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How to Be Involved at School When You Don’t Have Extra Time


Tracking PixelI can’t tell you how many moms I’ve talked to who feel frustrated that they can’t volunteer at their child’s school as much as they’d like. But there are still ways to be involved when you don’t have extra time to spare. I’ve partnered with Kleenex® Facial Tissue to share how you can easily make a difference this year, whether you can be on campus or not!

Kleenex tissue box for in living room by students

I bet you didn’t realize that Kleenex Facial Tissue is the key to making your child’s teacher happy. It’s true. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to be in my kid’s classroom, even for something like back to school night, and there are no tissues! Our teachers rely on donations from families for the basic classroom supplies, otherwise, they buy them with their own money or just go without. It’s a simple thing to bring a teacher a box of tissues. But it really means a lot!

Tween boys sitting on stairs

My oldest son is starting 7th grade this year and my youngest will start 4th grade. In kindergarten, the teachers needed tons of hands-on help in the classroom. But as my kids went into the higher grades, I’ve noticed a few things have happened. The kids no longer need as much guidance as they once did, which means the teacher doesn’t need as many parent volunteers to physically be in the classroom. Also, around 4th grade is when it seems that a lot of moms from our school go back to work, which means they don’t have the time to volunteer. But there is still an amazing way to help teachers (and in turn, the kids) even if you don’t have extra time to give.

Why You Should Purchase Kleenex Facial Tissue this Back to School Season

Kleenex Made to Give More packs with Box Tops at Costco.

Kleenex® Facial Tissue knows that teachers need our help and created this “Made to Give More” bundle for back to school. Available at Costco, it features 10 boxes of Kleenex Facial Tissue (each with 43% more tissues per box than the best-selling tissue box on the market – 160 ct box!) Tissues are an essential product that classrooms need, making this a great way to help a teacher out. Costco is the only place to find this special bundle, so be sure to add it to your back to school shopping plan!

Preparing for back to school with Kleenex

Each of these special bundles also includes 15 Bonus Box Tops! I’m sure you’ve heard your school ask you to collect these. The Box Tops program is a super easy way for schools to raise money. Box Tops can be found on a variety of products (including some canned goods – I just noticed them in my cupboard!) and all you do is clip the specially marked area on the box and turn them into school. The school then redeems them for all kinds of needed items.

My son’s school raised almost $500 last year – just from the Box Tops program. In the past, that money has been used to purchase all-new recess equipment for the school. It’s a fantastic program and the perfect way for you to stay involved in helping the school when you don’t have extra time to volunteer.

Kids working on school work and me relaxing.

As a work-at-home mom, I am lucky to have a little bit of flexibility with my schedule so I can help at the school when they need me. But time is valuable, and I can’t be there as much as I’d like. I look for other ways to be involved, such as volunteering on the day of our big events, like the jog-a-thon, or helping teachers with projects that I can do at home.

I also try to be really impactful with the school supplies I buy. By purchasing items, like this Kleenex Facial Tissue bundle with Box Tops, I’m not only supplying something the kids truly need, but raising money at the same time. Which means, I’m helping even when I’m sitting with the kids during homework time. It’s the perfect solution for busy families!

Kleenex helping to raise money for schoo

I’m lucky that my kids enjoy when I’m on campus with them. They love when I volunteer. But they also love that I have my own business. You may think that you can’t impact the school with your work hours, but that’s not the case!

Stylish Kleenex boxes for the home.

As a lifelong allergy sufferer, Kleenex Facial Tissue is my best friend. I never leave home without it. Unfortunately, my kids have allergies, too. We have tissue boxes all around the house to make sure we always have a tissue within reach. I love that the boxes come in great designs. They fit seamlessly into my home decor, which I appreciate!

Saving Box Tops to raise money for school.

This back to school pack also includes some fun school inspired designs, too. They are colorful and perfect for a cheerful classroom. The bonus Box Tops are found on the outer wrapping of the bundle so don’t forget to cut them out and save them!

Saving Box Tops is easy. Keep a small manila envelope in your kitchen junk drawer (everyone has one!) and collect them as you see them. Your school will share how to turn them in as soon as school starts.

Find the Kleenex Facial Tissue Made to Give More packs at Costco near the toilet paper and paper towels. Members will save $4 on this bundle from 8/9/18 – 9/2/18!

Pro Tip: Do not take this whole bundle to your child’s class on the first day. Storage for all these boxes will be hard to find. Instead, send a few with your child now and keep a few for your home. Plan to send a few more boxes every few months. Teachers get a lot of supplies at the beginning of the year and then run out! You’ll be a classroom hero for that teacher!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Kleenex Facial Tissue. All opinions are mine!

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  1. Melodi Steinberg says:

    Love Kleenex brand. Its the only brand we use!!

  2. Yes, the classrooms go through tissue so fast! We also need to stock up, but I have been waiting to donate until we get a little closer to the winter season.

  3. Girl… yes!!! My chiclets went back to school and we had back-to-school night this week. His teacher told us that they had gone through THREE Kleenex boxes already!!! I couldn’t believe it. Will definitely stock up ASAP.

  4. I use to be the Box Tops Coordinator at my son’s school. We raised over $3K through the program in one year.

    1. That’s so great! Working on this post made me want to get more involved in the program! Such a great way to earn more for the school! I love that Costco and Kleenex partnered to provide a way to give back to schools, teachers and students.

  5. It is so true it can be tough to be more involved in school activities, but the Box Top program has been so great in providing much needed supplies to schools. We still save our Box Tops from our Kleenex boxes for our local schools.

    1. I love that this program takes just a minute and can have such a big reward. We use so much tissue at home, I will be picking up more to stock up here too!

  6. I was a middle school teacher for a decade, and always so so grateful for anyone who could help. Whether that be chaperoning a field trip or sending in much needed Kleenex, those acts of support are noticed (and not just by the teacher). Your kids get it when you value their school experience and education.

    1. Wow! Middle school! I bet you have stories. :) I give as much time as I can but I really like to load the teachers up on supplies!

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