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Taking Care of Me as a CosmetiCare Ambassador


Man. Over the last few years I have AGED. And not in a good way like a fine wine or cheese. At age 38 I really started to see some changes. Lines and bags showed up where they had never been before. Which means that when CosmetiCare asked me to be one of their mom ambassadors, I jumped at the chance! I’m so excited to do a few things for myself this year as part of the program!
CosmetiCare Mom AmbassadorThis post is sponsored by CosmetiCare as part of the #CosmetiCareAmbassador program! 

A few month ago, CosmetiCare invited all of the ambassadors to do a photo shoot to kick off the program. Over the next year, I’ll be doing a few treatments and sharing the experience with you on the blog. As a newly 40-year-old, I had already decided that this was the year that I was going to do a few more things for myself. Although self-care is more than just about how you look, it is very important to feel confident and good about yourself. I still feel young on the inside but my outsides are starting to show my age. I’m beyond excited to be a part of this program! (BTW – I am CERTAIN this photo was retouched. We’ll consider this the “after” picture because if my skin looked like this, I wouldn’t need to get anything done! :)

This post is sponsored by CosmetiCare as part of the #CosmetiCareAmbassador program! 
Mom ambassadors for CosmetiCareIt is an honor to be part of the CosmetiCare Mom ambassador program with these awesome ladies! Many of these gals have already been part of the program and have had nothing but great things to say about CosmetiCare and the staff. You can check out more about this great group of gals over on the CosmetiCare site! This was such a fun day but I’m beyond excited to get started with my procedures! Aging and cosmetic surgeriesI’m really just a regular gal. I don’t have a lot of extra money to put towards treatments. I wouldn’t say I’m overly vain, but when you are a blogger, and in photos regularly, you really can be sensitive to your flaws. I have become a master of finding the light that makes my skin look it’s best. But there are several things that have really been bothering me. Mom ambassador for CosmetiCare in Newport BeachMy Eyes
My eye area has really changed over the last few years. I feel like I look tired ALL the time no matter how many hours I’ve slept. The skin is saggy and odd looking and makeup does nothing to cover it. It is true what they say about skin loosing elasticity. It’s not just a ploy by marketing people to try to get you to buy their products!
Taking care of me with cosmetic proceduresMy skin
I had the normal skin problems most teenagers have. Which then carried on in to college and adulthood. Thanks, pimples! And over the years, the scarring seems to have become more pronounced. It looks better in some light and horrible in others. Makeup can cover discoloration but it can’t hide the unevenness and texture of my skin. I’m careful about the photos I post of myself. Just like with clothes, you don’t dress to show your flaws. So I am careful about the images I share on social media because I always want to put my best face forward.

Also, I have a prominent forehead. With very deep lines on it. What can I say, I’ve always been super expressive. Which is fine when you’re in junior high school. But as you age, the lines just become deeper and deeper. Over the last few years, they have become even more noticeable. And I really think it ages me. Aging is dumb.
How I take care of myself with non invasive treatmentsOver the years, I’ve learned tricks of how to try to look better in photos. Big sunglasses hide my old lady eyes. Cropping a photo to hide my forehead is also helpful and makes me look a little younger. And until very recently, I usually just made sure my head was cut out of the images altogether because then I didn’t have to worry about the lighting and if my skin looked ok.

At 40 you start to feel differently about things. I’m tired of hiding. I want to feel more confidant. And I know I need help to find an improved “me”! CosmetiCare Med Spa and Plastic Surgery CenterI can’t wait to start working with the experts at CosmetiCare! They really know their stuff. While they do full cosmetic surgeries and procedures, they also offer non-invasive treatments and MedSpa type services. I had a consultation and I’ll be starting off with Botox. I know it’s super common but I’m so curious to see what a difference it will make for me. I’m CRAZY excited to be doing several MicroNeedling appointments. That is specifically designed to improve the skin’s texture and appearance. I can’t wait! Plus I’m checking out a treatment called Sculptra which helps aging skin and encourages the growth of your own collagen to improve the fullness.

I’m super nervous! But better skin is something that I have ALWAYS wanted. Ultimately, we all just want to look our best. While more invasive surgical procedures were discussed at my consultation, for now I’m sticking with some, what I consider to be, “beginner” type treatments. I’m so excited to partner with CosmetiCare and share this journey with you. Do any of you have experience with these types of procedures??

Want to learn more about CosemetiCare? Head to their site to find out why they are Orange County’s leading cosmetic surgery center and medspa! And don’t forget to check out the rest of the ambassadors!

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  1. My question is if you have fillers, would microneedling destroy the filler?

    1. Great question! I’m not sure. I would think you should do the microneedling first and let that heal and then add fillers. Or if you have fillers, wait until it is time for them to be done again to do the microneedling. I’ll ask Cosmeticare and let you know for sure! Give me a few days!

  2. Shirley Martinez says:

    Woah, I’d love to see how this Journey continues. Growing wiser is always scary, but when you take care of yourself you stay truly young. I’m only 25 and my mind is wrapping around having to do these things, but I know soon it will.

  3. David Elliott says:

    I will definitely be curious to see how it all turns out. And that’s great that you get to be brand ambassador with a bunch of really great ladies who have been very encouraging. Congrats!

  4. I can’t wait to see your journey! You look like you are in your twenties to me already!

  5. I’m really curious to follow along with your journey. I’m over 40 too and it’s crazy how much everything changes after that mark. I hope the company treats skincare with a holistic eye. Certain treatments can help, but there’s so much more to it. For example, if I avoid sugar, I hardly have any bags under my eyes. Food for thought .. and everyone has to explore their options and decide what works best for them!

  6. My mom said that my sister and I made her age rapidly, but as soon as we both left the house, she regained her youthful beauty. Ha! Seriously, though stress takes such a huge toll on our bodies and it just really shows up in the face. Anything to mitigate it is worth it.

  7. Good for you. You always look good but I am sure that you are going to look even better after your procedures. I cannot wait to see the results. Taking the first step is always hard but I am sure you will do just fine. Good luck

  8. I started to notice when I hit 35 things started changing. I turn 40 in November. I am getting bags under my eyes. My cheeks are dropping. I have an extra chin. Ugh. I hate it.

    Really eager to see how things go for you.

  9. Oh yes, when we turn 40, we start to see the bags under the eyes and wrinkles in the forehead! And yes, when you feel good about your skin, your confidence improves. This sounds like a great opportunity and I look forward to reading your posts about the treatments you have.

  10. Wow! There’s no need to spend so much on treatment because we can actually use natural products to take care of our skin. Good habits, right diet, and consistent exercise will also help. The area below the eyes usually is the one that makes women look older.

    1. Yup, and I should have started all those things a long time ago. :) Now I need a little extra help catching up.

  11. I am in my late 40’s and my skin is aging. I have dark circles, scars and not so bright like I was in my 30’s :-/ I agree with you on the fact that women do feel more confidant when their skin is clear and bright. And, we are always looking for options to improve our skin tone. I’ve never explored anything other than micro-dermasion and I feel I will benefit from other non-invasive treatments offered by a center like this.

  12. I’m 35 and have noticed some real signs of aging since my second child was born (goodbye sleep! Hello wrinkles!). Although I’m not ready for anything like this yet, I’m not opposed to it at all. Keep me posted!

  13. First of all, you are freaking GORGEOUS. And in that blue? LOVE. Second, tell me what to do! I want to learn from your trials!!!

    1. I’ll be sharing every time I try something so follow along! I will have a post up about Botox next week!! (But you are still young and don’t need anything. :)

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