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How to Have a Dirty Dancing Viewing Party


Guests will have “the time of their life” when you invite them to this simple Dirty Dancing viewing party.

How to have a Dirty Dancing Viewing Party.

TV is my favorite self-care and once in a while, I’ll watch a movie. Especially an iconic one like Dirty Dancing. And they’re even more fun when you host friends and family for watch parties too.

A Themed Dirty Dancing Viewing Party is So Fun

Sure you can invite friends over to just watch a movie. Or you can make it extra fun by adding some extra touches.

What I love about a themed movie night is that it’s less work than throwing a full-on party, but lets you stretch your hostess skills a little.

Dirty Dancing was a hit when I was in elementary school. It had the best soundtrack, some great lines and of course a pretty gorgeous cast.

And a few adult themes that I probably didn’t even understand.

There are some iconic things in this movie that lend themselves to perfect party details. It’s time to plan a Dirty Dancing viewing party.

You can also host a binge-watching party if there is a TV show you all have been wanting to see or love.

How to Plan a Dirty Dancing Party

Don’t make it stressful for yourself. Doing just a few special touches will set the right atmosphere and get your friends excited.

The main activity for the party is the movie so make sure you know where to stream it before your friends get there.

Plan a few food and cocktail moments and that’s pretty much it!

The Invitation

Create a simple postcard for Kellerman’s Resort as the invitation. Just find a photo of a resort online, print it out, and handwrite the info on the back!


While I don’t love costumes I do like a custom shirt. This Kellerman’s ringer shirt would be so cute to wear as the hotess. You’ll look like resort staff.

The soundtrack is SO good. Someone made a playlist with all the songs on Spotify. You can have this playing while the guests arrive to set the mood. Play a few songs as everyone arrives and gets settled and it will segue perfectly into the movie.

There is no need to go all out and redecorate your house for one night but how amazing is this watermelon print!


If you want to have your guests dress from the movie, there are some really easy outfits to recreate. This tulle skirt look is a fun take on the ballet skirt she pairs with a ribbed white tank for dance rehearsals.

Or there is always the long cuffed jean shorts and tied white button-up look or shorter rolled jean shorts paired with a coral bodysuit.

Your guests could even dress as Patrick Swayze’s character in jeans and a white T-shirt or one of his dance looks. Or Penny’s red leotard with gold belt?! There are tons of options.

But don’t make your guests dress up if you think it will stress them out. Themed dress-up usually stresses me out.

Serve Themed Treats

Woman holding a wine glass with a watermelon aperol spritz.

Carry a Watermelon (Cocktail)

You have to serve a watermelon cocktail. It just makes sense. Here are a few options that would work well.

Dirty Dancing themed party treats.

Krispy Treats with Babies

You may remember a post from a while ago where I went to a Dirty Dancing themed party. It was super casual and I DID put Baby in the corner of these rice krispy treats.

And check out the Hungry P”eyes” (pies, get it) that someone else brought to the party.

Even just naming the food with names that go with the movie helps to make the party feel more themed.


Give your guests the “thyme” of their life…with yummy suckers.

While you don’t have to send your guests home with a favor, these lemon thyme suckers would be perfect with a little tag that said “I had the thyme of my life.”

See, so easy and so fun!

Or if you want to stick with traditional movie-watching snacks like popcorn, you can make your own popcorn seasonings.

Mostly your friends just want to spend time with you and this could be the perfect excuse to get them over.

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