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15 Amaro Cocktails to Make at Home


Amaro Cocktails are not for everyone. But if you like complex flavors that are heavy on herbs, barks and spices (similar to bitters) you need to browse this list of drink recipes. From classic ideas with just a few ingredients to more creative takes, you’ll find a new favorite cocktail from this collection.

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You’ll Love These Italian Amaro Cocktail Recipes

These Amaro Cocktail recipes use a variety of ingredients in addition to Amaro.

What is Amaro? It’s a bitter, Italian liqueur. While there are several varieties of Amaro on the market, they vary in flavor but are herbal, lightly floral, with bitter notes and some can even be on the sweeter side.

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It’s somewhat similar to bitters, but where you use just a few drops of bitters to flavor a drink, Amaro is treated like a starring ingredient. The varieties also differ in terms of alcohol content so be sure to read each recipe post to see what brand each drink idea calls for.

If you love making easy cocktails at home but want to use an ingredient that is interesting, old-fashioned and more versatile than you may think, these drinks with Amaro are perfect for you.

Amaro Cocktails

Smoky, minty, green, woodsy, earthy, or fruity are all flavors that can be found in amaro spirits. These drinks with amaro will elevate your cocktail hour with complex flavors that you'll love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Amaro?

Amaro is an Italian liqueur that was once used as a digestif. It reminds me of bitters and fortified wines like sherry. It’s full of complex flavors that are lightly bitter and herbal.

What does Amaro pair with?

Amaro is a great compliment to all kinds of liquor and is an ingredient you can use to create your own cocktail recipes by adding a little bit to your go-to drink favorites. It adds a gorgeous color and a delicious layer of flavors to lots of cocktails.

What brand of Amaro should I buy?

There are lots of brands you can buy and they all differ in flavor. Averna Amaro is a popular brand and should be pretty versatile. While some of these Amaro cocktails call for a specific brand, I would use Averna interchangeably to get started and decide if I have the room for or want to dive deeper into the world of Amaro.

Can you drink Amaro straight?

Yes! You can drink Amaro straight. I would sip it over ice. You can also mix it with a little bit of club soda. You can also try it with tonic or flavored sparkling water.

Where can I buy Amaro?

A larger, specialty grocery may carry a brand or two of Amaro. Total Wine has a great selection and you can shop online or in-store. And I know you shouldn’t buy something just based on what the bottle looks like, but a handful of these bottles are SO CUTE!

Whole Foods on Amazon has several options including Amaro Montenegro, Lo Fi Gentian Amaro, and Ventura Spirits Angelino Amaro (another cute bottle!).

More ways to enjoy bitter Amaro

  • Amaro and Soda (club soda is one of my favorite cocktail mixers!)
  • Amaro and Tonic
  • Amaro Sour (with lemon juice)
  • Muddle it with berries or other fruit
  • Use it with sparkling wine to make a spritz
  • Add it to any of your favorite cocktail recipes and see if you like the flavor

More easy cocktail recipes

New to Making Drinks at Home?

Mixing drinks doesn’t need to be overwhelming! Check out these posts that will help you get started making delicious cocktail and mocktail recipes without needing tons of ingredients or expert-level bartending skills.

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