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Super Fast Dinner Ideas When You Don’t Really Want to Cook


These are the super fast dinner ideas I always turn to when I don’t want to cook! You can barely even call them cooking! These super quick dinner ideas are perfect for when you don’t want to order out or spend any more time in the kitchen than you have to. 

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Save these super fast dinner ideas for next time you’re in a pinch!

You’ll love these super easy meals

I stick to quick dinner recipes as much as possible and these are perfect for nights when you are super busy. Or just feeling super lazy. Lazy is ok too.

These super easy dinner ideas are just the thing to keep you from being stuck in the kitchen all afternoon. While I love cooking, I hate to do it every day.

Busy weeknights need quick and easy meals and super simple dinner ideas that come together fast and don’t need any fancy preparation. 

When school starts, I feel like I’m supposed to start cooking family meals again. But with school comes activities and classes. Which means less time to cook. And then there are some nights when you logistically have just minutes to get dinner on the table.

These easy meal ideas for family meals are really going to help you out.

I’m all about simple meals as we head into fall. This list of “don’t want to cook” dinner ideas will help you to get a home-cooked (or semi-homemade) meal on the table in just minutes.

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Why these quick dinner recipes

I included some of my own favorite recipes and found other ones that I know I won’t mind making and that my kids will love too. 

It can be easy to get stuck in a rut and make the same things over and over. But having a list of easy dinner ideas to pull from can make deciding what to make for dinner feel less overwhelming. 

By switching up what you are making, you can ensure that kids are getting a variety of nutrients. 

And while I like to think of these recipes as more of a last-minute dinner idea, you can also include them in your meal plan (get a printable meal plan sheet in this post) ahead of time.

30 Very Easy Dinner Ideas

This list of easy ideas are perfect for those nights where you don’t really want to cook, but you don’t want to buy take out either. You can barely consider making these recipes cooking...

You won’t believe how easy these recipes come together. They’re perfect for nights when you just don’t feel like cooking! What is your go-to barely cooking meal?


One of my biggest pain points as a mom is making sure that the kids are eating enough vegetables but also getting to indulge in their favorite dishes too. Remember that if they miss their full serving of veggies for one night, all hope is not lost.

I save more elaborate meals for Sundays, when I feel more like cooking and usually have a little bit more time.

Check out my dinner short-cuts for getting meals on the table faster! And pick up a few of these time-saving gadgets below.

More Very Easy Dinner Ideas

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