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7 Simple Adjustments for Snacking Smarter


I’m on the struggle bus when it comes to snacking. While I keep my overall health in mind at mealtimes, sometimes I veer off course when it comes to snacks. As a busy mom, we can be pulled in all directions—making it very difficult to create smarter eating habits. Snacking smarter is easy with these little adjustments. 

woman eating Fruitlove as a healthier snack option.

This post is sponsored by Fruitlove. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Thankfully, there are delicious snacks, like Fruitlove spoonable smoothies, which I picked up at Vons, to make snack time totally delicious. Check out more details here, and head to your local Vons to purchase today!

Fruitlove yogurts are a smarter snack decision.

Fruitlove is a spoonable smoothie that has real fruits and vegetables. Each cup is a good source of protein and calcium and an excellent source of Vitamins A, B1 and B3. 

Fruitlove Strawberry Banana Twirl spoonable smoothie is a classic smoothie flavor combination but also includes rhubarb and carrots! The Greek yogurt base makes this smoothie thick, creamy and yummy! 

Fruitlove Harvest Berry Blend spoonable smoothie (my favorite!) has fresh berries, banana, carrots and beets! The yogurt makes it tart and tangy, and you won’t even guess you are getting a nice big dose of veggies as well! 

Each Fruitlove flavor is packed with 3 or more real fruits and vegetables and is super tasty. I also picked up the Mango Medley for my son (who loves mangoes and will flip for this spoonable smoothie mixed with bananas, pineapples and carrots.)

But sometimes it’s not about what we are eating and more about how we are eating it. Smarter snacking means taking a look at what you are putting into your body and also making small changes to make snack time even more beneficial. 

Snacking Smarter How-To

how to develop healthy snack habits

1. Snack When Hungry Not Starving

Sometimes I get busy working and don’t want to stop to eat a snack. But then when mealtime rolls around, I’m starving and I want to eat anything and everything. It’s not good. 

While I don’t stick to a timed schedule of when to eat my snacks and meals, it is important to listen to your body and learn cues for when to eat. I’ve been really paying attention to when I feel hungry, and I know there is a time in the AM and again before dinner when my body is telling me I need a nibble.

The perfect time to eat something is when you are not starving but feel some hunger pangs. Just make sure you’re eating something that has good nutritional value (not chips).

making better snack decisions

2. Drink Lots of Water

I’m a BIG water drinker. It’s often referred to as the building block of life, but it can also help with smarter snacking. Not only does it help to hydrate the body, it can also act as an appetite suppressor. 

I make sure to drink a full glass of water whenever I eat a snack. I try to do that first, before I start eating, to help to fill up my stomach a little bit and help me feel more full. 

Water is essential for our bodies to work and function at their best, so I tend to look at water in that respect more than for weight loss—but snack time is a great time to make it a point to drink water.

3. Pre-Portion Your Snacks

I’m totally guilty of eating snacks right out of their container and that’s not good. (Except for Fruitlove because the portion size is perfect!). And when I do, I notice I eat 2-3 more than I would if I pre-portion my snacks ahead of time. 

Figuring out how much you want to eat ahead of time (or following the serving suggestion) will help you cut down on overeating for no reason other than it’s there. 

I always find that I’ve had enough when I finish my snack and, of course, I can always go back for more if I feel like I need a little extra. But that almost never happens! I save myself eating all those extra calories by just taking note of my portion size ahead of time. 

woman practicing mindful snacking

4. Make an Intentional Snack Time

There are several reasons to practice mindfulness at snack time. It’s a great way to sneak in a little “me time” during a busy day. And often we are distracted while we eat, which leads to us eating until we are stuffed instead of pleasantly full. 

Doing anything with intention means to put your whole focus on it. By doing this at snack time, you can really pay attention to the signals your body is sending. 

It also means you can enjoy your snacks on another level. I love to do this with Fruitlove. I can savor each bite and really focus on the flavors because it’s DELICIOUS! 

Even on the busiest days, taking 5 quiet minutes to enjoy a snack is doable and refreshing. 

taking healthy snacks to go is a smarter snacking idea

5. Take Healthy Snacks With You

I like to try to be as productive as possible and run my errands together at one time. That usually means that I’ll be out and about for a few hours. I like to make sure I take a smarter snack option along with me so that I don’t get stuck looking for something fast and full of empty calories. 

Fruitlove is a perfect on-the-go snack! The packaging is recyclable and each cup comes with a cute green spoon that is super convenient! 

friends enjoying a snack together

6. Make a Plan with a Friend

Participating in any kind of “challenge” can be really fun and be just the boost you need to complete a task. I find that when I recruit a friend to help me with healthier eating habits, it seems so much easier. 

We share recipes and smart snacking ideas and sometimes even make time to have a snack together. It’s fun to check in with another person. It helps to keep you accountable to your goals (whatever they may be) and also helps to expand your own knowledge

7. Eat Slower

This one goes back to listening to your body. Instead of rushing through your snack, so you can get right back to mom life, you should eat slower. 

Take smaller bites, really savor the flavors, and make your snack last longer. Your stomach feels at its most full about half an hour after you finish eating. By eating slower, you are giving your body enough time to send those signals so you don’t overeat. 

healthy snacking ideas can be found at Vons

Shopping at Vons helps me to snack smarter. The store is easy to navigate and has all the products I’m looking for. I found my favorite Fruilove flavors in the dairy section.

Just be warned, if there is anyone else near you in the aisle, they will want to chat about Fruitlove. That little green spoon is such a genius touch! I’m pretty sure I got a gal to buy a few to try based on the spoon alone.

the vons app can help save you money on healthy snacks

I always check the Vons app before I go shopping. They always have awesome deals and coupons, and I love saving money! 

Creating better snacking habits is easy when you make just a few easy changes to your old routine. 

Pin These Ideas for How to Snack Smarter for Later

tricks to snack smarter

Snacking smarter can be done with just a few simple adjustments. These easy tips will help you make better choices and make snack time more meaningful! Be sure to keep Fruitlove on hand so you always have a tasty snack with fresh fruits and veggies!


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