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A Cool Baby Shower Playlist 2023 + Music-Themed Baby Shower Ideas


This cool Baby Shower playlist features indie music (plus new and old classics) to give your gathering a relaxed but fun atmosphere. It’s not overly themed but includes songs written for sons, daughters, and families mixed in with other great music.

Text: Baby Shower Playlist for the musci loving mom over the image of a pregnanat woman holding her belly.
A baby shower music playlist you’ll listen to long after the party.

Baby shower music you’ll love

I put together this Baby Shower Playlist for one of my online friends who was having her first baby.

One of my favorite things to do is to put together playlists. Especially for people who love music and are super special to me.

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I don’t love when a playlist is too on the nose. I didn’t want all the traditional sappy baby shower songs. Instead, I wanted songs that talked about all those sentimental things, the feeling of home, etc but were also upbeat and fun to listen to.

These songs are a great mix of all of the things you are looking for in a playlist for a baby shower. It’s especially good for any mom’s to be that like indie rock music. But it would also work for any type of party you host at home.


A portable speaker to play this Baby Shower Playlist on a table next to confetti.

Playing your own playlist for a party is even easier than it used to be.

I love to use Spotify to create my playlists. I have a premium account which means there are no ads and you can usually find all the music you are looking for really easily. These baby shower songs are a mix of some of Melissa’s favorites and other really great songs to play at a baby shower

I like to play the list on shuffle that way if it happens to start over, you don’t really notice because everything gets mixed around.

The playlist is over 2 hours long so you will probably want to have another playlist on deck for when this finished. My Beach at Sunset playlist would be really great.

Most TVs are “smart” and mine even has Spotify right on it so it makes playing a custom playlist so easy. Make sure you give yourself enough time to troubleshoot before the party starts.

Or you can use a portable speaker. My favorite is the Skullcandy Terrain speakers. They can connect together, wirelessly, to play the music seemlessly around the party areas.

baby shower playlist idea
There are more songs than this on the actual playlist!

Play the playlist on Spotify

Click this link to go to the Cool Baby Shower Songs Playlist on Spotify

Music Themed Baby Shower Ideas


music themed baby shower invitation idea and baby shower playlist

If the mom-to-be is a super music lover, you may want to through her a music-inspired baby shower. Here are a few baby shower ideas we used to throw Melissa her virtual shower! 

She loved the band Paramore, and their song, Ain’t It Fun, was just out, we used that as the jump-off point for the party and invitation. And, of course, Ain’t It Fun is definitely one of the baby shower songs.

Sarah of Sarah Hearts, created what is my most favorite baby shower invitation ever (which was also used at the real baby shower held in Melissa’s honor). We’re just going to ignore my remedial Photoshop job of hiding important info…


Spring Boy Baby Shower Idea. Iced Tea Bar!

Skip the traditional soft colors of a baby shower and do something a little bolder. Darker colors and mixed patterns feels fresh and new.

I pulled the colors from the invitation and mixed and match dishware and glasses that went along with the color palette.

She was having a boy, but we made sure to bring in pops of pink and purple. Sticking to traditional “baby colors” is totally out. The result makes it feel more like a party for the mom which is always a great goal since she’s the one who will remember it. :)

Fring banners and handmade knotted garlands are easy to hang and look great behind food tables and seating areas.

Confetti from The Flair Exchange for a baby shower

It’s not a party without confetti but I like to keep it a little bit more contained. Confetti is a great way to add color to a party table no matter how you use it. So I try to keep the mess down by keeping most of it in a vessel like this cup or even in small glass baby food jars.

I like fun. Just controlled fun.

This confetti was from The Flair Exchange and matched our colors perfectly.

More decor ideas:

And if you need an activity idea you can have the guests make themselves watercolor note cards or they can gift them to the mom-to-be that, no doubt, will need to write lots of notes the first few years of baby’s life.

Food and Drink Ideas

In the photo above you can see the iced tea bar I put together for the baby shower idea. There are so many ways to flavor tea and each guest can make it to their liking.

I set out ginger syrup, rosewater, lavender bitters and chunked sugar. But you can even use fruit syrups or purees. And you can spike it if that’s something you want to offer.

It’s easy to make in a large batch and it’s super refreshing. And you can use store-bought to keep things super simple.

More baby shower drink ideas:

Snack foods served at a baby shower keep things easy plus a fun baby shower playlist

For the food, I like to keep it really simple. Snacky foods are always great. They’re easy to serve and aren’t fussy.

Popcorn is always a hit. You can serve it flavored like my Caramel Corn or Cherry Candied Popcorn. Or add popcorn seasoning. A little dusting of truffle powder would blow people’s minds.

And my fave goat cheese appetizer never disappoints. But you can also put together or buy a charcuterie board. If you need something heartier you can always buy store-bought salads so your prep is minimal.

Caramel favors by Firefly Confections for a music themed baby shower.

Our friend Sandy made some caramels that were so stop-you-in-your-tracks delicious. You can find people to make them on Etsy or make them yourself ahead of time.

I always do an edible favor at my parties. I’ve found guests love them especially because they know they don’t have to feel bad for throwing a tchotchke away.

What’s even better is that these came ready to go, including gift tags, so it didn’t add to my workload.

Favors are a great way to also play up the personality traits of the guest of honor. If we had had more time, Sandy would have made butterbeer-flavored caramels since Melissa is a huge Harry Potter fan. It’s all about making her feel extra special, right?

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  1. Small bump is about miscarriage.

    1. Thank you for letting me know! I made the playlist with another gal and didn’t realize that is what it was about! :(

  2. shame the list wasn’t written out.

    1. Hi Ana, Sorry! I didn’t know the player went away. I added the list of songs in to the post and I’ll look for a new player to add in soon! Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Such a great backdrop!!! I’m also loving the addition of some vodka to a baby shower, you’re a gal after my own heart!

  4. Now that I have the tears of joy a little more under control I can tell you how happy I am about this special surprise for us! We’re blessed to be so loved by such wonderful people. This online party totally rocks and you get me, you totally get me. The playlist will be on repeat for awhile (thank you too, Amy) and Sandy would totally kill it with butterbeer caramels. Love you, friend.

  5. I love everything about this shower! the playlist, the lite bites, and vodka in a teapot?! Genius and extra fancy! Thanks for including me in this amazing online shower for one of my fave bloggy gals! xoxo

  6. Love that backdrop! And this playlist is so great….it would be perfect for a baby shower. Great work gals. Happy virtual shower day Melissa!!

    1. The only disappointment was that Rdio didn’t have Push it by Salt and Peppa. That really needed to be on there. :)

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