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16 Mother’s Day Mimosas to Celebrate Mom


Say “Happy Mother’s Day!” with one of these Mother’s Day mimosas! Whether you’re celebrating with brunch or just having a special family dinner, these bubbly champagne drink recipes will make the day feel extra special. Raise a glass and toast all the amazing mothers out there with the best mimosa recipes.

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Let’s make some Mother’s Day mimosas!

Mimosa Recipes That Are Unique

Mimosa recipes with champagne are the perfect way to celebrate Mom on her special day! I love wine cocktails and, in my opinion, the bubblier the better!

Not only are they easy to prepare, but with a little imagination, you can skip the traditional orange juice version and make one with other exciting flavors that everyone will enjoy.

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If you aren’t interested in a brunch cocktail, grab a few bottles of bubbly and try out one of these delicious mimosa ideas.

Whether you’re hosting a brunch or just having a small family gathering, champagne mimosas recipes will bring a festive atmosphere to any celebration.

Mother's Day Mimosas

Browse this collection of 15 of the best mimosa variations that will be sure to make this Mother’s Day brunch extra memorable. So break out the bubbly, grab some champagne glasses and start mixing away. These mimosa recipes are a delectable way to say “I Love You Mom."

How many mimosas in one bottle of champagne?

How many mimosas you can make from one bottle of champagne will vary depending on the size of the bottle you have. If you have a traditional bottle (750 milliliters), you will get 6-8 mimosas from it.

If you have a magnum size (1.5 liters – basically the same amount as 2 standard bottles), you will get more.

Top Tips

  • Using traditional champagne flutes will help you to keep the servings on the smaller side and get more mimosas from one bottle of champagne which is great when you are serving a crowd.
  • Skip the inexpensive bottles of bubbly and opt for something that is reasonably priced but still tastes good on its own. I like LaMarca Prosecco which you can find at Costco and lots of others stores.
  • If you want the vibes but not the alcohol, you can set up a non-alcoholic Mimosa Bar!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of champagne to make mimosas with?

You can use any type of champagne for mimosas. But traditional champagne can sometimes be more expensive. You can also use Prosecco, Cava or any other sparkling wine. I like something that is on the drier side (rather than sweet). Look for Brut or Extra Brut on the label.

How much champagne do you need for mimosas?

You can get 6-8 mimosas from one bottle of champagne. Typically, at a party, people drink 2-3 mimosas. You’ll need to do the math and guesstimate how much champagne you will need.

I always buy more than I need especially since some people will prefer to enjoy a glass of bubbly instead of a mimosa.

Can you save leftover champagne?

YES! I use one of these bottle stoppers to keep any leftover champagne for a day or two. It helps to keep the air out and the bubbles in. You’ll be surprised at the pressure in the bottle when you reopen it!

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