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I recently discovered Pixi products and fell in LOVE! I’ve been using them for months and I know which products are must-haves and which to skip. If you want to bring out your natural beauty without breaking the bank, these products are for you!

A table full of Pixi Beauty Skintreats and cosmetics.

*I was gifted most of these Pixi products when I attended a private event with Romy Raves. I immediately fell in love and purchased more. And I have continued to purchase (as needed) and use these products for the last 7 months.

I had seen the Pixi brand at Target but mostly ignored it. I think the branding was too pretty for me. I definitely judged a book by the cover.

But after getting a chance to learn about the products in their LA store (and test them out for a few months now) I want to share which products I love and which ones you should skip.

Spoiler alert: there are a lot of great products! But I have a clear winner for the number one product to get if you don’t try anything else. It’s LEGIT.

Why Take My Word For It

I don’t consider myself a beauty expert but I like to try new products or find beauty hacks but always have some basic requirements in mind.

They have to be easy to use and buy, be affordable, and get results. As a woman in my 40’s I’m looking for help with anti-aging. But I also struggle with acne prone and scarred skin. It’s a real all-over-the-place situation.

I’ve been using these products for a few months and there are some standouts for me. Plus, I’ve traveled a bit and had to make some big decisions about what to bring and what to leave behind.

There were definitely things I wish I would have brought with me!

All of these things play into my review. Mostly, I consider myself “every woman”. I have a bit of disposable income to spend but don’t necessarily want to. I’m a mom so I don’t have a lot of time for my beauty routine. And I just want to look like I naturally did 20 years ago. Is that too much to ask?

Also, I was introduced to Pixi by my friend and rad beauty blogger, Romy Raves. If she says it’s good, it’s good. She’s over 50 and has the most amazing skin so I trust her implicitly.

An image of a blanket and candle with text over that talks about beauty secrets.

What is Pixi Beauty

Pixi by Petra is a 20+ year brand started by Petra Strand. She’s a makeup artist and skincare professional and, as a working mom to 4 kids, understands the assignment.

The products were created to fill the void of certain flaw-fixing products she wanted to use for herself and her clients.

The mission of the company is to create skincare (which they call Pixi Skintreats) and cosmetics that bring out your natural beauty. They aim to make them multi-tasking so you can get the most out of them and get on with your day quickly.

One of the things I love about their makeup in particular is that they are made with some skincare ingredients as well. So not only will they help you to look your best, but they are treating your skin at the same time.

The products, made from a blend of botanicals and other beneficial ingredients, include things that will make you feel pampered without tons of effort and are cruelty-free.

If you like to learn about new brands, try new products and not spend all your money, read on!

Which Pixi Product is Best

Woman holding a personalized bottle of Pixi cult classic product called Glow Tonic.

A cult classic product, that you may or may not have heard of, is the Pixi Glow Tonic.

The classic Glow Tonic toner is concentrated and used after cleansing to lightly exfoliate and help remove any leftover dirt and grime on the skin and in the pores. It’s super easy to use with just a cotton pad and it doesn’t dry out your skin.

You can do a deep dive on this great product and see that people use it to help with bug bites and so much more.

They also have other formulations of the tonic depending on your skincare needs. It comes in a variety of sizes and is the one product of theirs (besides their eye patches) that you will see on “best of” lists consistently.

They also offer Glow Tonic To-Go which comes in a small round container with pre-soaked cotton pads making them a great travel item. I will be picking those up for my next trip.

As you can see from the image above, my bottle is personalized with my name! That is only available at one of their boutiques (one in Los Angeles and one in London – more on the stores further down!)

*You can find my favorite a little bit lower in the post!

Skincare Favorites

There are SO many Pixi skincare products offered but I’m going to stick to the ones that I have personally tried and used.

A few of the skincare products are geared at a specific outcome but there are also separate collections that address a larger theme. I won’t go into detail on all of those but they cover everything from anti-aging, skin brightening, hydration and calming.

The website is super easy to use so you can find exactly what you need or browse to see what products might be right for you.

Products from the Clarity collection by Pixi skintreats on a table.

Clarity Collection

Because I have acne-prone skin and larger pores, I was given the Pixi Clarity line. This collection, with daily use, creates clear and radiant skin. While some of these products contain salicylic acid, they are not drying.

Clarity Cleanser

I have 3 bottles of the Clarity Cleanser at all times. I keep one by the sink, one in the shower and one in my travel bag. It cleans all the makeup off my face well but doesn’t dry it out. It feels light and I’ve been using it exclusively for the last 7 months.

Clarity Toner

Instead of using the Glow Tonic toner, I’m using the Clarity Toner toner version instead. It promotes clear skin and is oil-free. So again, not drying at all. It feels refreshing on the face and sinks in quickly so I can continue with my routine and not feel like I’m spending hours.

