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Gifts For the Tween Boy on Amazon


I can’t believe how quickly Christmas is happening! I started off strong with my gift buying but all of a sudden Christmas is just a few weeks away and I only have a few of the people on my list finished.

I’m guessing you could all use a few more present ideas as well, and all of these can be bought on Amazon! Prime is life! The gifts for the tween boy are fun, inexpensive and things they will love!

A package of a Lego figure on a white table with a candy cane, pine branches and a stuffed Grinch doll.

I only share things I love and think you will too. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase through one of these links, I am compensated. 

I’m a boy mom, so I’m not the best at buying gifts for girls (although I think I do a pretty good job with my nieces…). Most of these gift ideas are geared towards boys but girls may like them too.

Tweens can be hard to buy for. They are in that transitional phase where they aren’t really into toys anymore but still aren’t excited by getting things like clothes as a gift.

I think tweens enjoy a mix of funny, practical, hands-on things to keep them busy. Most tweens are into gaming so you’ve got to find that right balance between giving them things that keep them on their screens and things that encourage them to be creative or active outside.

If you have a Fortnite fan, don’t forget to check out my Fortnite Gifts. Christmas and birthdays are the only times my kids get to use in-app purchases. So consider getting your kid V-Bucks or Xbox credits to use within their favorite games. They will LOVE this!

You can also head right to my Amazon Influencer Page to shop these gift ideas for the tween boy and more!

Gifts for the Tween Boy

A stuffed Grinch doll on a white table next to some pine branches and a lego package.

Zombie Coloring Book I don’t know a tween boy that doesn’t love zombies! This coloring book is a great way to get them off the screens and doing something creative. Maybe pair it with some colored pencils to create a fun little art kit.

Money Puzzle Box Make them work for their money gift with this fun puzzle. I love this way of gifting money!

Fortnite Wallet Because they all want Fortnite everything.

Toddler Groot Funko Pop Figure I haven’t met a tween boy that hasn’t seen the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. This cute Groot figure would make a great tween boy gift for the kid who loves movies!

Nite Ize BugLit How fun is this little bug nightlight?? This would be perfect for late-night reading in bed or on camping trips.

Roy Purdy Glasses My youngest is slowly starting to emulate his older brother and get into some Youtubers. These dumb Roy Purdy glasses are being worn to school on a daily basis…and will totally remind you of the 80’s.

Draw Your Own Comic Book My nephew and youngest son love to draw together. They are both super into comics and this fun book let’s them create their own stories.

Code Your Own Games on Scratch I love that my kids were introduced to coding at school. They now like to do it on our home computers and it totally reminds me of when I would make little games on our Commodore 64…

Mini candy canes laid out on a table near a green bow.

UniKitty Figures We can’t wait for the second Lego movie to come out! UniKitty has always been one of our favorite characters and these cute little blind bags make a great stocking stuffer or present topper.

Gel Ink Tattoo Pens My friend’s daughter had these and loved them! My youngest would really get a kick out of these. I think they come with stencils to create tattoo-like pictures on your skin but I know my son would probably use them to draw elaborate faces on his hands.

4M Hover Racer Science Kit My boys aren’t super into science but they would get a kick out of putting this hovercraft together and learning why it floats across the ground!

Plasma Ball Lamp Gifts for the tween boy can be something to play with but I’m also finding my son loves to decorate his room. These Plasma Balls are like today’s lava lamp.

Light Up Minecraft Diamond Ore I’m definitely hearing less about Minecraft these days but this lamp would still be a cool gift idea for tweens. My son loves “atmosphere” and would think his room was super cool with this lamp glowing.

Star Wars Chewy Funko Pop Your Star Wars loving tween will love this Funko figurine. These are great for the kid who has outgrown stuffed animals but still likes little characters.

Pokemon Origami Thankfully, my kids no longer ask for Pokemon cards but they still like the characters. This fun origami book shows you how to fold paper to resemble your favorite Pokemon!

Electro Dough How cool is this? Not only do they get to create shapes with the clay but they can learn how to make it conductive to produce light! It’s the perfect mix of learning and fun.

More Tween Boy Gift Ideas

Pine branches and a candy cane on a table next to a few tween boy toys.

Young Grinch Plush or Amazing World of Gumball My youngest still loves stuffed animals so a cute Grinch plush would make a great stocking stuffer! I was sent this one as a promotion for the new Grinch movie and the original cartoon is one of our favorite Christmas movies to watch.

If your kid isn’t into the Grinch, grab a small plush from one of his favorite shows. I think I might like The Amazing World of Gumball more than my son though!

4 Player Laser Tag Set If your kid loves Nerf, take it up a notch with a laser tag set! I know my son is asking for this and I can only imagine how much fun he’ll have with his dad and brother running amok in my house…wait…

Crazy Forts Both of my kids use these sets to build forts in our front room. It’s easy to use and easy to take down when they are done. This one isn’t great for 5-6 year olds as my nephews were over last weekend and we were just sure someone was going to lose an eye with these sticks…

Make Your Own Screen Printing This Make Your Own Screen Printing set is a really cool gift idea for the artistic tween. My boys love to make their own shirts. This set would make the shirts look even better than their usual method of using a Sharpie.

Glow in the Dark Capture the Flag This Capture the Flag game goes against everything I stand for. I’m super risk averse and would never let my kids go outside to play this on their own. But I know they would have the best time playing this with their Dad and it would be super fun for them to play on vacation!

3d Drawing Pen We got a 3D Pen last year for my tween and he LOVES it! He plays with it often and makes some pretty awesome things. The cheap pens don’t work well, so you really do need to spend a little bit more to get a good one! Don’t forget to buy extra filament as they will go through it pretty quick!

Extreme Balance Stilts I love to encourage my kids to get outside and play. These stilts are fun things for the kids to use. It will take them a while to learn how to balance but I can totally picture my kids wandering around the neighborhood on these.

Lego in a Bottle My boys really aren’t into Legos like they used to be but I LOVE this new set! How fun to create a Lego ship in a bottle!

Doodle Crate My 9-year-old is OBSESSED with his Doodle Crate subscription! His grandmother started it for him a few months ago and recently renewed it. A new box comes every month, with at least one project.

It’s best for ages 9-16 and the Doodle Crate boxes are aimed at art and design. They also ofter the Tinker Crate with my science-focused projects. Plus they have a Eureka Box that is for ages 14 and up. He looks forward to these activities every month and has made some really cool things! If you have an artsy kid, this would be perfect for them!

Gifts for the tween boy can be just about anything! I hope these gift ideas help you feel a little more prepared for Christmas!!!

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