Stay Wild Part Playlist

urban jungle party inspiration - plus party playlistSo I’m sure you are all over all the Alt Summit posts but I have one more to share.  The music.  The music for the party – any party really – was really important to me.  We had the urban jungle theme and I wanted to make sure that the music added to the atmosphere.  Don’t laugh.  But the sound I wanted for the party was based on the funeral scene in Zoolander.  If you don’t remember it, which is totally possible, it had a great beat, it was instrumental, it was overly cool and felt a little urban.  But I’m pretty sure that Pandora would’t have had a channel for that so I went through my own music to see what had a similar feel.

These songs are some of my favorites right now and both the Phantogram and the Lorde nailed the sound.

And I LOVE mashups so I spent a little time researching indie/hip hop mashups.  I’ve listened to The Hood Internet before and they kill it every time.  Here are some of my favorites from the playlist.  And while Step by Vampire Weekend is not one of The Hood Internet songs, I can’t get enough of it.  And don’t even think of skipping French Montana over Beach House (!!!!)

Guest Post : Playlist for Late Summer Vacations

frends-headphones-look-bookI did a guest post for Lauren last week while she was away on vacation.  Go check it out.  It has some of my favorite songs right now.  These are perfect for the last warm weekends of summer.  The songs were chosen for their chill vibe but upbeat tempos.  I hope you enjoy!    Playlist Fit for Vacation

photo credit:  Frends

The Summer of Classic Rock

classic-rock-summerWhen the weather starts to heat up, nothing gets me more excited for summer than a little classic rock.  In my opinion, there is nothing better than sitting with friends out by a pool, cocktail in hand with a little rock blaring from the speakers.  It makes me wish I was a teenager in the 70′s instead of born then.  But I know I wouldn’t have appreciated all the greatness if I was living it.  You know, like the scrunchie from our youth…

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Classic Rock Summer by Cupcakes and Cutlery on Grooveshark

Music to Unpack to – Playlist for May

new favorite sweatshirtI love my new sweatshirt.  I may or may not have bought it because I thought I could wear it on our moving day.  Everything deserves a new outfit, right?  Well, we are in our new place and it is time to get all unpacked.  Of course I will have the music on to make it seem a little less like a task and a little more like a party.  I kept these songs fast and danceable.  BTW I’m totally into crew neck sweatshirts right now.  Hoodies are sooooo last summer.  Old Navy has some other super cute ones (haven’t seen too many in the store but online they have a few to choose from) right now.

It was fun rediscovering some old favs with a sprinkling of new.  I kind of felt like I was in high school again.

Need more music?

Spring Playlist

Travel Playlist

Music for November



Spring Playlist

spring playlist light with bright

crown . medals . McQueen for Puma . fashion colors (photo for magazine by Inez and Vindoodh)

Here is what I am listening to right now.  I still really like lilting vocals, electronic sounds and big melodies but I can see some rock creeping back in.  Which makes sense considering summer for me is all about classic rock.  I’m obsessed with the new Yeah Yeah Yeahs.  Like, a lot.  What are you currently listening to?