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16 Date Night Ideas for Homebodies


These easy Date Night Ideas for Homebodies can be done at home and can include as much or as little effort as you want them to. I really look forward to date night and catching up with my husband. But it can be hard to connect during the busy week. A cozy night in gives us the opportunity to focus only on each other. No reservations needed.

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Plan a fun night in with these easy date night ideas for homebodies.

Date Nights at Home are My Fave 

These Date Night Ideas can be done at home with ease.

Don’t get me wrong, date nights are awesome. But it can feel like a chore to plan them.

Up at 6 am to get the kids off to school. Errands, working and mom life for the rest of the day. Getting all dolled up for date night complete with a babysitter, hair combing, makeup and Spankx? No thank you.

It can be super easy to fall into a date night rut. Going out to dinner is super easy but can start feeling kind of boring. By adding in some at-home date nights, we keep things feeling fresh and get to try a variety of different things. 

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Also, I’m a total homebody and thrive at home. I love a relaxing night with my husband where I may or may not have pajamas on…

But just, because you are staying at home, it doesn’t mean it can’t feel romantic. It’s really up to you as to how much energy you want to invest in the planning of your date night

Adding a few candles to your dinner table is simple and adds a nice bit of ambiance. But I’m probably never going to scatter rose petals throughout my house. Who wants to tackle that kind of clean-up?

Get the Kids a Sitter Outside the Home

I know it’s not always possible to find an overnight sitter, but for us, it’s the best way to completely unwind for the evening and relax. There are date night ideas that work when your kids are home, like a movie night, but the following ideas work best if the kids aren’t around. 

These romantic date nights in probably can’t happen very often on account of the kids, so make them feel extra special and do your best to shut out real life and focus on this special time with your hubby. 

Date Nights Idea for Homebodies

For those of us who would rather be comfy and cozy in our own home, here are a few fun date night ideas that give all of us homebodies out there something to do other than just hang out on the couch all night! (Although, I love a good TV night too!)

1. DIY Beverage Tastings

Man turning a wine corkscrew for a wine tasting.

You can never go wrong with beverage tastings, especially when it’s in the comfort of your own living room! This can work with wine, tequila, beer, or anything else you want to try.

For wine tasting, buy 3 or 4 bottles of those out-of-the-ordinary wines you’ve seen while perusing the wine aisle, but usually pass up for your go-to kind.

Pair up your wines with a few different kinds of cheese or appetizers, and you’re golden.

You can enlist the help of the staff at your local wine store or keep it super easy by picking one variety (here are some great roses to try) or picking a few bottles that come from one specific wine region.

For tequila tasting, there are a few ways you can do it.

  • Grab a variety of tiny travel-sized bottles by different brands.
  • If you like tequila and use it for margaritas, or other drinks, pick up a few styles from one brand. Casamigos makes small-ish bottles of their tequilas and would be perfect for this.
  • Choose one tequila, but try tasting it with a variety of salts and citrus flavors. We did this last tasting option at a hotel once and it was really cool.

Chips and guacamole would be a go-to food to pair here. And you were probably going to have chips and guacamole anyway so…

For beer tasting, look for a few different varieties and flavors, so you get a full range of tastiness from around the world! World Market has a good selection of beer that you can buy individually to build your own tasting kit or they sell packs of “Beers fo the World” etc. Burgers, wings, and fries would be the perfect combo with your beer tasting.

This DIY tasting date night idea would also be fun to do with another couple since you most definitely will have some leftover beverages.

2. Board Games Are Anything But Boring

Board games can be a good time, especially if the stakes are high. Play a series of three games, and best out of two wins while the loser has to do the dishes or laundry for a week. That should keep you focused and bring out your competitive spirit!

Use the games that you have on hand or pick up a new one that neither of you has played before. A few to try are: I Should Have Known That Trivia, Are You Normal?, and Escape Room in a Box.

If you’re making your date night at home a double date, here’s a few games that are 2+ players: What Do You Meme, Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity and Spousology.

If you’re really loving the idea of staying in and playing games you could also host a murder mystery party. Use your sleuth skills to unravel the whodunnit mystery.

This type of date night should come after you’ve had several one-on-one dates at home since the point of date night is to connect with your spouse. 

