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Zaca Supplement Review for Hangover Help


Zaca Chewable Supplements are one of my go-to hangover remedies when I know I’ll be drinking more than 2 drinks. I’ve used them for years so if you’re looking for a review of something to take to make your morning after a little easier, read on!

A day on a boat in Orange County

Disclosure: Zaca sent me supplements to share with all my friends for my recent 40th birthday party. Since then I have purchased more for my own use. Because hangovers suck.

The Best Chewable to Help with Hydration and Recovery

You can always find Zaca recovery tablets at my house. And I never travel without them!

I get THE WORST hangovers. I really don’t know why. I alternate any alcoholic beverage I drink with a glass of water. I try to have a full stomach. I do all the things.

But it doesn’t matter.

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I’ve tried several supplements that purport to help with hangovers and Zaca is one of my favorites. I recently gave them a run for their money on a wine-filled boat trip with friends.

When my friend, Lauren, invited me out on a boat for the day I jumped at the chance. I LOVE boats. And knowing she puts together a great little cheese board, I was all in.

These berry-flavored chewable tablets are not only great for during and after drinking but also when traveling and in high altitudes.

Drink Responsibly

Wine and boats are the perfect summer activity

These little tablets are not a cure. They can only work so well. It’s science after all. But they can help you feel better, if you help yourself.

I always try to make sure that I am drinking responsibly. A hangover, with kids around, is the worst thing ever. But when you are hanging out with friends, sipping wine all day long, you pretty much have to be prepared to feel terrible the next day.

My hangovers are all over the place. Sometimes I can feel awful after one glass of wine. On other days I can have several cocktails and feel fine. There is no making sense of my drinking issues.

But it has led me to try out a variety of hangover helpers. I don’t want this to come off like a seasoned drinker, because I’m not. I’m the occasional drinker (a few glasses of wine weekly). And I know there are a lot of other gals out there like me. Cheers to you, my friend.  

When day drinking is involved, I usually try to drink wine spritzers to dilute the wine a little and keep things at a slower pace. But that isn’t always possible. And sometimes you just need a good glass of champagne.

What makes Zaca work

Wine with friends on a catamaran

Zaca chewable recovery tablets contain prickly pear extract, L-glutathione, and B vitamins that work together to help reduce inflammation, replenish fluids, detoxify your body, and provide essential nutrients that your body needs after a night of drinking.

Simply put, Zaca tablets are like tiny superheroes for your hangover!

When do you take Zaca

Zaca recovery tablets for drinking

They come in these easy-to-travel packs that fit in a pocket or purse. Per the directions, you are supposed to take 2 tablets as needed and if you are traveling or exercising. When drinking you should take 4 at bed. 

I like to take 2 after every few drinks plus 2 just before bed.

Zaca is a hangover helper

The chewable tablets has a mixed berry flavor and are super easy to take. They are not chalky or offensive in any way (other supplements I’ve tried are very herb-y and smell kind of gross, don’t get me started about the burps…)

Final Review

I can’t say that they get rid of hangovers completely. But usually, when I take these Zaca tablets, I am highly functional the next day. I generally don’t have that horrific headache from indulging in wine. My stomach is usually pretty settled. Instead of being stuck in bed for half a day, I can handle my mom business. 

Sunset on a boat with friends

Wine and girlfriends are a gift. Unfortunately, wine can also be a jerk. I take Zaca with me when I know I will enjoy a few glasses of wine or beverages. Because I’ll take any help I can get.

By the way, you HAVE to see more of the gorgeous images from Lauren’s boat day.

Images by Kimi Domino.

Visit the Zaca site to see all the important information about this supplement.

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