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DIY Table Runner Birthday Idea


This DIY table runner is a great birthday idea for creating a little fuss over the guest of honor without creating a ton of more work for yourself. With just a roll of kraft paper and a rubber stamp, you can make a disposable table runner each time you need one.

Make this easy birthday table runner! Use a store-bought stamp or a custom one for a personalized DIY party decoration. This could work for the holidays too!

An easy DIY Party Decoration

My youngest son has a birthday just a few days after Christmas. In a way it’s good because it forces me to get the holidays wrapped up, the decorations put a way and that huge mound of gifts sorted out.

But then it’s a rush to get things ready to celebrate him. We usually do a family dinner on the actual birthday and a party when we can fit it in around the family’s holiday schedule.

While the party is a little more detailed in the decorations department, the family dinner is much more casual. 

The table runner is super easy, really inexpensive and can be personalized in tons of ways!


DIY table runner for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion where you want to make someone feel special.
  • Roll of paper
  • Birthday Stamp
  • Ink Pad

I grabbed this roll of kraft paper from the hardware store for less than $7. It is the perfect width to easily create a runner and the only cutting you need to do is the ends.

But if you like things a little bit unfinished like I do, you just need to tear it.

I had this stamp custom-made (because I like using HBD instead of writing out Happy Birthday, you guys, it’s just so long and cumbersome) but you can use any stamp they have at the craft store.

How to Make the Runner

Just grab a roll of kraft paper and create a stamped table runner for your next family party! This DIY is the perfect way to personalize your table for someone's special day!

Stamp away. So easy. I recommend placing the kraft paper on your table first to create the runner. Then you’ll be able to stamp the image wherever you think it looks best. I made sure it faced both sides of the table. 

Who wouldn't love this HBD table runner!? It's a fun way to personalize your party table and celebrate the birthday boy or girl!

This is perfect for all types of parties. It can be simple and plain and masculine, or you can play it up with glitter touches and pinks to make it work for a little girl. Here I did it sort of unisex with a mix of colors. And wine. Always wine.

Here's a fun idea for a birthday! Make this DIY table runner with a personalized message!
Make a custom table runner for your next special occasion. This one was made for a birthday but you can make them, with different stamps, for the holidays as well!
Here's a fun birthday party idea. Stamp a table runner and have your guests write personalized messages! Click through for the full tutorial.

You can even leave pens on the table and have the guests write little notes as they arrive to your house. Then when it’s time to sit down, the birthday boy (in our case) can go around the table and read what everyone has written.

Here's a fun DIY for creating a personalized message table runner! Simply stamp on a sentiment (like HBD for Happy Birthday) and then let your party guests leave special messages for the guest of honor.

This simple birthday idea is a great way to celebrate anyone! This would work for a Christmas runner too. And would be even more awesome for Thanksgiving where everyone can write what they are thankful for!

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