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Corpse Reviver No 2 Cocktail Recipe


A Corpse Reviver No 2 is from a family of cocktails that are said to help cure your hangover. But to me, it’s a super easy and refreshing cocktail with gin, fresh lemon juice, Cointreau and Lillet that is delicious any time!

A Corpse Reviver No. 2. on a tray next to some plants.

*Gin for this recipe was provided by Prairie Organic Spirits. And it’s tasty. 

This is a gin Lillet cocktail. You should know that off the bat. There are some classic cocktails with names so weird that you wouldn’t think to make them at home. But I implore you to not skip them! And this one is so easy and delicious!

You know I like to keep my bar simple, and all of these ingredients can be used to make other easy cocktails at home as well. 

While this cocktail is suggested to be sipped in the morning, I prefer them on a warm afternoon. 

Why you’ll love this gin Lillet cocktail

The Corpse Reviver 2 is sure to be your new favorite summer cocktail. It’s actually quite a ladylike drink. It’s super refreshing and it’s crazy easy to make!

I first had a Corpse Reviver a few months ago at a brunch event up in Los Angeles. It was amazing. And I had to know how to make it for myself at home. 

Traditionally these “reviver” cocktails were made as cocktails to make you feel better the day after a night of imbibing. A sort of ‘hair of the dog’ idea. I get awful hangovers. Here’s my new favorite hangover supplement. It helps me SO much! 

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But I plan on drinking these all summer long, morning or night. (In a totally responsible sort of way, of course).

The fresh lemon juice is essential and really brings this drink together. Yes, the rest of the ingredients are booze. It’s fine. You’re fine.

Why No 2?

As I mentioned before, this cocktail comes from a family all meant to be sipped in the morning. The different versions are denoted by a number. No. 2 seems to be the most popular. And with good reason. It’s SO tasty! 


Ingredients on a tray to make a Corpse Reviver # 2 cocktail.

This cocktail calls for some ingredients you may or may not have in your home bar. I picked up the Lillet just to make this cocktail because it was that tasty when I first tried it. That’s usually how I end up adding new things to my bar.

But, Lillet can be sipped on its own and I have several other recipes that call for it that I can’t wait to try. It’s not a one-hit-wonder so I thought it was an excellent addition to my small bar setup. 

Use my printable recipe card below which has simple instructions including all the measurements.

What?! Absinthe! Because of writing about cocktails for so long, at some point, I was gifted a bottle.

The classic recipe calls for a spritz of Absinthe across the top of the finished cocktail. If you don’t have it and don’t want to buy it, the cocktail will still be delicious! 

It does add a little extra something to the drink (mostly on the nose) but you don’t need it. 

I haven’t played around too much with gin yet, (tequila super fan right here) but I love the refreshing herbal quality. I just know I’d love a gin and soda with fresh lime. And I KNOW I love this Blood Orange Sorbet Gin Float. 

Lillet Blanc is an aromatic fortified wine that is quite tasty. As an aperitif, it can be sipped on its own, pre-meal, but it also is a great addition to a cocktail recipe. 

If you don’t have Cointreau, use another orange-flavored liquor like Triple Sec.

How to make a Corpse Reviver 2

A wooden tray on a cushion with a towel and a cup holding a Corpse Reviver cocktail.

A Corpse Reviver 2 is ridiculously easy to make. It is equal parts  Prairie Organic Gin, Lillet Blanc (or Cocchi Americano), Cointreau, fresh lemon juice.

  1. To a cocktail shaker, add gin, Lillet, Cointreau and fresh lemon juice.
  2. Add ice.
  3. Shake well.
  4. Strain into cocktail glass
Close up of a Corpse Reviver cocktail in a glass next to a bottle of Lillet and Cointreau.

A traditional recipe calls for this gin cocktail to be served in a coupe glass. And while they are super cute, it won’t ruin your drinking experience if you don’t have one. 

Top Tips

Since my first Corpse Reviver 2 experience involved a skilled mixologist, I got to see the technique for adding the Absinthe.

Since the recipe just needs a few drops, the bartender used a small stainless steel atomizerto add it right on top of the drink, to finish it.

Genius! With this application, you mostly get the smell, a very subtle bit of the taste and it looked really cool when he sprayed the drink. Seriously, have you ever seen someone spray a drink before? It’s intriguing! But unnecessary for your home bar. 

If you want to make this drink as intended, Absinthe and all, you won’t be disappointed. The licorice flavor really does something amazing to this cocktail. 

I had a blue glass spray bottle (similar bottle) that I put a bit of Absinthe in to finish my cocktails at home. But I don’t bring it with me when I take these ingredients on vacation with me. And they still taste delicious. 

Corpse Reviver No. 2 cocktail in a glass on a wooden tray.

By the way, a Corpse Reviver 1 is Cognac, Brandy and Sweet Vermouth which doesn’t sound good to me at all. Plus my bar doesn’t include Cognac or Brandy. There might be sweet vermouth in there from when my husband and I tried to like martinis…

This Corpse Reviver is a great brunch cocktail but just as delicious sipped into the evening. 

I followed the recipe found on Saveur. I didn’t finish the cocktail with orange peel like they suggested. Well, I intended to but then I forgot that I had hidden it under that white napkin for the first few photos and then forgot about it entirely. I’m sure it’s lovely…

This easy and delicious Corpse Reviver 2 is a delicious gin cocktail that you are going to really enjoy. Make them for your next at home happy hour and enjoy each refreshing sip. 

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Corpse Reviver 2

This 4-ingredient gin cocktail is refreshing for warm summer weather and a delight at brunch. With gin, Lillet, orange flavored liquor and fresh lemon, a Corpse Reviver 2 has a crazy name but the taste is beyond delicious!
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Course: cocktails
Cuisine: American
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Calories: 283kcal
Servings: 1 serving


  • 1 oz. Prairie Organic Gin
  • 1 oz. Lillet Blanc or Cocchi Americano
  • 1 oz. Cointreau
  • 1 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice
  • A few drops of Absinthe or you can spray it as I noted in the post.


  • Add gin, Lillet, Cointreau and fresh lemon juice to a cocktail shaker.
  • Add ice and shake well, until frosty.
  • Strain into a low ball or coupe glass.
  • Spritz the top of the cocktail with Absinthe (or skip if you don’t have)
  • Enjoy!


While the Absinthe adds a really nice touch of flavor to the drink, it’s not a make or break situation. If you don’t already have it on your home bar, you can skip it. Or consider buying an airplane sized bottle at your local liquor store.


Serving: 1g | Calories: 283kcal | Carbohydrates: 9g | Sodium: 3mg | Sugar: 8g
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