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Easter Table Settings


With raw wood and a few yarn eggs, this easy Easter table setting feels modern and light. If you’re hosting a crowd, this simple table decor is a great way to make your brunch feel perfectly spring-y. And it’s easy to put together.

A light and airy Easter brunch table.

Why this Easter table setting works

This Easter table setting idea feels classic and fresh. With a white tablecloth which you probably already have in your buffet, this tabletop design makes the table feel put together without feeling fussy.

You’ve got too much to worry about when you’re hosting your family for Easter. You should keep your table simple but that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. With just a little planning ahead, you can create a pretty table that won’t stress you out.

Easter table settings sometimes get really cutesy. I get it, people like pastels and with it being spring, people are looking to lighten up. But pastels have a way of looking totally old-fashioned.

I wanted a modern, fresh table with a color that wasn’t too bold. This two-toned coral polka dot fabric proved to be the perfect design element for our Easter table. You can buy fabric online or at your local craft store.

With just a simple white tablecloth, and the easiest runner ever (thank you Glue Dots for the quick, temporary hem) this table is something you can totally recreate yourself.

A dining table decorated for Easter with plates and yarn eggs.

Use Different Textures

Layering the tablecloth and runner helps to add some texture to the table and keep it from feeling boring.

The yarn eggs also add another element that not only gives a themed touch but more color and texture.

I never like a theme to be IN YOUR FACE, so these simple yarn eggs, made with a balloon and starch, were the perfect compromise.

Since it is Easter, I wanted to work in a traditional decor element too. Yarn is one of my favorite ways to add color to a party or table design. 

DIY string eggs (here’s a great tutorial) were a great way to bring in tradition in a new way. This was the most time-consuming part of this table but it can be done weeks ahead of time!

If you have a little more time and energy, consider making these panoramic sugar eggs! Your guests will LOVE them! To make a really simple place setting, I wrapped plain white linen napkins, and silverware, with color-coordinated yarn.

A simple knot is all it takes for it to look pulled together while being the easiest thing you could possibly do!

Close up of a succulent on a table.

Add height

I kept our Easter table decoration really simple. I skipped traditional centerpieces and went with an idea that was a little different. The woodblocks helped to break up the table and also added a little bit of height.

The unfinished wood and succulents kept the table casual and cool. I also used inexpensive terra cotta pots as a way to add little signs throughout the home and as place cards on the dining table.

Easter table settings and decorations don’t need to take a lot of time or be complicated! And it can still feel like a holiday without making it too themey!

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    Very nice and simple looking. We love this idea. Especially the table runner, adds just the right amount of color.

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