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Simple Healthy Family Meals and Dinner Ideas


Healthful twists on classic recipes along with totally unique ideas, this list of healthy family meals will help you lighten up your dinners.

Whether you’ve set health goals or are just trying to include simple healthy dinners in your meal plan, you’re sure to find tasty recipes that your family will enjoy.

Collage of simple healthy meals to make for dinner.

Why I Chose These Recipes

If you’re like me, sometimes you get stuck in a dinner rut. You serve all the same recipes and you feel like they aren’t the best ingredients to fill your family with.

Several times a year, I try to change things up. I look for healthy dinner ideas to add to my rotation.

But I make sure these recipes are also super delicious. Many of them have flavors that I know my family loves or are healthier ways of preparing things I usually make.

Are there healthier recipes out there? Yes. But I know that if I take out all the good stuff, I feel unsatisfied and go right back to my comfort foods.

These healthy family meals are great as-is, or can be modified to be even healthier depending on your goals.

I also only included 15 recipes since I get REALLY overwhelmed with lists that are crazy long. When I’m planning my dinners, I like to look at a few ideas, try some new recipes and move on with life.

I don’t want to get stuck reading a post with 176 recipes that I may or may not enjoy.

So read on for simple healthy dinners to try. Or check out

And if you need a super simple idea that is still on the healthy side, here’s how to jazz up a store-bought chicken and a list of healthy side dishes to serve with it.

15 Healthy Family Meals

You can still cook delicious recipes for your family without added or unnecessary calories. Here are 15 healthy family meals that will make life easier on you and your waistline! Save these healthy dinner ideas to make your meal planning easy!

These healthy family meals are a great way to lighten up dinner, in a delicious way.


Need more help for getting a healthy dinner on the table for your family? These tips will help you make better decisions when planning your meals.

  • Be cautious of cans. While convenient, they’re often loaded with sodium and sugar as preservatives. Rinse and drain the veggies when possible. Or use fresh or frozen instead.
  • Choose whole grains. Switch to wheat pasta, brown rice, oats for breakfast cereals, and quinoa for a healthy side dish. Whole grains provide more fiber and nutrients than refined ones, meaning you feel full longer after a meal.
  • Bulk up the veggies. Instead of focusing on meat portions, increase your family’s intake of vegetables with each meal. Whether it’s an extra salad, a baked potato with toppings, or steamed broccoli – make sure your family is regularly eating their vegetables!
  • Make smart dairy choices. Pouring milk over cereal is easy, but it doesn’t offer much nutritional value. Switch to low-fat yogurt for a nutritious breakfast or snack with added protein! Also look for ways to swap in Greek yogurt into the meals you are making for dinner.
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