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36 10-Minute Holiday Appetizers


10-minute Holiday Appetizers are my favorite! These easy recipes will keep your mouth full and your stomach happy. Whether you’re throwing a full-fledged party or just having a few friends over, this list of 36 quick and easy appetizers will help you plan. Find something tasty to make for your holiday gathering or Christmas day snacking that will only take 10 minutes!

Collage of appetizer dishes to serve at your holiday party.
Let’s make some easy 10-minute holiday appetizers!

You’ll love these quick appetizer recipes

With the help of these 10-minute holiday appetizers, you can whip up a tasty treat for your next party in a matter of minutes!

With so many reasons to celebrate during the holiday season, your calendar is probably filled with parties.

Whether you’re hosting or need a dish to bring to a get-together, there’s no reason to spend hours in the kitchen preparing a delicious menu item.

But just because these low-prep recipes are quick and easy to make in 10 minutes doesn’t mean they don’t look and taste amazing.

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Small plate appetizers are one of my favorite food groups. And when it comes to having people over near the holidays, it’s a great way to entertain without having to make a full meal.

While you can search any list to find great appetizers (like my Dinner Party Appetizers or Football Appetizers), this list is full of 10 minutes appetizers is perfectly suited for this time of year.

From no-bake snacks perfect for a party to yummy appetizer recipes made with a handful of ingredients, each of these quick recipes are perfect for any get-together.

Your guests will have no idea they only took 10 minutes to prepare! For sure these are the best appetizers for the holidays.

Serve these appetizers at your Wine and Oil Parties, an Open House Wine Tasting or even a virtual Wine Tasting.

10-Minute Holiday Appetizers

This list of the best holiday appetizers are easy to make and can be made in just 10 minutes!

Hint: Your appetizer menu will depend on what type of party you are hosting and how many people you invite.

Holiday Appetizer Serving Tips

After you prepare these delicious Christmas party appetizers, you’re going to want to create an amazing display! I spent a few years in catering at a hotel and set up SO MANY appetizer tables.

With these simple tips, you can set up a beautiful food display for your Christmas party in minutes:

Pick the Right Plates

The key to creating an amazing holiday party display is to select the right serving dishes. Using solid colors, like white or silver, will help the food stand out. The plates don’t need to match but should coordinate.

After that, try creating a more interesting display with plates in different shapes and sizes.

Most food looks better served on smaller plates where they take up more space and that includes serving. The table will look more full and decadent if there is less white space from the plates.

Set out appetizer plates for guests to use which will keep them from loading up and wasting food. They are always welcome to get another helping but you want to make sure they don’t take too much at once.

Add Height

Another simple way to create a more visually interesting food display is to add height to your food table. Tiered serving trays are perfect for displaying appetizers.

Or use food risers to lift up some of your dishes and easily add some height to your display. An easy way to do this is to grab a sturdy box from your garage and wrap it in fabric or an extra tablecloth. (Or wrap it like a Christmas present!).

Then just set the serving platter on top of the box. Different levels are easy to achieve and a nice (and easy) visual look to the table.

Fill with Holiday Decor

After arranging your serving platters and trays on your table, use holiday decorations to fill in blank spots on the table.

Evergreen sprigs, a fun garland, colorful ornaments, and twinkle lights are all simple ways to quickly add a holiday look to your appetizer table.

You can fill jars with sugar and bottle brush Christmas trees to create fun wintery scenes.

Hang a DIY knotted garland on the wall behind the table (or laid on the table) for a super simple decoration that you can easily make beforehand.

If you want to keep things really simple, simply create a food station on the counter and have guests serve from there.

After all, entertaining should be about spending time together and not making things harder on yourself.

How Do You Keep Appetizers Warm

There’s nothing worse than biting into a cold appetizer when it’s supposed to be warm! Make sure your guests enjoy their food the way it’s intended.

There are a few easy ways to keep appetizers warm like using the oven on a low setting, using a slow cooker to keep things like dips and meatballs warm and chafing dishes keep things classy and the right temperature.

See all 10 easy ways to keep appetizers warm.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many appetizers do I need?

If you are just hosting another family, you could get away with one batch of 2-3 holiday party apps. If you are hosting a larger party, you may need to do a little more calculating.

A good rule of thumb is if there will be dinner served, account for 6 pieces per person. If you are having a cocktail party, plan on 12 pieces per person.

You can fill in these appetizers with dips, and store-bought items like veggies trays, salads and a charcuterie board.

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