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15 Easy Fall Cocktails to Make This Season


These easy fall cocktails are delicious and great to enjoy on a cozy night at home. From cinnamon-spice to pumpkin-infused drinks, these cocktail recipes feature aromatic ingredients that you’ll love.

Delicious fall cocktails to make at home.

The Best Fall Cocktails to Make for Friends

Fall cocktails have the best seasonal flavors and are great for sipping when the weather starts to cool down.

Fall drinks usually embrace the warm spices of the season and while they might be served over ice, they offer a sense of coziness.

If you want to be in your jammies, chances are your friends do too! Fall is the perfect time to have your girlfriends over and chat over a cocktail.

Keeping things casual makes everyone more comfortable. These easy cocktail recipes come together fast, making them perfect for a cozy fall evening in.

I’ve included some of my own favorite cocktails to make at home as well as delicious fall cocktail ideas from some of my favorite bloggers.

Fall bourbon cocktails always hit the spot. And wine cocktails for fall are fun to share with friends. This list includes autumnal drinks made with rum, bourbon or whiskey, vodka, gin and more.

These fall cocktails are also great for Thanksgiving and any Friendsgiving party you are planning to throw.

Cozy Fall Cocktails to Sip While Wearing a Sweater

Fall is my favorite time to invite people over for some tasty fall cocktail recipes. It's the perfect time of year to bring in some new flavors and spices and play around with easy autumn cocktails!

So throw on your favorite sweater, cozy up on the couch with your friends, and sip one of these awesome autumn cocktails. These simple fall cocktails use seasonal flavors and classic techniques to make them super tasty and easy to recreate. 

Sometimes you know you want to try something new but you don’t know what it is. This list of the best fall cocktails to make at home will help you make up your mind! The delicious flavors and easy preparation are perfect for your next autumn happy hour. 

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