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Mules and Jewels Party Idea


Need a fun party idea for girlfriends? Host a Mules and Jewels party! I’m not sure if Stella and Dot still host in-home parties, but you can use this idea to host a fun afternoon with your best girls over Moscow Mules and buying or making jewelry.

Mules and Jewels Stella and Dot party idea with Moscow Mule cocktails.

A fun afternoon with girlfriends

My friend Amy made me my first Moscow Mule cocktail. It was love at first sip. And it went on to win the title of my favorite cocktail for quite a while.

She threw a Mules and Jewels Stella and Dot party and served the best Moscow Mule recipe to all the guests. It was such a fun idea for a party!

I’m sure that you all have been invited to or thrown a Stella & Dot jewelry party. But have you been to a Mules and Jewels party? Pretty jewelry and Moscow Mules, what more do you need in a party?

When I heard they were going to also have a jewelry-making station for the kids, I knew I needed to book a date with my niece (the daughter I never had).

A Self-Serve Moscow Mule Bar

Serve this Moscow Mule at your Mules and Jewels themed Stella and Dot party.

Moscow Mules are such a fun thing to serve at parties. And this girly theme of Mules and Jewels almost makes me want to have a Stella and Dot Party! Almost. Remember a few years ago when you would get asked to host a jewelry party ALL the time!

It’s easy to serve mules at a party. Just set out the ingredients in one location and let your guests make their own. Pre-squeeze the lime juice to keep things speedy.

Set out the classic Moscow Mule recipe so those who aren’t familiar with the drink know what to do. What is great about setting out all these ingredients like this is that each party guest can make them their own way.

And there are tons of options for cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks (here’s a non-alcoholic Moscow Mule!) that can be made with these ingredients.

The perfect cocktail to serve at your Mules and Jewels Party is the classic Moscow Mule in a copper mug

Just don’t forget to pick up a few copper mugs. The mules need their own outfit too! Just like you are picking out some new Stella and Dot accessories for yourself, don’t forget to accessorize your cups, too, with a simple lime garnish.

Mules and Jewels Stella and Dot Party Idea

How to host a fun Stella & Dot party for adults and kids.

Stella & Dot has such cute stuff. I had seen the jewelry before but hadn’t seen the purses, bags or scarves before so it was nice to get to see them up close. The colors and patterns are always so vibrant!

Of course, your party doesn’t have to be strictly Stella and Dot. You could also use this theme for a jewelry-making party for a girl’s night in with things you pick up at the craft store.

Food to Serve

party food ideas for your Stella and Dot party.

Hosting a party doesn’t have to be hard. Amy kept things easy with just some simple appetizers. She made something similar to this burrata with tomatoes recipe and served a cream cheese pesto spread with grilled bread that was divine!

Some delightful bite-sized lemon cakes were the perfect sweet treat to go with the mule cocktails.

Having kids come along is perfect so that you can attend the party to see the jewelry and also not have to worry about getting a sitter.

If you haven’t checked out Stella and Dot lately, see what’s new!

More Moscow Mules

Punch to Serve

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  1. I’ve never been to a Stella and Dot party. But I’ve seen pics of their jewelry….so pretty!

    1. I love the variety of the Stella and Dot jewelry. They have stuff for all different styles. Maybe we should have a party…; )

  2. first time hearing about Moscow Mules – and Stella and Dot! I learned so much today LOL

    1. I don’t like sweet drinks so Moscow Mules are perfect for me! And Pattie, you would love the jewelry, they have some great pieces!

  3. Love this. I hosted a Stella and Dot party once and totally loved it! Great photos too, friend.

    1. I’ve never hosted a party! But seeing as how my neighbor just had one not too long ago I should let the neighborhood recover before I invite them all again. ;)

  4. My husband loves Moscow Mules! I’ll have to try this recipe. I also just went to my first Stella and Dot party and bought two rings and a bracelet… LOVE them!

    1. I love so much of the Stella and Dot catalogue! I think I need to work harder on my blog to be able to buy more pieces. :)

  5. so cute! Love a good Moscow Mule… any excuse to have one, I’m in!

    1. I was so disappointed they didn’t have ginger beer at our resort in Mexico for our vacation. :( But I guess it is good to be cocktail flexible. ;)

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