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25 Easy Thanksgiving Punch Recipes for the Best Holiday


These Thanksgiving Punch Recipes are just what you need for your holiday gatherings. Whether you’re hosting a cozy Thanksgiving dinner for family or throwing a lively Friendsgiving party, these foolproof punch recipes are here to make your day a little more delicious. This list includes alcoholic punches and non-alcoholic punches for all your festive gatherings. 

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Let’s make some easy punch recipes for Thanksgiving.

Why These Punch Recipes Are Perfect for Thanksgiving

What I love about these Thanksgiving punch recipes (boozy or virgin) is all the seasonal flavors. From warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg to the refreshing tanginess of ripe fruits (pear, blood oranges, cranberry) these punch recipes feature some of my favorite flavors of fall. 

This collection of the best Thanksgiving punch ideas will help you round out your holiday menu and start the preparation process for what is probably your biggest meal of the year. 

These recipes are easy to make ahead and easily serve a crowd. Most of these ingredients, including whole spices, can be found in your local grocery store. Plus they add to the overall ambience of the event which is always a win. 

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Thanksgiving is a great excuse to really show off your hostessing skills. And nothing says hostess with the mostess like a signature cocktail.

Choose one of these tasty Thanksgiving drink recipes to hand to your guests as they arrive then let them serve themselves as the night goes on.

The non-alcoholic punch ideas are great for families and for those who are looking for something full of fun flavor without any liquor.

Want to offer festive Thanksgiving drinks to your friends and family? Make one of these tasty boozy punch recipes. 

Punch Recipes for Fall Holidays

Browse this list of delicious fall punch recipes. With delicious seasonal ingredients and pretty party vibes, these Thanksgiving punch recipes will round out your holiday menu and taste delicious!

Alcoholic Punch Recipes

Want to offer a festive cocktail to your friends and family? Make one of these tasty boozy punch recipes.

Non-Alcoholic Punch Recipes

These non-alcoholic punch ideas are great for families and for those who are looking for something full of fun flavor without any liquor.

Tips for Serving Punch for a Party

These delicious Thanksgiving punch recipes add a festive touch to your party and allow guests to serve themselves. They’re an excellent choice for holiday parties and are a great alternative to making individual drinks. 

Choose the Right Serving Piece

Obsiously a punch bowl is the traditional way to serve punch to a large group at a party. But leaving a large open container with a ladle out for people to slop around isn’t my favorite way to serve. I like to use a pitcher or a beverage dispenser (this one is PERFECT for Thanksgiving!) to make it a little less messy and easy to pour. 

No matter what you use, you can find something that matches the look of your holiday table that will fit right in next to all that good food. 

Set Up a Self-Serve Station

While some of the recipes are ready to sip, some may need a finishing touch like the addition of club soda or a fun garnish. Place the punch on a sturdy table or counter, along with a stack of punch cups, napkins, and easy garnishes (like fresh herbs, fresh cranberries or a cinnamon stick).

Consider labeling the punch bowl with a festive sign or chalkboard to let guests know which punch is being served. This is another easy way to add to your holiday decor.

If you need to have them do a little more work to the drink, set out a small sign with brief instructions to place next to the punch bowl. 

Encourage a glass rim

Whether you pre-rim the glasses before everyone gets there or set up a few options for your friends and family to do themselves, a rimmed glass is an easy way to make a cocktail feel even more party-perfect.

Just about any of these Thanksgiving cocktails would pair well with a pumpkin pie spice rim or one with cinnamon and sugar. The kids would also love a fun rim. 

Learn how to rim a glass.

Keep Ingredients Chilled 

You can keep the punch chilled throughout the party, by using frozen fruit or an old-fashioned ice ring (you can use this mold!) set in the punch bowl. 

I like to keep extra batches of the Thanksgiving punch in the refrigerator and refill the punch bowl as needed.

Offer something non-alcoholic

Not everyone will want to drink a cocktail on Thanksgiving, but almost everyone would still appreciate a fun drink, especially if there will be kids. Make sure to offer something non-alcoholic beverages.

Note: Make sure you label the mocktail version clearly so there is no mistaking which is which. 

Assign someone to Monitor and Refill

You’ll have your plate full with getting the rest of the meal ready. So appoint a person to keep an eye on the level of the punch bowl throughout the party to make sure it doesn’t run out.

Have them refill the bowl as needed and refresh the garnishes or ice to keep it looking nice and tasting fresh.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you make Thanksgiving punch without apple cider?

Not a fan of apple cider or looking for an alternative twist? No worries! There are plenty of delicious punch options that don’t require apple cider.

Consider using cranberry juice as a base, combined with sparkling water or ginger ale for fizziness. You can also experiment with flavors like pomegranate or grapefruit juice to create a vibrant and refreshing punch that complements the Thanksgiving theme.

What is the best type of drink to serve on Thanksgiving?

The best type of drink to serve on Thanksgiving is one that complements the traditional flavors of the holiday while offering a refreshing and enjoyable experience.

Classic fall-inspired flavors like apple, cranberry, and spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg are popular choices. Consider serving punches that incorporate these ingredients, like spiced apple cider punch or cranberry-orange punch.

These flavors will perfectly complement your Thanksgiving feast and enhance the overall dining experience.

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More easy Thanksgiving cocktail ideas

Many of these easy recipes can be made into mocktails by removing the liquor.

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