Clarity Lotion

The Clarity Lotion is an oil-free moisturizer that I use daily. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave me feeling slick. As I’ve had oily skin all of my life, I hate the dewy look. But as I’m aging, I need a little extra moisture. This one is great for my confused skin.

Clarity Concentrate Serum

Every time I tried a serum in the past I always felt like they were way too heavy. I wouldn’t dream of using one under makeup. But the Clarity Serum is so good. It helps to hydrate and balance the skin and penetrates in quickly.

Clarity Acid Peel

I keep the Clarity Acid Peel in the shower and use it a few times a week. This product aims to refine the surface of the skin and make your pores look smaller. It’s a great part of this collection and easy to add in from time to time.

If you are more interested in anti-aging properties you will want to check out the Retinol collection. Most of the products shown above are also offered in the formula designed to suit maturing skin.

*Like the Overnight Retinol Oil. THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL PRODUCT!

If there was one product I suggest you start with it’s the Overnight Retinol Oil.

Granted, I hadn’t been taking care of my skin well, but I felt like the first time I used this I felt like I saw results the next morning. I will never be without this product.

And with oily, acne-prone skin, I don’t typically get excited about serums. This one is SO SO good. It feels soothing and helps to even out skin tone, which I need. This is one of the products I wished I had with me on vacation.

I use this at night in place of the Clarity Serum. GET IT!

Pixi Eye Patches and Everywhere Patches

Eye Patches feel so great when you put them on and these do not disappoint. There are 4 formulations to help you target a specific issue. They’re easy to use and feel amazing.

But I also love that they have Everywhere Patches. I mean, that just makes sense! Sure, you can use an eye patch anywhere. But these come in 2 different shapes to use them wherever you need to like between the eyes, on the forehead, laugh lines, etc.

Face Sheet Masks

Pixi offers a few different sheet mask style masks that are a great part of your beauty routine. Grab one to help with volume, brightening, hydrating or another problem. Best of all, these are biodegradable.

Rose Remedy Mask

The Rose Remedy Mask is everything! It’s a toning jelly that feels cool and luxurious. It feels super hydrating and has this gorgeous subtle rose scent that is delightful.

A Few Products to Skip

The 24 Karat Eye Elixer is just ok. I didn’t really notice any change to the skin. It also doesn’t feel great going on as some other eye creams do). I feel like there is a better eye-focused product out there.

I wanted to like the In Shower Steam Facial. It’s supposed to be super hydrating but it fell flat. I was reluctant to use it on my easily-cloggable-pore-face since when you look at it it looks like silicone.

But I used it on my chest area because that needs all the moisture it can get. It says to leave it on during the shower and let the heat activate it then rinse off. It never felt like there was anything to rinse off. So it felt like it just got washed away during the shower and didn’t really do anything.


Eye makeup products from Pixi makeup on a table.

I’m super lucky that I was given Pixi makeup products to create almost a full makeup look. While I loved some things, I found that other items just didn’t work well with my skin.

Eye Shadow

They offer eye shadow in both palettes and sticks, and wands. They also have a range of brushes. I use the Eye Reflections Shadow Palette in Mixed Metals that has 12 eyeshadows in gorgeous colors.

It’s rather large to take on trips. I am looking to get something smaller for those instances. I like the color pay off though and they are easy to use.

Endless Silky Eye Pen Liner

This liner is one of my favorite Pixi cosmetics products. I am OBSESSED! The Hello Kitty Silky Eye Pen in London Fog and is a dark gray color with a very subtle blue tone. I just saw that it says it’s a limited edition color so I’ll be stocking up although I also like the Bronze Beam.

The Endless Silky Eye Pens are waterproof (although they come off easily with my eye makeup remover and leave no raccoon eyes) and no budge. When I put it on, I keep a Q-tip handy to fix any mistakes immediately as these set up and stay put.

They glide on really smoothly and have a soft tip so they aren’t pulling at your eye. I love this product!

Brow Duo

I am on the fence about the Brow Duo. The pencil color was fine (it’s hard to find a great “blond” color btw). And the gel had super hold! Like, it pulled onto the hair and dragged them into place.

And then they stayed there. But it was really gloopy. And it got gloopier the longer I used it until it was so booger-y it was hard to use. The clear gel doesn’t have the same grip but it’s fine. I’d love it if they reformulated the gel.

I also tried the foundations and wasn’t sold. At first, I know it was because my skin wasn’t at its best. I felt like the H20 Skin Tint didn’t give me enough coverage. And the Beauty Balm was a bit too heavy feeling.

I went back to my Clinique foundation but feel like I’m not in love with that anymore either.

Hello Kitty imprinted blush from Pixi Beauty on a table next to some flowers.

While the blush was cute, the Glow-y Powder was just not for me. As someone who has oily skin, I tend to aim to be as matte as possible. All the blush products I tried had a little bit too much iridescence.

