevermind the overgrown rosemary bush that also wanted to attend the party…

To make the “club”, I bought $3 sheets from Ikea and ironed on large Lego brick images to some of the panels. I stapled them to the patio pillars and the club was complete.

So easy and made a huge impact on the kids!

Of course, this worked out really well because we have such a small backyard, but you could rig something up with string for a larger area.

Lego head print outs used as decoration at a kids lego themed birthday party.

Lego heads. Everywhere. Yes, this cost printer ink and paper. And of course, time to cut them out (I outsourced to the grandmothers). 

Activities for the Lego Dance Party

I found the striped fabric also at Ikea and I think the colors were super fun, a bit 80’s but still totally modern and used it throughout the entire party. At this table, we invited the kids to build a Lego building to enter into our contest.

Kid building with Legos at a birthday party.

I don’t love to have a bunch of games at kid’s parties but I do like to have activities that they can do on their time to keep them busy. 

Kids making legos at a lego themed birthday party.

And of course, kids want to play with Legos. 

Kid coloring an activity coloring page for a lego themed birthday party.

There were a few smaller kids at the party also so I wanted to make sure they had something to keep them entertained also.

I found these awesome dancing color pages from Anorak Magazine a few years ago and modified them to include Legos also so it fit the theme perfectly. 

And of course, no dance party is complete without dancing games like freeze and dance-offs. 

Lego Birthday Party Food

A table with a lego themed happy birthday banner and snacks and treats for a kids birthday party.

The food table is always a fun place to add decoration and really round out the party theme.

The tubes that you can see hanging from pink and orange ribbon were filled with large silver glitter and spray-painted Legos to match the party colors.

I found those cool Lego block letters online and turned them into a quick banner and hung it from a black chain. 

I really didn’t want to do one of those parties where every single thing had Legos in it.

Instead, I had my dad make some Lego-inspired wooden flowers, I made a few Lego containers to hold suckers and my mother-in-law bought a few Minifigures that were also dance related.

A kids table decoration for a lego party giving the menu and directions for making your own pasta salad

I like to do my parties in the afternoon and while I don’t feel like I need to serve a whole meal, I like to serve a heavy snack.

I decided to do a make-your-own pasta bar so that people could eat as much or as little as they wanted.  

I made sure to provide sweet and savory options and these could be made as healthy or as delicious as guests wanted them.

Chocolate in the shape of legos.

A Lego party must have Lego-shaped food. I kept it simple with easy chocolate Legos that I just made in a shaped mold.

Gummie treats in the shape of legos.

My mother-in-law went the extra mile and made Lego gummies. 

Cereal necklaces hanging on a display for a kids birthday party.

In addition, we also had cereal necklaces.

How rad is that wood stand my dad made for me! I can’t wait to use it again!

For drinks, we had a muddle-your-own lemonade bar. And also delicious Passion Fruit Sangria. Because, YUM.

3 cupcakes with a lego candy topping.
Cupcakes on display for a kids birthday party with a lego dude next to them.

And it isn’t a party unless there are cupcakes.

My son loves the allergen-friendly cupcakes from Meringue Bake Shop! Plus we had multiple kids at the party with food allergies so I was so glad that they could all eat them!

Kids singing happy birthday to a boy at a birthday party in front of his cake.

We can’t get enough of Meringue Bake Shop’s pinata cakes so, of course, we had to have that too.

The day was sooooo hot and the allergen-friendly chocolate didn’t hold up the same way as previous cakes. You can see that the chocolate looks a little droopy in these photos.

Lesson learned.

Kid with a lego themed smash cake at a lego birthday party.
Kids digging into a smash cake at a kids birthday party.

This is our 4th pinata cake. It was quite obvious that most of the kids knew what to expect.

They attacked that cake like I have never seen. And of course, all the parents who had no idea what was going on were mortified.

It was pure cake chaos. And I loved every minute of it.

The Lego Dance Club

Kids dancing in confetti at a kids birthday party.

And then things started to get going on the dance floor.

I decided that if the kids had some Flutter Fetti they might get into the dance club spirit. I was right.

It was also a pretty easy way to add color to an otherwise plain space. And clean up was not as bad as you might expect.

Kids feed dancing in confetti at a birthday party
Kid dancing at a birthday party.

How amazing are these photos by Dez and Tam!!

We had a dance contest. The birthday boy and two fun-loving adults got to be the judges.

