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25 Tasty Virgin Drinks and Holiday Mocktails for Thanksgiving


Serve these non-alcoholic mocktails for Thanksgiving! Get into the holiday spirit with these tasty virgin drink ideas that are perfect for sharing with the whole family. Holiday mocktails are easy to make and pair perfectly with Thanksgiving dinner. Plus they work for any other gathering too! 

Text: Mocktail Recipes for Thanksgiving with colorful virgin drinks in different glassware to serve friends and family.
Let’s make some of these easy mocktails for Thanksgiving.

You’ll love these Holiday Mocktail Recipes

Thanksgiving mocktails are a good idea to have on hand for your guests who don’t want anything boozy but still want to sip something festive. Mocktails and non-alcoholic drinks have become really popular lately and not just for Dry January.

If you want the flavor of a cocktail but made without alcohol, virgin drinks for the holidays are the answer. And when served in a fun glass with a garnish, they really enhance any party.

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Many mocktails for Thanksgiving and Christmas use fresh fruits, herbs, or mixers to create zero-proof (which means no alcohol!) cocktails everyone can enjoy. Virgin holiday drinks are a fun and delicious way to socialize without alcohol. 

While some are kid-friendly with bases like apple cider and cranberry juice, others are more sophisticated and play up the bitter notes found in liquor. 

This year, enjoy some of the very best holiday mocktails with your friends and family! Thanksgiving mocktails (which can easily turn into Christmas mocktails) are the perfect way to get everyone in on the fun with a tasty Thanksgiving drink.

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Virgin Drinks for Thanksgiving

Mocktails are a festive option for those who don't drink. Check out this fantastic list of virgin drinks for Thanksgiving to add to your holiday festivities!


The collection of non-alcoholic Thanksgiving drinks and mocktails above has many variations to choose from. But here are some tips to keep in mind as you figure out what drink to serve at your holiday meal. 

Seasonal flavors – Cranberries, pomegranate, apples, pears, and cinnamon and nutmeg are common flavors found on party menus this time of year so see if you can carry them over into your drinks. Spices, especially, can add complexity and warmth to any Thanksgiving mocktail.

Make it sparkle – When in doubt, fizz is fabulous! Anything with bubbles or that uses sparkling juices will instantly make a moment, and especially Thanksgiving Day, feel more celebratory! 

Add herbs – Herbs like rosemary, thyme, and sage are aromatic and look great as a mocktail garnish. Plus you probably already have them on hand from your other Turkey Day recipes. 

Use fresh – Fresh fruits can significantly enhance the flavor of your mocktails. Try using freshly squeezed juices for the best taste. Since you don’t have one of the most flavorful parts of a drink (the liquor), you can really make a drink sing with ripe fruit. 

Keep it balanced – Just like with making cocktails, the best non-alcoholic mocktails are also balanced. Make sure you add sweetness if you have lemon juice or another citrus. Sip and adjust as you go.

Layers of flavor – Add more flavor (along with balance) by using homemade or store-bought flavored simple syrups. Using flavored simple syrup for virgin drinks is easy and you can infuse more flavors into your beverage and sweeten it up at the same time. 

Garnish it – A festive garnish is an element your guests will truly enjoy with these Thanksgiving and Christmas mocktails. It can be as easy as a lime slice, cinnamon stick or whole cranberries. Or you can get creative and use sugared rosemary (which I think looks like snow-covered Christmas trees) or rim your glass with colorful sugars. 

Ingredients to keep on hand to make drinks and mocktails 

  • Ginger beer and ginger ale are great bases for mocktails.
  • Citrus, like fresh lime, lemon and orange are essential for making a delicious drink.
  • Fresh ice helps to shake up and serve refreshing beverages.
  • Tonic is a tangy mixer that you can pair with fruit juice.
  • Maple syrup is a great fall sweetener.
  • Pumpkin pie spice instantly adds warm spices like clove and cinnamon to a drink (it won’t dissolve, so make sure you offer something to stir the drink with).
  • Zero-proof spirits help you turn any of your favorite cocktail recipes into a virgin option.
  • Non-alcoholic wines can help you to make a non-alcoholic sangria or add fizz to any drink. I like the Surely brand best, especially the non-alcoholic champagne alternative.

How To Serve Holiday Mocktails

If serving mocktails along with cocktails at your holiday meal, make sure you label them well so there is no confusion. 

Keep things casual by mixing and matching drinkware (especially if you’re making drinks for a crowd). You can even use mason jars.

Consider setting up a garnish bar so that everyone can dress up their own drink. Include things like fresh herbs and fruit along with some festive drink stirrers and picks. 

I always love to serve a signature holiday mocktail which means you only need to have ingredients for one particular beverage on hand which helps to keep things less chaotic.

You can also stick to mocktails that are a certain color to match your theme. This is a great way to get everyone in a festive mood for the holidays!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you replace alcohol with in mocktails?

Many mocktails use a little bit more of each ingredient (skipping the liquor) to account for the loss of liquid. But you can also use a zero-proof alcohol alternative in place of the liquor. They make many great varieties and blends that add complexity without alcohol. I like the Ritual brand the best.

Are mocktails healthier than cocktails?

Mocktails can often be healthier than cocktails in a variety of ways including fewer calories. However, because many virgin drinks are made with fruit juices, they can still be full of sugar. Keep that in mind as you browse the mocktail recipes for Thanksgiving above, if you are watching your weight. 

And many doctors and experts would say that not consuming alcohol is very important to your overall health.

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