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21 Quick Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Moms


A healthy breakfast is the best way for a busy mom to start the day! But sometimes you need something fast so you can get out the door. A quick and healthy breakfast is possible with one of these delicious ideas below.

Healthy breakfast ideas for busy moms.
Let’s have a quick and healthy breakfast.

Healthy Breakfast Ideas That Are Also Fast

These are the breakfast recipes that I eat that are quick, delicious and on the healthy side.

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It was a sad, sad day when I realized that Pop-Tarts were not the best idea for breakfast anymore. In an effort to quit off and on dieting, I decided that I need to makeover my breakfasts.

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21 Healthy Breakfast Recipes

These quick and healthy breakfast ideas are perfect for busy moms on the go. They are easy to make or make a head and better for you than anything that comes in a box.

More Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Almond Butter Toast

I think I’ve mentioned it before, but the Tone It Up girls have a meal plan that I really like to follow. It focuses on whole foods, eating 5 small meals a day, and not depriving yourself.

That’s right up my alley.

Everything in moderation, right? Their plan has a lot of great fast, healthy breakfast ideas including this Almond Butter Toast which is perfect when you are craving something sweet!

Of course, a piece of avocado toast would also be a great idea for those days when you need something a little more savory.

I do one piece of Ezekiel toast, 1/4 of an avocado, smashed, and top it with some sea salt and red chili flakes.

Protein Pancake

I basically laughed at this recipe the first time I tried to make it.

I was like, “there is absolutely no way this will fill me up or satisfy me.” And I was TOTALLY wrong!

These pancakes (I usually just make one big one) are so tasty (I usually follow this recipe and add in a splash of vanilla and cloves, nutmeg, and ginger along with the cinnamon).

And a tiny bit of honey, heated up, and drizzled on top feels super decadent!

This is another one where it is easy to play around with flavors. I usually reserve this breakfast idea for the days when I’m not feeling super stressed out and have to rush off to do something.

It takes a little bit longer to put together but totally worth that time.

Egg White Scramble

Even though this one requires a little bit of cooking time, it still comes together super fast.

I’ve become obsessed with making egg white scrambles. They are super fast because I found an amazing product that makes them delicious!

Clever Foodies’ Scramble is pre-prepped veggies and seasonings (in a few different flavor profiles) that you literally just have to spoon into egg whites right in a pan.

They heat up as the eggs are cooking and in no time, you have a gourmet breakfast. I usually eat this over a bed of arugula. You can find several varieties of egg mix-ins at Sprouts.

Easy breakfast ideas to get your out the door faster.

Do a Juice Cleanse

When I’m really feeling like I need to get back on track with my eating I do a one-day juice cleanse.

I’ve tried a 3 day before and didn’t complete it. A one-day cleanse is hard but doable and I feel so much better after I do it.

I don’t do juices often, as I know fruit juice has a lot of sugar plus I usually end up eating something too. But a juice cleanse is a mix of juices, some including protein to keep you feeling more full.

The one day also has you drinking one every 2 hours which keeps you from feeling like you want to eat your leg off.

Coconut Oatmeal

A lot of instant oatmeal has tons of sugar in it.

I like to use the plain packets (since I hate taking the time to cook it myself on the stove) and then make it taste good. I know that oatmeal is a healthy breakfast staple but I could never get through a bowl.

I finally figured out how to jazz it up enough that I actually looked forward to it.

After cooking it in the microwave (using almond milk instead of water), I add a splash of vanilla extract, a dash of cinnamon (and sometimes other spices), and some toasted coconut.

The coconut helps add some texture and keeps it from being too mushy.

Sometimes I’ll also add a few chopped-up roasted almonds which also helps with texture. Smooth oatmeal? Gross. But add some crunch and it’s delightful.

What healthy breakfast ideas do you keep in rotation?

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