3. S’mores and Sunsets

Okay, you’ll have to muster up the energy to go outside for this one, but it’s worth it! This gives you all the feels of a campout experience without leaving your backyard. Snuggle up and watch the sun go down with a glass of wine or hot cocoa, and best of all- don’t forget the s’mores!

They’re an easy, scrumptious treat that’s okay to splurge on once in a while. If you have a fire pit, that’s even better. Get cozy by the fire, roast your s’mores, and enjoy! Fire pits can go for less than $150, and they’re well worth it! Or you can try this yummy-sounding Grilled S’Mores Pizza Recipe.

4. Channel Your Inner Artist

If it’s not your cup of tea to go to one of those Paint and Sip parties that’s all the rage lately, bring the paint party home instead. YouTube has painting tutorials for beginners that are very similar to the directions the teacher would give you at a paint night outing, and you can work at your own pace.

You can snag a beginner paint set for under $20 or pick up your supplies from the craft store. If you’re worried your painting skills are less than par, you can actually purchase a paint by numbers set that comes with its own canvas, brush, and paints.

Pour a glass of your favorite wine or champagne, and you have a perfect night. These paintings actually turn out lovely enough to display in your home! Or have a good laugh over.

5. Plan a Picnic

Picnic set up on a low table on grass.

Instead of eating at your dinner table like you do every night, plan a picnic complete with a basket and blanket. Eating outside and enjoying nature is always a welcomed switch from staying indoors and having your run-of-the-mill dinner.

Pack your basket with your favorite goodies that aren’t messy to eat, like salami sandwiches, veggies and dip, fruit, and cheese. Whether you’re in your own backyard or you head to the nearest park, this timeless date idea is simple, yet romantic.

You can also make this even easier and pick up your favorite sandwiches or splurge and pick up ready-made salads and entrees from a gourmet grocery store. Don’t forget the wine and cozy sweaters! 

6. Bring the Spa to You

Pamper yourselves with a bath, massages and some romantic candlelight! A night of relaxation, clearing your mind, and reconnecting with your partner is sometimes much needed after a busy work week.

First, check out these simple ways to make your home feel more spa-like. Massage oil, bath balms, and candles are really all you need for this night.

You can also do quick 10-15 minute yoga routine to loosen up your body and clear your mind. There are countless videos on YouTube, and there’s even Yoga On Demand!

Ordering take-out dinner would also be ideal for this night. Getting home and then having to rush to cook dinner can be hectic and stressful, and the whole point of this night is to relax and give your body a break!

7. Fondue For Two

Fondue is a fun treat and can be customized to be exactly what you and your partner love to eat. You can purchase a Fondue set for less than $30, and the possibilities are truly endless.

I would skip the oil-type fondue in favor of cheese and dip in bread, crackers, veggies, and meats. Hot oil freaks me out and handling the meats, etc. would require a lot more preparation. For dessert, melt any kind of chocolate and dip in all of your favorite fruits and cookies. You and your partner will have fun exploring different delicious combinations!

8. Movie Night In

It’s always nice to go out to the movies, but it can be somewhat of a hassle. Try a movie night in the convenience of your own home and watch something you both really wanted to see when it came out in theaters, but never got the chance to.

Stock up on your favorite candy and popcorn, creating that movie theater atmosphere right at home. Grab a cozy blanket, dim the lights and make it feel different from the movie nights when the kids are around. 

You can totally crank up the sound too since nobody is trying to sleep and there are no little ears to hear all those curse words. 

Girl adding chopped nuts to a pasta dish.

9. Cook Something New Together

Try a new recipe that’s out of your comfort zone and different from what you would normally make at home. What about barbeque octopus, for instance? You would probably only order that at a restaurant, but why not try making it yourself?

Choose something that your husband would also like but that you usually wouldn’t make. You can find any recipe you need online. Just make sure to plan ahead and make sure you have all the supplies that you need before you start. 

If that sounds a little bit too out there, try mixing it up with the type of pasta you make. Or make lamb chops instead of pork. Trying something new together is a great way to bond and learn more about each other. And cooking together means the work is split up which is always a good thing! 

Browse this list of date night dinner ideas for some inspiration.

