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Girl’s Night in With Anew Wine


Plan a girl’s night with some wine and spend some quality time with friends! Here are my tips and tricks for a fun night at home with your favorite wine, music and light bites. You’ll love these ideas for hosting your friends where you can hang out and enjoy each other’s company.

Wine bottles in a wine bucket on a bar cart next to some stemless wine glasses.

I partnered with Anew Wines to host a girl’s night with my best friends. All opinions, as always, are my own. 

Wine and Massage Girl’s Night In

Gather your girls for a casual wine night in! Pair it with some light massages and you’ve created a relaxing night that any mom would enjoy.

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The hustle and bustle of starting the school year is enough to make you go fetal sometimes. And after a long summer of entertaining the kids everyday, I decided I needed a good old-fashioned girl’s night. With wine. And comfy clothes.

Serve Tasty Wine

A bar cart with wine and flowers for a girl's night in.

My favorite thing to do with my girlfriend’s is just hang out at someone’s house. We bring in food and keep it really relaxed. And we laugh about everything until we cry. It’s very therapeutic. So for this #WineWednesday post I’m bringing you a fun girl’s night in party I recently had (on a Tuesday, but whatever).

A woman pouring some wine into a stemless wine glass.

Anew Wines sent me some of their Pinot Grigio and Rose to try. I hadn’t heard of Anew Wines before so I checked them out online. “A refreshing wine for those seeking balance in their life.” YAAASSSS! The packaging is gorgeous and really fits the tranquil vibe it’s trying to promote.

A woman holding a stemless wine glass with wine.


What is it about wine and women? Why does just holding a glass of wine in your hand sometimes relax you without even having a sip? And why is wine so much better with best friends?

Two stemless wine glasses, one with rose and one with white wine with some wine tasting notes on a paper.

I set out some tasting notes on the table so we could do a little wine tasting practice. Wine is very subjective and it can be hard to please all the drinkers at your party. Both of these wines were REALLY well received.

The Rose is totally my style, on the dry side – not too sweet and not too jammy (that’s totally a thing).

And the Pinot Grigio was easy and flavorful with the right amount of acidity. These two are literally the perfect wines for any gathering. These will please everyone. I don’t want to say that I was pleasantly surprised by these wines but I absolutely was.

I had no expectations of them, but quickly knew that I really liked these. And so did my girlfriends.

Chair Massages

A bar cart in the foreground and a friend getting a massage in the background.

Oh and we had massages. This isn’t something we usually do at our girl’s nights but the splurge was totally worth it. Chair massages are relaxing while keeping you in the conversation and something extra special that you wouldn’t normally have.

I highly encourage you to have these at your next girl’s night in! This would be a perfect party for a larger group even like for a bachelorette party or spa themed bridal shower. Or Mother’s Day or my birthday. Or a Tuesday.

Woman in black and white striped shirt holding a glass of rose.

I wish everything in life was the color of this rose. So pretty.

A woman getting a shoulder massage.

You guys! I finally got my dream of having a massage with the kind of music that I really love. Every time I’ve ever gone for a massage, I’ve always wished that they would play something other than flutes and water drips.

I get that is supposed to be relaxing, but to me it just isn’t. I had a playlist of some mellow indie (I’ll be sharing it later this month!) and it was PERFECT! And that chair!! I’d never had sat in one of those chairs before and it was SO comfortable. I was trying to figure out how to rig a TV screen in front of the face hole.

And I loved that you were fully clothed. Have I told you the story of my naked beach-side massage? Well, that’s a story for another time…

What to Serve

A table with salads from a restaurant in to-go containers.

To keep it real easy, I just picked up salads from the restaurant up the street. I didn’t take the time to put them in to nicer bowls because these are my girls. They won’t judge me over my effort to cut down on dishes.

That is why we work so well together. These girls are not online personalities and it was so nice to enjoy each other’s company. They tolerated me Instagram-ing but for the most part, this was a media free evening. And it was just what the doctor ordered. 

Relaxing Activity

Essential oils on a table with supplies to make your own rollerball blends.

You guys know I love my essential oils, so I set them out in case the girl’s wanted to make roller ball recipes. Just a note (which I learned the hard way), do this before drinking too much wine…A lot got spilled from careless hands…But my house smelled awesome!

Rose and white wine in a wine bucket full of ice.

I’m so happy I can share Anew Wines with you. I have a few bottles leftover that I am really excited about it. I love having a brand that I can’t wait to drink again.

These bottles are definitely something I want to keep on hand. Sure I’ll continue to try new things, but it’s always nice to sprinkle in some favorites too.

Goodie Bags

Canvas bags that say "anew" lined up on the bottom of a bar cart.

I’m so grateful that Anew wanted me to spoil my friends and spend the evening with them. I sent them home with some goodies so they could continue to relax in their own homes. 

A shot of a canvas bag with a bottle of wine and some goodies sent home in a goodie bag for a party.

A HUGE thank you to Anew Wines for letting me host a summer party and pamper my girlfriend’s with a spa-esque night. You can see more Anew summer parties by searching #AnewSummer on Instagram. Don’t forget to like Anew on Facebook!

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  1. I picked up their Pinot Grigio. Normally I am pretty solid on Sauv Blancs but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing! Jealous of those massages.

  2. What a fun wine par-Tay! Love all the details and the photos are fabulous. Wish I could join you at your next wine party.

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