We played three songs (which looking back could have probably only been 1 but these kids love to dance) and then declared a winner.

The winner got a CD of some of my son’s favorite dance music.

This birthday party was SO fun! There were so many fun little Lego details around the party. And the dancing and music was such a fun vibe. 

Party Favor

A girl wearing a necklace that is made from Legos that looks like a heart.

These Lego heart necklaces were the favor that I gave the little girls who came to the party. My mother-in-law helped me put all of these together.

The little boys were sent home with crayons shaped like Lego bricks and Minifigures and some Lego coloring pages.

The Lego Present of His Dreams

Opening the Lego Death Star as a birthday gift

Then it was present opening time.

Since it was a Lego-themed party, rest assured he got about a trillion Lego sets and somehow we only got 1 duplicate. But we had a BIG surprise for him.

He had been talking about the Lego Death Star set for a while and one of our friends suggested that everyone coming to the party could pitch in for it if they wanted to.  

After all of the other presents had been opened, his dad brought out a very large box. I’m pretty sure he knew immediately what it was. He’s smart like that.

Look at that pure joy!!!

I loved watching this unfold! He declared it the best day of his life.

He stood on a chair and thanked everyone profusely and then asked to open it. Thank goodness the party was starting to wind down.  

Club Lego dance club for kid's Lego Dance Party for a kid's birthday

There was a lot of fun had in this dance club.  

Check out those big round awesome lights we had!  My husband’s friend owns a staging and lighting company and he let us borrow them for the party.

They changed color and totally made it seem more club-like. 

Professional Party Photos

All but the last photo were taken by Dez and Tam. They just seriously continue to blow my mind in every way.

These are photos my family and I will cherish forever. If you’ve never thought about having a photographer at your kid’s parties, you really should.  

Your photos don’t have to only be focused on party decor and details. A lot of what you don’t end up seeing is the amazing guest photos that are taken.

Most parties have tons of family so it is a great way to get really good, recent photos of everyone. And to see the kids interact is amazing.

You should definitely contact Dez and Tam before your next party!!

Fun Kid’s Birthday Ideas

I’m hoping we get to have another Kid’s Dance Club and Lego Birthday Party in the future. I feel like our backyard needs to be turned into a club again. 

On a personal note:

I was working on this post when I found out that my grandmother passed. I was very upset and when I pulled myself together and came back into the room, I noticed my son sitting at the computer typing away. I freaked out because I had been uploading all these photos for what seemed like hours. And they appeared to be all gone. Later, when I was a little more in control of my feelings, I decided to log back in to see how much work I would have to redo and this is what I found…

I love you to the moon and back

Written by my sweet little 6-year-old who knew I was hurting and wanted me to know that I was loved. So, of course, I had to leave it because it was the sweetest thing ever. And a memory that I will always cherish and never take out of this post.

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  1. Garland Scruton says:

    what a great website!!! this help me so much!!! thank u so much!

  2. Tricia Stuart says:

    Hi – We are having a lego dance party and would love a link to the color sheets. Sorry about your loss. What a sweet message to help heal your heart.

    1. So fun! I’m so sorry that I don’t have the sheets any more! This party was many years and many computers ago! :(

  3. What an amazing party! I love the theme and the fun. I’m so sorry about your grandmother. Hugs to you.

  4. Kim @ The Celebration Shoppe says:

    LOVE this idea Sharon!

  5. Super cool party! But my favorite part about this post was the very end about your 6yr old leaving you that sweet sweet message.

    1. Sharon Garofalow says:

      So sweet, right!?!

  6. As a momma of three boys who all had Lego parties last year, this blows me away. I love the idea of a photographer at your party as I’ve learned you can’t both host and capture it at the same time. And the best—your get real note from your son. So sorry about your grandmother. What a lucky boy you have!

    1. Sharon Garofalow says:

      Thanks Deirdre! I got so lucky when I met Dez and Tam of Dez and Tam Photography! They are so good to me and the photos from my parties not only make my parties look great online but are cherished memories of family time. I had forgotten about that note from my son. He has the sweetest heart!

    1. Sharon Garofalow says:

      Thank you, Carrie!!!

    1. Sharon Garofalow says:

      I’m so glad you liked it. I LOVE your style!!! You’ll be at ALT, right?

  7. This is, by far, the cutest birthday party ever! LOVE the lego theme.

    1. Sharon Garofalow says:

      Thank you! It was so fun to put together! :)

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