10. Create a Photo Album Online

We all have hundreds, probably thousands, of our precious family photos floating around in cyberspace on our phones, cameras, and computers. Spend time with your partner to look back at these photos and reminisce about your fondest memories by creating an album online.

You can create the album to have made for yourself or make this something that happens closer to the holidays that you can gift to family members. At the end of the night, you’ll have a beautiful album to always look back on, and you’ll feel slightly more organized! Mixbook is a great place to make a book! 

11. Laser Tag

This is a game that our kids love. But so do I! I don’t love going to a laser tag place but I do love playing with the set my boys have for playing at home! We have the Nerf set and it’s noisy and ridiculous. And sometimes that is the perfect thing for having fun with your spouse.

This game is perfect for your competitive side, and will give you hours of unique fun, not to mention exercise! Plus, you can turn the lights off and make it even more exciting. One of my favorite things to do is laugh with my husband and I have no doubt that this would have us rolling. 

12. Tackle a Project Together

Use your night together to tackle a project you’ve been putting off. We probably all have that one room that needs sprucing up with a fresh coat of paint. And I KNOW your garage must look like mine. Order take-out dinner, put on a pair of old jeans and a t-shirt, and get to work!

Manual labor might not sound fun, but you will feel so much lighter afterward. Jobs like these require teamwork and communication. But whose to say that you can also drink beer and play loud music while handling something that has been bugging you for way too long. 

13. Ice Cream Sundaes

We often have ice cream in our freezer. But we don’t often have legit ice cream sundaes at home! Pick up a take-out dinner and focus on homemade dessert instead! You can put as much effort into this as you want. Make your own ice cream or pick up your favorite flavors from the store.

Don’t forget to get all of your favorite toppings like whipped cream, sprinkles, hot fudge, nuts, cherries, favorite candies- the possibilities are endless. You could even make this a little more “adult” friendly by making beer floats. It would be the perfect sweet way to end your date night in.

Remote controls in a basket on a table next to a glass fo rose.

14. Binge Party!

Now I know that for date night you want to do something different than what you usually do with your spouse. BUT, lately, my husband and I have bonded over new to us TV shows. And now we have at least one show, at all times, that we only watch together.

The other night we had a rare date night at home, with the kids at grandma’s house for an overnight stay, and we got to binge-watch our show together. And it was glorious. He picked up food on his way home from work and then we spent the next several hours watching TV. 

It was exactly what we needed. We chatted in commercial breaks (we only have the free Hulu that still shows commercials) and took breaks from time to time to get snacks or catch up on the day. 

I have a deep addiction to political dramas and turns out he often likes them too. it has actually turned in to “our thing” and we even talked about taking a trip to Washington DC for our next anniversary. I know that TV isn’t for everyone, but we have been able to bond over our shared love of certain shows. 

You can use these tips for hosting a binge-watching party and scale it back so it makes since for a mellow night at home for 2.

15. Taco Time!

Tacos aren’t only for Tuesdays! The best part about taco night is that you don’t need to make them like you usually do. Switch up your flavors and try something new like fish, mushrooms, tofu, etc. Tacos are always a crowd pleaser whether it’s a night with just you and your significant other, or a night for the whole family.

Head to the kitchen and pour a drink and prepare the meal together. From chopping tomatoes to dicing onions, both the preparation for this and the fun of putting your tacos together always guarantee quality time. This is a great time to try things that your kids don’t love since they won’t be around to complain.

16. Make A List of Future Goals

This activity can be anything from talking about where you want to be financially in ten years or trips you’d like to take in the next few. Making a list can help make sure you are both on the same page. Even though I have known my husband since we were in 7th grade, there are still new things I find out about him from time to time. 

And if you don’t talk about things like where you want to buy a house or what you see yourself doing when you retire you might be working towards different things. Also, goals can sometimes be more attainable if you write them down and work together toward them!

It’s always good to see the bigger picture but it’s also fun to dream a little with your hubby. I had so much fun when we started planning our last vacation together. We looked over all these gorgeous resorts and it made us look forward to taking that trip. 

These date night ideas for homebodies will rejuvenate your typical weekend nights at home from forgettable to fantastic! Plus you can take these basic ideas and modify them to create even more ideas! Plan your next date night in soon! 

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