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Lava Rock Diffusers That Don’t Need Water or Electricity


Lava Rock Diffusers are an excellent way to enjoy aromatherapy without water!

The diffusers I’m featuring today are perfect for areas where you don’t have a plug or want to use water, like a desk. From ready-made to DIY, there are tons of options out there that make it easy to add essential oils to your day without needing a bulky, traditional diffuser.

Overhead shot of a DIY diffuser and white porous rocks.

While Shower Diffusers let me enjoy my oils as I kick off my day, this diffuser is what I use to make my bathrooms smell better and in my kid’s rooms.

I am a huge fan of aromatherapy and use it just about every day. But not all diffusers are created equal.

I have different types that I use around the house. Lava Rock Diffusers are great for areas that don’t have electricity, like in my entryway. I can diffuse scents easily for people to smell as they enter my home.

What is a Lava Rock Diffuser?

A Lava Rock Diffuser is made up of porous stones or rocks and doesn’t require electricity or water.

With this type of diffuser, there is no worry of spilling water all over as I often do with my regular diffuser.

They come in all shapes and sizes so you can find one that is ideal for the area you’re working with.

They are great for when you want your home (or person) to smell great but don’t want to use a room spray.

How Do Lava Rock Diffusers Work?

Lava stones have a porous surface. This means they have little cavities in the surface that hold or absorb the essential oils.

Lava Rock Diffusers work differently than the type you plug in and fill with water.

These are much more rustic and work by simply placing a few drops of essential oils onto the stone.

Because of this simplicity and the size and shape of the stones, you can use lava rocks in all kinds of ways.

Types of Lava Rock Diffusers For Your Essential Oils

A lava rock diffuser on a table next to essential oils.

DIY Lava Rock Diffuser

As I mentioned before, there are all kinds of diffusers that use lava stones. But you can also make one yourself!

I have a simple DIY Diffuser tutorial that shows you how to make a stylish diffuser, that utilizes lava, and works really great in your home.

This simple method is one I use over and over again around the house. It’s a great way to diffuse oils that don’t take up much space!

Lava Stone Diffuser Kits

Stone diffuser kit on a table next to essential oils.

Stone Diffuser Kits are a great way to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy.

Kits are a great idea because they contain everything you need to start using essential oils right away. From the stones, to a holder and even oils, you just open the box and start using!

These also make a great gift idea!

The lava stone diffuser kit shown in the image is no longer available for sale, but you can shop similar kits below.

More Diffuser Kits:

Lava Rock Diffuser Bracelet

Lava Rock diffuser bracelets in a gift box.

Wearing a lava rock diffuser bracelet provides you with an easy way to use aromatherapy while also wearing a stylish bracelet.

I love the bracelet shown above because it’s so delicate and pretty!

Since lava rock is a porous mineral, it can hold your essential oils in place easily diffusing scents throughout your day.

I love the idea of wearing your diffuser! This would be great for kids to wear on test day or when you’re about to get on a plane and might need to get away from unpleasant odors.

More Lava Rock Bracelets

Lava Stone Diffuser Necklace

Cool layered lava stone necklace.

A diffuser necklace is very similar to the bracelets. You wear it around your neck and add whatever scents you want or need.

The porous texture of the lava rock will keep your aromatherapy with you wherever you go!

The necklaces are usually more my style than the bulky bracelets.

Pair one of these with a bottle of essential oils to make a cute gift for a friend.

Lava Rock Diffusers on Amazon

If you’re like me, you love to shop on Amazon! When I want to create a new Lava Stone Diffuser, I usually just buy lava rocks and put them in a dish.

While I usually look for a small bowl that fits my style and taste, Amazon has several options that you can buy together so you can start using your oils in no time!

How to Clean a Lava Rock Diffuser

Always store your lava rock diffuser in a dry environment. This prevents oxidation and other harmful contaminants to get into rocks.

The best way to clean a lava rock diffuser is to dip your lava stones in hot water. Repeat this process several times until the essential oils build up starts to loosen.

I highly suggest you refrain from using any soap as it can contaminate the lava rock, reducing the impact of future aromatherapy sessions.

Don’t leave your lava rocks to soak in water. Dry them out on a towel before using them with your oils.

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Lava Rock Diffusers are a great way to add aromatherapy to your home that doesn’t require electricity or water!

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