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Just the Wine Drops Saved Me


Love wine but hate wine headaches? Me too. Just the Wine drops saved my wine life.

Rose wine and Just the Wine drops.

Summer water. That is an affectionate nickname for rose and I really do love a glass on a hot summer afternoon. But wine and I really don’t mix well.

We’ve learned how to make our relationship work, though. Thank goodness. That would have been a tough breakup. Who would I have turned to? Moonshine?

Stop the Wine Headache Before it Starts

I’m a headache and allergy sufferer and feel pretty terrible after I drink wine.

Now, I’m not talking feeling awful the next day. Because that still happens. I’m talking about getting a headache after drinking one glass of wine. It sucks.

I think it has to do with the sulfites and I don’t think my body likes them very much. I wouldn’t call it an allergy, but my head gets all stuffy and my head hurts.

I’m pretty sensitive to them. These Just the Wine drops were the solution.

Rose wine is perfect for summer.

I used to get so jealous of people who would have a glass of wine in the middle of the day. I mean, if I did that, I would have to go lay down when I got home, with a cold compress and a bottle of Tylenol.

Don’t even try to give me a mimosa at brunch. A headache in the morning. No thank you.

Red wine could take a hike. I woke up one day, after having had one glass the night before and felt awful.

I decided I wasn’t going to drink wine anymore. The hell, you say!

Literally, minutes later, I read a local magazine and saw a blurb on Just the Wine drops. And bought them. It was clearly a sign from above (I’m dying for this tee by the way).

I got them really quickly and tried them right away (well, at an appropriate drinking time). They totally helped!

I really gave it the old college try on Christmas day with multiple mimosas. AND NO HEADACHE AT ALL! 

And wine tasting! I went wine tasting in Temecula (twice) and had an amazing time!

I still get hangovers. But at least I can say they are worth it and that I really enjoyed drinking the wine the night before.  

Take Just the Wine Drops With You

Just the Wine drops are something you will want to have on hand for guests at your party.

I will admit, sometimes it looks like you are drugging yourself when you use these out in public.

My husband likes to look around and see if anyone is weirded out by me putting drops into my wine. But I don’t care!

I can now really enjoy my wine. So I always have a stash of Just the Wine drops on hand.

Great Gift for Wine Lovers

I’m finding that I’m not the only person who gets wine headaches and I love to be able to share this product with them too. I figured that since I’ll be talking about wine more, I wanted to give these drops their day in the sun.

I mentioned them in a ‘things I love’ post last year, but guess what? I still really love them!

You can find out more about this amazing product on their site!

This post was originally published on August 31, 2015, and has now been updated.

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