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Stress Management For The Holidays


While Christmas is most often referred to as the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be one of the most stressful. From Christmas shopping, decorating for the holidays and baking up a storm, the holiday season may be a wonderful time, but it is also an extremely busy and daunting time if you aren’t properly prepared. Stress management for the holidays is super important for moms! Check out these simple tips so you can enjoy Christmas too! ways to handle stress at the holidays

Stress Management For the Holidays

My Christmas stress might look different than yours. All I know is that this time of year tends to increase my anxiety and make me feel like I am just going through the motions, trying to get it all done. These tips to reduce holiday stress will hopefully help you simplify the Christmas season. Because this year I want to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year, instead of dreading it.stress management for the holidays and Christmas seasonMinimize Decorations

There is no need to go overboard every year with all your decorations. In fact, sometimes less is more. Minimize the decorations you put up this year. It will make it easier to maintain and be less stressful to take down when the holidays are over. I usually try to figure out which day we can decorate the house then I let the kids know so they don’t start asking and stress me out. I think one of the biggest holiday stress relief tips I can give is to manage expectations!

When the kids know that things are planned and happening at a specific time, they won’t start asking constantly, as they’re known to do. That is a sure fire way to increase your holiday anxietyget rid of christmas stress with these simple tipsSay No

Do not overwhelm yourself with volunteer work, hosting and baking this year. If there is a task you find causing you undue stress, just say no. You do not have to take on every task thrown your way. The holiday season is meant to be enjoyed! Holiday stress comes when you feel stretched too thin.

Self-care during the holidays is so important! Make sure you are being intentional with your time and making sure you have some down time to chill out. holiday stress relief tips for the Christmas seasonEmbrace Your Childish Side

As an adult, it can be easy to get yourself caught up in the abundance of obligations the holidays bring. A great solution to this issue is to remember what the holidays were like when you were little. Take the time to do spontaneous and exciting things like going to Disneyland (holidays are my favorite time there), watching your favorite Hallmark Christmas movies, or looking at Christmas lights. Take the time to see the holidays through the eyes of a child, and the holiday stress will be relieved in an instant.

Set a Budget

Money complicates the holidays. From not knowing how much you are spending, to finding yourself in the red in what seems like an instant, finances can become a huge source of holiday stress. Set a budget to avoid overspending and give yourself a concrete idea of how much money you will have for each aspect of the season. A budget can greatly simplify the holiday season, allowing you to enjoy the magic without wondering how in the world you will afford it all.

I’ve used the app, called Santa’s Bag, for the last 3 years and I LOVE it! My friend, a mom of five, told me about it and it’s a great way to keep track of what you are spending as you go. You can input everyone on your gift list and note what you’ve bought, how much it costs and what you need to get. You add a passcode to it so your nosey little kids can’t get in and see what they’re getting!
holiday stress tips for moms

Holiday Stress Relief Tips

Let Someone Else Make the Holiday Treats

Rather than stressing yourself out, spending hours in the kitchen creating an abundance of holiday treats, order some or use a boxed mix (my family LOVES the ones from Foodstirs – find them at Target)! I love to bake a little bit but when everyone in the family starts placing their orders and you start getting invited to all kinds of parties…yikes! Give yourself a break this year and order some holiday treats and bake only the ones you have time for.holiday anxiety is the worstMake Time to Do Things YOU Want to Do

For the last few years, I’ve wanted to make homemade ornaments. But I just never made the time. Finally, last year, I did! I set aside an afternoon and made a bunch! My youngest son and I used cookie cutters and terra cotta colored clay to make fun, shaped ornaments. Some we kept for our own tree and some we gave as gifts. We had so much fun and it was an awesome new memory we shared.

Traditions can be hard because you feel like you can never add anything new. But that’s totally not true! I think it’s a great idea to reevaluate traditions and activities, each year, and figure out what you and your family truly want to do. christmas hacks for busy moms to lower stress this holidayFind Ways to Make the Things You Dread More Fun

I excel at this! Mom life can be full of mundane tasks and things you don’t want to do. I like to look for ways to make them more fun, (like I do with my laundry). If there is a task I’m not particularly excited about I make sure to make it feel more festive. I’ll turn on my favorite modern Christmas songs playlist, put a holiday blend of essential oils in my diffuser, or sip some champagne. Instant fun, I promise! holiday stress tips for moms during ChristmasBe in the Moment

Rather than putting all your focus on your to-do list, just live in the moment and enjoy it. The holidays are about spending time with family and friends, relaxing and letting the magic take over. Put away your phones, unplug and take the time to simply enjoy the holiday season.

Stress management for the holidays is so important! I hope my easy stress relief tips will help you embrace all the fun that comes this time of year!

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Stress management for the holidays to help reduce anxiety and enjoy the season.

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