But we’ll stop here and acknowledge this adorable Hello Kitty collab. I really loved how they blended the two brands so seamlessly.

Pixi Cosmetics lip products on a table next to some flowers.

I am not a lipstick person (except for the one I got to name). So I loved that they had a lot of lip options that were more like glosses.

Glow-y Lip Oil

I like to start with the Glow-y Lip Oil in Dream-y. It smells like lavender and feels like a spa for my lips. It has a rollerball applicator and leaves a pretty gloss on the lips.

+Rose Lip Nourisher

This +Rose Lip Nourisher is a cross between a moisturizing balm and a lip color. It’s hydrating and provides a pretty, sheer color to finish off my everyday makeup look. I keep this one in my purse to reapply when I’m out but still feel like I have lip balm on.

Lip Glow

The Lip Glow comes in 3 pretty colors that are sheer but buildable. They feel smooth and are easy to glide on but you can make them stand out if you want a bolder lip look. I have the Ruby color but I keep meaning to buy Juicy too (a gorgeous orange/red).

MatteLast Liquid Lip

I don’t use the Liquid Lip product hardly ever. They come in a range of really pretty colors and are super easy to apply. And while they do have rosehip oil in them, I found these to still be a little bit drying.

The Liquid Lip is a long-wearing product and I feel like I don’t ever need that in a lip color. It might be nice for a work day in an office. But I work from home.

Where to Buy Pixi

One of the things I love about Pixi is that it is easy to find. There are several places you can purchase their cosmetics and skincare and also a variety of ways to save money.

Woman standing in the doorway of the Pixi Boutique in Los Angeles.

Pixi Boutique

If you are near Los Angeles or London I highly recommend visiting their boutique. It’s a great way to try out the products and get suggestions by the super knowledgable staff.

The store is also the only place you can get a jumbo-sized bottle of Glow Tonic (when they are in stock!). It comes with a pump top for super easy use and is perfect for die-hard fans.

The LA boutique is in the Westfield Century City Mall. While it might be a drive just to go to a makeup store, the mall has tons of other great shops and restaurants (there’s an Eataly!) and you could absolutely make a day of it!

Plus the store is adorably designed and has cute photo opps throughout.


You can buy it online at PixiBeauty.com. Certain items, like some of the gift sets, are available only on their website as well as travel-sized products.

There is also a “last chance” section where you can find some fun treats that are about to go away forever. If you see something you like, grab it before it’s gone.

They also offer a rewards program where you can earn points on your purchases and save money when you redeem the points.

Target and Target.com

Who isn’t at Target all the time, right? Target carries the best-selling Pixi beauty products in stores and online. When I’m about to run out of my cleanser I can easily add it to my Target list.

While the prices are affordable, if you are a red card member you save 5%. Boom. And no shipping on orders shipped to your home when paying with your red card.

Other Stores

You can also buy certain Pixi products at CVS, and Ulta. Use the store locator to find products near you.

*Each of these retailers often has its own sales as well. When I just looked at Ulta, they were having a “Buy 2 Get One Free Sale” that many Pixi products were included in.

Online Stores

You can also find Pixi on certain online retailers like Revolve.

And Pixi even has a storefront on Amazon which is cool because you get free shipping with Amazon Prime and free returns.

Their selection is limited but you can try a few things out without leaving the comfort of your home. Pricing looks to be just about the same as other retailers.

I’ve saved all my favorites to my profile on LTK to make shopping super easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Pixi products are best for anti-aging?

The Retinal collection is the one that is best for anti-aging. The “youth-preserving” retinol products are designed to replenish and nourish the skin.

Can I use Pixi Toner every day?

Yes. The toner is made to use after you clean your face, twice a day. If you find it too drying, you can use it once a day or try a different formulation. I use the Clarity tonic twice a day with no issues.

Which is the Best Pixi Serum

In my opinion, the best Pixi serum is the Overnight Retinol Oil. It’s not too heavy and I felt like it made my skin look smoother almost overnight! I’m sure that wasn’t the case, but I saw improvement quickly and it feels great on the skin.

Which products are best for acne?

The Clarity collection is best for acne-prone skin. I use this line even though my breakouts are less often than when I was younger. I have large pores and these products are designed to keep them free of debris and look smaller.


  • The eyeliners tend to be on the soft side. Before sharpening, pop them in the fridge for a few minutes. It will help to get a nice point.
  • The masks and eye patches feel extra wonderful when chilled also!
  • Need help figuring out which products are best for you? Visit a boutique if you can, otherwise, there are consultation services through the Pixi website.
  • Have a few products but aren’t sure how to put a beauty routine together? Visit the blog! It’s full of great information of what products to use, and when.

If you haven’t tried Pixi products yet, you should. There is a product for every age and problem and the price is right to explore the lines.

What’s your favorite Pixi product?

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