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Easter Cake Ideas to Inspire Your Holiday Dessert


Need Easter Cake ideas for your holiday brunch? Whether you’re looking for something simple and classic or something more creative, this list of fun and Easter cakes has something for everyone. From chocolate recipes, fruity treats and Easter bunny-themed cakes, these cute Easter desserts will make your brunch feel festive and spring-inspired.

Collage of cakes that are perfect to make for Easter.
Add one of these Easter Cakes to your brunch menu.

Easter Cakes to Add to Your Menu

These cute Easter cake ideas are totally inspiring. Whether you love to bake or save it for special occasions, this collection of recipes has so many great options.

Our Easter celebration usually has one show-stopper cake. It serves as a festive centerpiece (and Easter-decorated cake is perfect for this!) for the table and a delicious dessert to wrap up our Easter brunch.

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There are so many fun Easter-themed cakes to make and can be hard to know which to choose! The kids may look forward to the egg hunt, but I look forward to the cake!

Spring is the perfect time to make citrus or fruity cake. A cake with fruit in it is usually something that everyone finds enjoyable. Or try something full of chocolate flavor. 

There is no wrong answer on this list! There are so many easy Easter cakes to choose from!

How I Chose the Recipes

I chose recipes for homemade Easter Cakes that suit all types of people. I consider myself a novice baker (I prefer Boxed Cake Mix Desserts) but I know some of you like to show off a little and have the skills to back it up.

So whether you’re looking for something super cute and creative or something simple that tastes amazing, this list has you covered.

From Easter-themed to recipes that feature the best spring flavors, you can easily choose a delicious dish to make for the family.

Whether you set up a waffle bar for the kids to eat from, serve brunch family-style at the table or create one specialty dish (like these Monte Cristo Roll-Ups) one or a few of these Easter cakes is the perfect way to finish your meal.

Don’t want to make a cake? Make a Panoramic Sugar Egg instead! They aren’t edible but they are a cute centerpiece idea for your brunch table.

Cute Easter Cake Ideas to Try This Year

Make your Easter party extra festive with these cute Easter cake ideas! These easy spring inspired cakes are recipes that anyone can make. From fruity options, to decadent chocolate cakes and Easter bunny decorated treats, these cake pictures will help you plan your holiday celebrations. These make great centerpieces AND taste delicious!

Citrus Easter Cake Ideas

Is it even spring if you don't serve a citrus cake?! Growing up, my birthday cake of choice was always a tangy lemon cake, so these cakes sound AMAZING to me! Brighten up your Easter brunch with one of these easy recipes.

Fruity Easter Cake Ideas

Spring is my favorite season since so many different fruits are in season. Why not follow Mother Nature's lead and use the season's best flavors in your Easter Cakes!?

Candy Cakes to Make for Easter

I think these candy cakes would be a total hit with all the kids in your family. Whenever you pair two kinds of sweets it creates magic in my opinion. I have a wicked sweet tooth so I fully approve of adding seasonal candy to a cake! 

Super Cute Cakes for Your Easter Parties

I'll be honest, I would never even attempt to make most of these cakes. You've got to know your limits and I just don't have the skill for shaped cakes with extra special decorating. But they are so cute! So I may suggest one of these to another family member who is MUCH better at things like this! It doesn't hurt to ask, right?! 

A Cake Perfect for Special Diets

Whether you have allergies in the family or are watching your weight for your spring break trip, this cake idea is a great alternative!

With so many delicious and cute Easter Cake Ideas there’s no excuse not to get creative when planning your holiday brunch menu and the desserts you’ll serve!

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