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DIY Cake Topper Balloon Idea


This DIY cake topper idea is, a quick hack for a last-minute celebration! What kid (or adult for that matter) wouldn’t love to be presented with a cake and a balloon? It’s the perfect way to elevate a store-bought cake and make it feel special.

A small white platter with a 1/4 sheet cake with a toothpick holding yarn attached to a blown up black balloon.
A fun cake topper idea for last-minute parties.

Easy Cake Topper Idea

This DIY balloon cake topper comes together in just minutes and you can make it with things you may already have!

While you may have had big plans to make a cake from scratch, sometimes we run out of time. We still want to make the guest of honor feel special so do something a little bit different and add a balloon to the cake!

Balloons are inexpensive and make everything feel like an instant party and it will absolutely cause smiles and giggles. 


DIY cake topper using just a balloon, a toothpick and some yarn!
  • Small wooden dowel, toothpick or skewer
  • yarn
  • small helium balloon
  • helium tank (or have it blown up at the store)

Since I have helium tanks at my house, pretty much all the time (because they’re awesome), this was super easy to whip up. I used a black water balloon and filled it with helium.

Not all balloons will stay inflated with helium. Sometimes the weight of the balloon will be too heavy for the helium to make float, but these worked perfectly.

Try to have a few different sizes and varieties, on hand, so you can choose the best by trial and error. 


Here's a fun birthday cake idea! Top the cake with a balloon!
  1. Blow up the balloon.
  2. Tie some yarn to the knot.
  3. Attach the other end of the yarn to the wooden stick (which may need cutting). I just tied a simple knot and it stayed just fine.
  4. Insert the stick into the cake.

Add a few fresh flowers and you’ve got yourself a cool little cake with a fun homemade topper. 

Top your cake with a balloon. It's a fun unexpected surprise for the birthday boy or girl.

And you guys! This mini vanilla sheet cake from Trade Joe’s is legit! It’s almost so sweet that it makes your teeth hurt but the vanilla flavor is absolutely worth it.

It’s a small cake, so it’s perfect for a last-minute celebration or for making someone feel special even if you aren’t throwing a large party where you need to feed cake to a ton of people. I’m sort of obsessed with these cakes. It comes in chocolate too! 

Use a balloon to top a birthday cake. It's a simple fun birthday ideas for boys and girls.

Cute, right? It would be such a great idea for a teacher’s birthday! Or for surprising a neighbor who needs a pick-me-up. You need to make this DIY cake topper balloon.

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