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6 Great Cocktails with Jam and Marmalade


These cocktails with jam and marmalade are full of flavor thanks to ingredients like sweet apple butter, tart orange marmalade, and bright strawberry jam. Perfect for entertaining, these mixed drink recipes are easy to make and especially great for brunch.

A woman pouring champagne over orange marmalade in a champagne glass with orange marmalade next to a small jar of jam and a bottle of champagne.
Let’s make cocktails with jam.

Easy Brunch Cocktails You’ll Love

If you’ve never put jam in cocktails, you are missing out! It’s a unique ingredient that you probably already have in your kitchen that can really level up your cocktail game.

Especially orange marmalade. It is both sweet and sour and that appeals to me very much. You can probably imagine how much flavor it gives to a drink!

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While simply adding it to champagne as a fun twist on a mimosa is delicious, you can also get way more creative.

Browse this list of marmalade cocktails and try one out at your next brunch (they are PERFECTION for my Toast and Jams brunch party idea) or happy hour!

Delicious Marmalade and Jam Cocktail Recipes

These marmalade cocktails made with ingredients like orange marmalade, strawberry jam, and apple butter, are the perfect fruity cocktails for your next happy hour. They'll add a delicious twist to your next summer party.

Champagne and marmalade in a champagne flute next to a jar of orange marmalade and several plates of appetizers on a dark wood table.

Cocktails with marmalade and jam are a unique way to add fruit flavor to a cocktail recipe. And these cocktails are so easy and perfect for sharing with friends!

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