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21 Christmas Champagne Cocktails to Make for the Holidays


You’re going to love these easy Christmas Champagne Cocktails! With seasonal flavors and a festive look, these recipes are great to serve at any holiday party or when you just want to sip a bubbly beverage. Pop those bottles!

Collage of Christmas Cocktails in champagne glasses for the holidays.
Make some of these Christmas Champagne Cocktails this year!

Wine Cocktails are a fun way to change up your holiday happy hour vibes. Cocktails with champagne are fizzy and feel elegant even when they are super simple to make. They’re a fun and celebratory way to usher in the season!

Get festive with Christmas Champagne Cocktails

Whether you use champagne, Cava, prosecco or sparkling wine (they’re basically all the same), these easy cocktail recipes are great for Christmas.

This type of wine is a great cocktail mixer because it adds a touch of sweetness and a fun hit of bubbles.

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This collection includes classic champagne cocktails with just a few ingredients and also seasonal ideas that look and taste like Christmas.

These champagne cocktails for Christmas are fun to serve at parties or anytime you want to share a festive drink with friends and family.

Candy cane martinis on a table with text next to it.

Champagne Christmas Cocktails

Using seasonal ingredients, fruits, herbs and flavors, you'll find new twists on classics that find a way to use this sparkling wine for a delicious outcome. Browse these creative ideas and get ready to toast the season with any one of these crowd-pleasing champagne cocktails.

Champagne cocktails feel elegant but shouldn’t just be saved for special occasions. Try a few of these recipes out while enjoying the holiday season. They pair perfectly with gift wrapping and holiday movie watching.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is prosecco the same as champagne?

Sparkling wine can only be called champagne if it was actually made in the French region of Champagne. Any other sparkling wine is usually made in the same tradition but called something different. Prosecco is typically what they call it when it’s made in Italy. Cava comes from Spain. They are pretty much interchangeable.

What is champagne good to mix with?

Champagne is a great base for all kinds of flavors. From fruity flavors like blackberry, oranges, and strawberry to floral flavors from St. Germain, it pairs well with a lot of liqueurs and syrups.

How do you store an open bottle of champagne?

Supposedly if you hang the neck of a metal spoon or fork into an open bottle of champagne and store it in the fridge, the bubbles will remain intact. I’ve not tried this. I prefer to use a champagne stopper which also keeps the fizz.

What is a good bottle to buy for these champagne cocktails?

While using sparkling wine is a cocktail ensures that you can use a bottle that isn’t super pricey, you always want to use something that you would like the flavor of when sipped on its own. A few reasonably priced options are La Marca, Mumm and I’m oddly obsessed with sparkling wines from New Mexico. Also, Trader Joe’s sparkling wines are inexpensive and delicious.

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