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Valentines Balloon Bouquets with Lavender Sachet Weight


Valentines Balloon Bouquets are a fun gift idea for your girlfriends (or kids) that you can make at home in minutes. Darling balloons are anchored with a DIY Lavender Sachet weight making them a great non-candy idea that can be left on a porch, in front of a door, or on a desk!

Woman holding a lavender sachet balloon weight attached to a pink balloon bouquet for Valentine's Day.
Let’s make easy Valentine’s balloon bouquets!

This cute Valentine’s Day balloon bouquet was sponsored by Balloon Time Helium Tanks.

Make a Valentine Balloon Gift Idea

A Valentine’s Day Balloon Bouquet is an easy way to make people smile. A variety of pink balloons gathered into a bouquet tied to a reusable lavender sachet is a unique gift idea that is perfect for your best gals.

The yummy-smelling lavender sachet makes a creative balloon weight that can be detached and used long after this day of love has passed.

Whether making this homemade Valentine’s gift idea for your kids or surprising your best gals with balloons at their door, this Valentines balloon bouquet is something that everyone will love!

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Balloons are inexpensive and create such a great vibe. They make a visual impact without a lot of effort. It’s quick to make and since you’ll have everything you need to make one, making more doesn’t add on much extra time.

You’ll be able to spread smiles around with ease.

A DIY balloon bouquet can be made in any color and size which makes it a really fun gift idea. And is a great drop-off gift idea that you can leave at someone’s door.


Supplies to make a lavender sachet and Valentine balloon bouquet laid out on a table.
What you need to make a Valentine’s Day balloon bouquet.

There are just a few supplies needed to make a cute Valentine’s Day Balloon Bouquet. A variety of pink, peach or Valentine’s Day-themed balloons really sets the tone. String or curling ribbon will keep everything from floating away. A Balloon Time Helium Tank means you can easily create this bouquet right at home.

For the lavender sachets, you’ll use dried lavender in muslin bags decorated with hearts printed out on iron-on transfer paper. Heavy washers hidden in the lavender act as balloon weights.

I use my leftover lavender all the time. While I keep jars of it around my house, my kids keep sachets in the car to keep it smelling wonderful too.

How to Make a Balloon Bouquet with Lavender Sachet

Woman cutting out a heart shape to iron on a muslin bag.

Step 1

Create a Valentine’s Design for the sachet (optional).

I used Canva to create a super simple heart design (they have tons to choose from) and just printed it out on iron-on paper.

I cut out my simple heart design on the iron-on paper so that it would fit nicely on the front of the muslin bag.

You can totally skip this step but putting a heart on something instantly makes people think you love them that much more. It’s the truth.

An iron sitting on an ironing board next to a heart on iron on paper.
Woman ironing on a heart for a lavender sachet.

Step 2

Iron on the design.

Place the iron on heart face down on the bag where you want it to be.

Carefully use the hot iron to adhere the image to the bag. Follow the steps for your specific iron-on paper and take note that you can burn the muslin bag if your iron is too hot!

Adding dried lavender to a muslin bag for a homemade balloon weight.
Woman tying a string to a heavy washer to make a diy balloon weight.

Step 3

Add Lavender and Weight

Fill your bag with lavender.

Tie a piece of string to the washer, which will act as your balloon weight. You’ll attach the first balloon you blow up to this string.

Woman adding a heavy washer to a lavender sachet to make it a balloon weight.
Tying a knot in a lavender sachet diy.

I slipped the washer into a plastic sandwich bag to keep it away from the lavender before I put it in the muslin bag.

I figured this would be a good way to keep the lavender clean in case you wanted to use it for another type of craft. It is probably an unnecessary step but makes perfect sense in my head…

Tie up the muslin bag with a knot so the lavender doesn’t fall out, but don’t tie it too tightly as you will need to open it for the rest of the balloons.

Woman using a helium tank to blow up a pink balloon.

Step 4

Blow up the balloons.

Using your Balloon Time Helium Tank, fill various-sized balloons to create your balloon bouquet.

