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Dips for Tailgating on Game Day


Warm or cold, most people love a good dip recipe. If you’re hosting a football party for the “big game” here are 23 Dips for Tailgating to serve your guests. 

a variety of dips to make for football game day

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Dips are the best party food idea ever. They are so stinking delicious and stupid easy to make.

When I put my tailgate menu together I mix store-bought snacks and homemade recipes. And I like to round everything out with dips.

Especially with football parties, since I have no real interest in what’s happening during the game, I make sure to put together a spread with some of the best tailgate dips.

20+ Tailgate Dips for your Football Party

These easy tailgating dips are full of flavor and require not much more than a little stirring!

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best tailgate dips to make for game day

Corn Dip by Joyful Scribblings – A Super quick and easy corn dip where all you need to do is mix!

Warm and Delicious Bacon Cheese Dip – This is one of my favorite easy tailgate dips, especially if it’s a casual get together where I can post up by the food table and shovel this in my face.

Bacon Beer Cheese Dip by Thoughtfully Simple – And then my friend Tori takes Bacon Cheese dip up a notch and adds beer to it. YUM!

Feta Dill Dip A Dish of Daily Life – I’m not a huge fan of feta but think this would be really refreshing and a cool change of pace for your food table.

Spicy Jalapeno Ranch Dip by the Little Kitchen – You HAVE to have ranch. It wouldn’t be a party without it. This spicy Jalapeno Ranch would be a fun surprise.

easy tailgate dips to make for the big game

Best Homemade Pickle Dip by Eat Cake for Dinner – If you’re a pickle lover, this dip is for you!!!!

Pepperoni Pizza Dip by Baking Beauty – I can’t wait to try this one! Pizza is my fave so I know I probably wouldn’t share this with anyone else.

The Best Chip Dip Ever – It’s a simple recipe, similar to an onion dip but without the onions. It’s super savory with Old Bay and Worcestershire sauce and, like ridiculously easy and yummy!

Creamy Onion Salsa Dip by Marty’s Musings – I’m super intrigued by this recipe. It’s a mix of two great dip flavors in one! And I like that it is served with Frito’s instead of the usual potato or tortilla chip!

Deviled Eggs Dip Recipe by Salty Side Dish – I don’t do Deviled Eggs, but I know that people love them and they are the consumate party food idea. Now it’s a dip? This will blow minds!

best football dips to make for your football party

Cheesey Chicken Enchilada Dip by Honest and Truly – MMMMMMMmmmmmm, I recently became obsessed with the flavors of enchilada sauce so this dip sounds like something I need to make immediately.

Baked Artichoke and Crab Dip by Celebrations at Home – Tailgating dip recipes can sometimes be pretty basic but I love this twist on the classic artichoke dip. Where are my crab lovers at?

Cheesy Ranch Spinach Dip by Spend with Pennies – You have to have spinach dip. Non-negotiable.

Warm Bacon Spinach Cheese Dip by Mom Luck – This might be the only way you can get me to eat spinach…

Garlic Basil Mustard Dip – This is a good departure from the standard chip dip. This one works perfectly with veggies and pretzels.

tailgating dip recipes for your football party

Roasted Red Pepper Bean Dip by Mom Foodie – White beans are so versatile and I love that this dip also includes roasted red peppers for an interesting color and some tang.

White Cheese Dip by Food Folks and Fun – Give. Me. All. Of. This.

Easy White Bean Dip with Seasoned Pita Chips by Eat Picks – This creamy dip is similar to a hummus (but using white beans) with a garlicky kick.

Bacon and Sage Dip Recipe – Super yummy flavors that comes together quickly so you can focus on more important things for your party, like what you’re going to eat first.

Easy Layered Taco Dip by Tastes of Lizzy T – Taco Tuesday in dip form.

easy dip recipes for your football party

Chicken Fajita Queso Dip by Crazy Adventures in Parenting – I want this in my mouth right now.

Buffalo Chicken Dip by My Crazy Good Life – The rest of my family would be all about this!

Cheesy Roasted Corn Dip by Homemade Food Junkie – Another corn dip but this one has more steps. But also bacon and melty cheese! 🙌

And while not technically a dip, these Artichoke Dip Sliders are stupid delicious. It’s your favorite dip on a sweet Hawaiian roll and you’ll love it.

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