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Friendsgiving Playlist with Cool Vibes


This Friendsgiving Playlist is full of cool, mellow indie songs to create a chill vibe and be the perfect background to the party chatter. From classic hits to contemporary tunes, we’ve got something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re hosting a cozy dinner for your closest friends or throwing an all-out Friendsgiving bash, this playlist will set the perfect mood.

Top down view of plates, glasses and Thanksgiving decor to set a table for Friendsgiving.
A curated playlist for Friendsgiving.

A Friendsgiving Playlist You’ll Love

This Friendsgiving playlist, curated by me, is designed to enhance the ambiance of your Friendsgiving soirée.

Friendsgiving is a fun tradition where friends get together to celebrate friendship, often sharing a Thanksgiving-style feast.

Planning and preparing for the feast and decorating your home can take most of your focus, but don’t forget to plan the playlist. The right music can create an unforgettable atmosphere.

My sister-in-law and I used to plan a Friendsgiving for all of our friends. And while she made sure our Friendsgiving menu was on point, my job was always the music.

This mix of songs is relaxed, mellow and mostly indie. The right mix of music always sets the tone for a party. I made this list long so that you can push play and not worry about it.

Tips for Choosing a Playlist

Wine cork and bottle opener on top of festive napkins next to wine glasses.

To decide what kind of music is right for your party, you need to look at who is coming.

If this is a Friendsgiving with your close pals, pretty much anything goes. If there are kids, you may want to tone down the songs with swearing. 

For a family function with multi-generations, you’ll want mellow music that blends into the background. 

Jazz is always a great option if you don’t know what else to play!

How to listen to the playlist

Playlists are the best when they are on shuffle so it’s new to you every time you listen.

I love to create my playlists on Spotify because the platform is super easy to use. I pay for the upgraded version so there are no ads (which is great for a party), but they offer a free version as well.

You always have the option of upgrading for the month of November so you can listen ad-free and then go back to the free plan again in December.

I used to do that for my parties but I really love my playlists so decided to bite the bullet and pay every month. And I also have the app so I can listen to all my playlists on my phone and in the car.

This is totally not sponsored. I just love this music platform the best!

Just connect Spotify to a Bluetooth speaker or through the TV.

Make sure to turn on Auto Play so that Spotify adds similar music to the playlist and doesn’t stop when the songs on the list have finished.

Head over to the Friendsgiving Playlist on Spotify to see the full list of songs and listen to it all the way through.

Music for Friendsgiving

List of songs on my friendsgiving playlist.

It would also be great to listen to in the car and on your holiday road trips! I’ll be listening to mine in the kitchen as I prepare my Thanksgiving dishes too!

On Spotify, you can follow individual playlists and/or users. Be sure to check out my other favorite playlists:

More playlists

This Friendsgiving playlist is great music to have on in the background as you spend time with your favorite people.

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