Tie the first balloon to the string hanging out of the lavender sachet. Then continue to tie each balloon onto a piece of string until they are all blown up.

If you prefer, you can leave the washer out and add each string, individually to the washer, before adding it to the sachet.

Woman holding a homemade balloon bouquet for valentines day.

Step 5

Create the balloon bouquet.

Gather the balloon strings and tuck them inside the top of the lavender sachet balloon weight.

I think these Valentine Balloon Bouquets turned out so cute! Most balloon weights are just shiny mylar. I love that this one can be reused and smells AMAZING!

Valentine balloon bouquet on a porch.

Step 6

Deliver the bouquet.

Trust me, your friends will love the lavender smell and will probably ask you for more of them so they can keep them all over the house. 

Wouldn’t you love to open your front door and find a balloon bouquet waiting for you on your porch?!

For the kids, I’d either leave them in front of their bedroom door to find in the morning or try to sneak into their room and leave it next to their bed.

This Valentine balloon idea would be perfect to give to teachers also! Classrooms could certainly benefit from a little lavender…

This balloon idea would also make a great Valentine’s Day decoration or craft idea for a party.


I know some people are just not using helium at all or it’s too scarce to find. If that’s the case, use something like these balloon sticks!

Just skip the heavy washer for the sachet (to make it into a balloon weight) and tie the sachet to the bottom of the sticks.

Another option is using a tiered balloon stand. You can use whatever balloons you want and don’t need the string.

Place one or a few lavender sachets (the weight would still be good if you are setting this outside!) around the base.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to use helium?

A few years ago there was a bit of a helium shortage. If you have a hard time finding an at-home helium tank or your local store doesn’t offer the service, you can use another method (noted above under ‘variations’) to still create a fun Valentine Balloon Bouquet.

Why aren’t my balloons floating?

If the balloon is too small or the ribbon is too heavy, your balloon may not float even when filled with helium. Try using a larger balloon (more helium inside will mean it will float better). A good option for the ribbon is curling ribbon. It’s pretty lightweight and will usually allow even a small-ish balloon to float.

What if things go wrong?

Always give yourself extra time when working with balloons. And it doesn’t hurt to have a few extra balloons in case one (or a few pop). Balloons can be tricky so just make sure you cut yourself some slack and plan for mishaps.

A helium tank next to a balloon bouquet for valentines day.

All images by Dez and Tam Photography.

I love the joy that balloons bring people. No matter what age, balloons bring smiles to people’s faces!

These Valentines Balloon Bouquets are a gift idea that is sure to put a smile on anyone’s face! They’ll LOVE the lavender sachet balloon weight! Make them for your friends and family this year! 

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Woman holding a pink balloon bouquet with lavender sachet weight.

Valentine Balloon Bouquet

This easy balloon gift idea uses a DIY lavender sachet as the weight. This is a fun non-candy idea that you can surprise your kids and friends with.
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Course: Craft / DIY
Prep Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Servings: 1 bouquet


  • Design (or use clip art) a heart and print out on iron-on paper per directons on the package.
  • Cut out the heart and iron the design on the muslin bag (per directions on the paper package)
  • Add lavender to the muslin bag.
  • Tie a yard of string to the washer.
  • Use the helium tank to blow up a balloon, attaching the first one to the string on the washer.
  • Blow up the rest of the balloons and attach each one to about a 1 yard section of string, tying them to the washer as you go.
  • Place the washer in the bag of lavender and knot the muslin bag closed.


I know some people are just not using helium at all or it’s too scarce to find. If that’s the case, use something like these balloon sticks!
Just skip the heavy washer for the sachet (to make it into a balloon weight) and tie the sachet to the bottom of the sticks.
Another option is using a tiered balloon stand. You can use whatever balloons you want and don’t need the string.
Place one or a few lavender sachets (the weight would still be good if you are setting this outside!) around the base.
If balloons aren’t floating, they may be too small (there isn’t enough helium inside to support the weight of the latex). Try using a larger balloon.
You also may need to use lighter string. Curling ribbon usually is light enough but, again, will depend on the size of the balloon.
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