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20 Easy to Make Appetizer Party Ideas for a Night of Netflix


These appetizer party ideas will help you plan a finger food menu to enjoy instead of dinner on your next Netflix night in or for party!

Appetizers as a meal are my favorite! This list includes super simple recipes for sweet and savory finger foods and snacks that your whole family will love. They’re quick to make and fun to eat for movie night or any gathering.

a variety of appetizers to make and share with friends and family at home.
You’ll love these delicious appetizer party ideas!

Movie night appetizers are pretty interchangeable with an appetizer party menu for something like happy hour.

It’s always a good idea to mix a few different recipes for some variety but ultimately appetizers are easy to eat and deliciously bite-sized.

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Whether you are hosting a binge-watching party scenario with a Netflix series or having friends over and don’t want to serve a full dinner, this list of easy appetizer recipes will help you plan what to make.

20 Appetizer Ideas For a Night of Netflix

There's nothing I like more than a night on the couch with my family. But sometimes we don't want to make a full meal. A fun menu of appetizers that we can eat with our fingers is the perfect thing! So grab the TV trays and make a few of these yummy apps!

How To Organize an Appetizer Night

Choose the Recipes

Sometimes we just do store-bought snacks (or my caramel corn) and candy to keep things super easy. But once in a while, we do an appetizer night.

This list of easy-to-make appetizer ideas is perfect for creating a fun family night in. Instead of making a full meal, we make a few quick and easy appetizers. Mix and match a few of the recipes in the list below to create a delicious finger food menu!

I like to make 3-5 different recipes for our nights in. And I try to make sure I have a good variety of items that are both filling and that I know everybody will like.

If I feel like I need a little bit more food, I will fill in with fresh veggies or chips. And this is an easy idea to turn into a potluck if you are inviting multiple families over (whether you’re watching movies or not!).

How to Serve Appetizers

Movie night in is not a formal affair so you don’t have to get fancy with serving. I like to keep everything in the kitchen and have the family fill up their plates as needed.

We usually eat on TV Trays (or these lap trays!) so that we don’t have to balance plates on our laps. These work especially great because we don’t have a coffee table so this allows everyone to have a drink with them too. (A closed lid cup works perfectly on a TV Tray!)

More serving ideas:

  • This tray grabs on to the arm of the couch making it sturdy and easy to reach.
  • A snack tray with little bowls is great for a charcuterie or cheese board.
  • These white platters are great for serving easy-to-make appetizers for a party, or you can give one to each member of your family to use as their own personal serving platter.

For more of a traditional appetizer party you may want to make a few more recipes so that there is plenty to choose from. You may also need to make more batches depending on how many people you are inviting over.

In this case, you can still keep it casual but you’ll want to ensure plenty of areas for people to sit down with their food even though it’s not a sit-down dinner.

More Easy Appetizer Recipes

Need something a little more hearty? Check out these Sheet Pan Dinner Recipes!

Do you ever do an appetizer night? Let me know what your favorite menu is in the comments!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas shared and all are delicious.

  2. I love this post! I’m all about the Netflix and Chill! Thanks so much for including my bite size chicken and waffles! ;)

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