Coke-jito, Like a Mojito but with Coke

A coke mojitoI love a good mojito.  And I love Coke.  I don’t drink it very often, but it is my soda of choice.  So while in Mexico this summer, I was trying to find a drink that would be super yummy that no one could screw up (seriously, we were at an all-inclusive resort that I thought would excel at margaritas and they just butchered them).  Mojitos can be made different ways by different bartenders but I thought to my self, “self – if you have them make it with Coke instead of a combination of simple syrup and soda water or some other way bartenders make them, it will be less likely to taste bad.”  So basically I invented the Coke-jito.  Which I realize is basically rum and coke…And then I found out that other people have posted about Coke-jitos.  Long story short, I think I’m a genius but turns out I’m just average.  But I still like this drink and I think you will too. What-you-need-to-make-a-cokejitoYou need all the basics for a mojito, lime, mint, and rum.  Maybe even a little agave syrup if you need it to be sweeter.  And swap the club soda for some Coke.

add-mint-and-lime-to-glassAnd you make it the same way.  Muddle your lime and mint.  And take a deep breath because this is quite possibly the best smell ever!  Unless you add in some newborn baby.  But I do not suggest muddling your infant.

add-rumThen you add some rum.  I chose to do a dark rum, although a traditional mojito is a light rum.  I don’t know all the nuances of the two types, but I feel like dark rum adds a nice sweetness to drinks it is mixed with.

A mojito made with cokeThe Coke-jito is that easy.  And so yummy.  I like to think of this as my winter mojito.  Or a way dirtier version of the Dirty Diet Coke craze that was happening over the summer because of the addition of alcohol.

Coke-jito Recipe

1.5 – 2 oz rum (light or dark – to your liking)

1 lime (quartered and quarters cut in half – you will use 3/4 of the lime but I can’t really tell you to buy 3/4 of a lime now can I?)

8 ish mint leaves

1 can of Coke

Agave Syrup (optional)

To a tall glass, add lime and mint.  Muddle.  Add ice.  Top with a can of Coke.  Give it a light stir.  If you need it a little sweeter, add agave syrup to taste.


*Botran Rum sent me samples to taste.  I used on in this post.


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